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Labeling Batteries and Memory Cards

Photo Moment - May 27, 2016

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@1:50 you're welcome
I've been labeling my batteries with white duct tape and a sharpee, but the text wears off in a couple years. Duh! It never occurred to me to use actual labels meant for labeling! I actually label things with the date. I also keep my flash batteries in groups of 4 in ziplock bags. My system needs tweaking. Right now, if a set of batteries seems to go dead too fast, I can look at the purchase date and see that I purchased the batteries on December, smudge. 20-smudge. I was glad to hear your ideas.
Adding the date is a GREAT idea!!
Hello Joseph, just found this video from watching the catch up of your live show unboxing your GH5 - I am waiting for mine to arrive still, with the Leica 12-60mm lens. Anyway, in addition to the numbering of your batteries and memory cards, I go a stage further and wrap a rubber band around charged batteries and blank memory so that at a glance I can see out of all the ones I have which to go through in a hurry.
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