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Lightroom CC Oct 2018 Update ▶︎ Apple Photos Migration, Faces, and More!

Photo Moment - October 17, 2018

Adobe Lightroom CC has had another significant update! Let's see what's inside…

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This new ability to migrate a Photos library to Lightroom CC sounds really useful. But does it migrate all the edits done in Photos too? Do they come across non-destructively? And what about other metadata? Be interested to hear any experiences. 

No, your edits won't come over. That's outlined in the adobe documentation. So you have to be willing to let that go… which I am, because any changes made were minor and if I really want them again, I'll do them again in Lightroom. Keeping in mind that for me, Photos was mostly family photos, nothing I've put major effort into editing.

Other metadata should come over fine, but so far I'm still having issues. Stand by for a future video update. 

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Thanks for that. I was thinking that would be the case, but was hopeful! If they did, I could have converted my Aperture library to Photos, then to Lightroom CC. But no. Is there a procedure documented around here to go from Aperture to CC with all edits intact? Even if that means edits are baked in?

I think you would have to go from Aperture to Lightroom Classic, which does allow you to bake your edits in (at least I think the built-in migration tool does… and if not, or regardless, check out Aperture Exporter), then go from Classic to CC

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Nah, I don’t think the Lightroom Classic tool migrates edits either. I’ve looked into Aperture Expert in the past - looks like that will have to be the go. Thanks for the feedback!

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