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LAST CHANCE! Alter RFS Rapid Filter System

Photo Moment - June 03, 2019

ALMOST GONE FROM KICKSTARTER — Annoyed at having to remove your ND, polarizer, or any other filter for just a few shots, only to replace it a moment later? Then you'll like the Alter RFS!

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Pretty cool system! If you want one, move quick… the Kickstarter ends on June 06, 2019 at 4:05AM PDT!
OK, this system is interesting, BUT what about the lens hood on it ?
Usually when using a variable ND at all, you give up the lens hood. The filter gets in the way of the hood lens mount, and even if it didn’t, you wouldn’t be able to reach the filter to spin it. However if your ND filter has front threads, you could buy a replacement hood that screws into the filter. But usually you are just giving up the lens hood when using a variable ND.
@PhotoJoseph but ND does not prevent flare, does it ?
Correct, ND does not prevent flare. Honestly I shoot with variable ND all the time and it’s never been a problem.
Will this throw a gimbal off balance when the hinge is lifted up?
Interesting question! It will tilt the balance of weight but I think in a very minor way that I’d assume any good gimbal can compensate for.
That is correct. The RFS does not have any major impact on the balance of a gimbal so long as it is in the fully open or closed position.
Hi if I got the RFS 82mm for a 72mm lens, could i use the generic step up rings (not the alter step up rings)?
dunno why u dont got more views
So rfs+ is a rfs only with inbuild stepring.
Can we have all variation of steprings ?
To change if we want ?
I have an email to choice now rfs or rfs+
I am 😟 scared if i got rfs+ and lately change the lens i cant use it anymore ... confused
So better buy a rfs and use own stepring
What u think !?
Best to buy the largest you think you’ll ever need but of course that’s not alway realistic.
Hey man, the audio balance in the beginning was way off. Keep up the great work
The levels you mean? At what stage is it bad then good? Thanks, always trying to make them better! Appreciate the feedback.
@PhotoJoseph sorry I wasn't precise!
I meant the volume of the intro is surely 6db louder than your voice. So first there is an uncool balance and second it might hurt some ears
Got it, thanks. I may have forgotten to drop that intro in the mix, sorry.
Looks like a handy product. Gonna give it a shot.
Fluxion11 sweet!
Great! We would love to hear how you've enjoyed your RFS so far!
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