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The Lensbaby Burnside Lens ► Double Aperture Lens with Swirly Bokeh!

Photo Moment - June 13, 2018

How bokehlicious is this? Swirly, soft bokeh with a unique lens featuring a double aperture… whaaa??? THIS is the Lensbaby Burnside Lens!

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which camera do u used for these images? 10:38
Hm, I think it was the G9 but I can’t be sure. But it’s the lens that gives it that look, not the body.
@PhotoJoseph Can u recommend this lens for MFT? Thanks for the answer :)
Linaschke, is it a german name?
Yes it is
PhotoJoseph Okay, Greetings from Germany.
Greetings from Oregon :-) What part of Germany?
first-time viewer but I subscribed because you are a no-nonsense guy that gives an honest opinion will check back
Thank you!
You will get much better results with some of the cheap c mount lenses on ebay more swirl due to them being designed for the smaller sensor.
Such as? I’m always looking for more lenses to buy 😁
@PhotoJoseph Lirank 35mm f1.6 ccttv lens from Amazon .
7:42 - The Focus Ring.
Very interesting. I’m looking at getting the Burnside 35, Twist 60 or even the the more difficult to use Lomography lenses. I have the Soviet 44-2 58mm f2 as well. Wide open with lots of ND on my speed booster to my super 35mm sensor it’s pretty good. Obviously 58mm focal length vs 35mm is a big difference. But I like my Soviet 44-2 58mm and was a steal at $60 plus a cheap descent focal reducer.. also added an infinity focus lens for the 44-2 for my Nikon mount. That being said the 44-2 58mm, Lensbaby Burnside 35 and probably the most swirly Twist 60 all benefit from full frame format. So if you have a MFT get the Nikon/Canon mount and add a focal reducer/speed booster (same thing) so the full size image of the lens is projected on the MFT sensor effectively making a full frame camera. All of these lenses would require a little thought beforehand and are in the “Art lens” category. The old soviet lenses being the most standard but very nice and well made. (Just buy the Soviet lenses when you see them on eBay/amazon for under $60 and get a focal reducer and infinity focus if your system needs one.. totally worth the money). How well will any of these work on a DX/APSC camera? Well most of the swirly bokeh as you see is cropped out by the sensor... so yes.. full frame sensor or a MFT/Super 35mm with focal reducer to make full frame equivalent sensor. Reason for the Burnside 35 vs a Twist 60 or the other Lomography 58mm lenses? Well less telephoto. The longer focal length its easier to get that effect.. the fact that the Burnside 35 gets it at all is a good thing in a 35mm.
Whoa! That’s better than a double rainbow!
Micro 4/3 sensor doesn't use full potential of those lenses.
Save your $$ & get a helios 44-2 58mm f2 lens if your using a full frame camera, for around $50.
I just ordered one on eBay! Thanks :-)
PhotoJoseph I already have the Helios 44M-4 (same optically as 44-2). It was very very hard to get get the swirl after all they where trying NOT to have the effect. That being said the Helios 44 series lenses are fun and inexpensive used. In fact Zenit who made the Helios lenses are making them again, including the 44 series as well as the much more desirable 40-2. (85mm). I think I have tracked down the US vender but not 100% sure yet. The 40-2 is retailing for slightly more than the used market. $350-427 for the 40-2 series (ebay/new pricing similar) so obviously get the new with warranty, clean no fungus etc. (No promises that is an official supplier, but it looks legitimate). I did order the Lensbaby Twist 60 (similar to Burnside 35) 60mm. Full frame. I mounted the Nikon version on my focal reducer/speed booster to turn my super 35mm into full frame video camera (JVC LS-300) and have some first shots with the Lensbaby Twist 60 at 2.8 and was quite taken with the look. Polarizer and step up rings ordered and good weather coming hopefully have some fun video and photos to share over the next month.
Is there any weather sealed prime besides the Leica 12mm F1.4 that is compatible to the DFD tech?
eXaviar sanTos h
FYI you can rent this lens at I just got mine and looking forward to trying it out.
Joseph knows Bokeh
I love my Velvet 56. But I have a $30, 25mm f1.1 c-mount lens that does exactly this (swirl, bokeh, shallow). It even vignettes 😂. Still love Lensbaby. No one else has attempted to make lenses for so many camera mount systems. Respect ✊
Tell me more! I want this $30 lens… something vintage I imagine? Link me, please!
PhotoJoseph @photojoseph fujian 25mm f1.4 c mount. Here is a test video done by Chungda. I hope to post my video of it tommorow. Enjoy
I like the timezone idea Joseph. I'm from London-UK. The Lensbaby Burnside 35mm f/2.8 Lens sounds incredible. Sorry I missed what you said. Do I get the Canon mount for my GH5 with metabones?
Nope, just select the MFT mount for the lens. Here's a direct link
Thanks Joseph. :)
Did you like what you saw? Do you have any insight on how to make the most out of this lens?

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