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Lightroom CC Oct 2018 Update ▶︎ Apple Photos Migration, Faces, and More!

Photo Moment - October 17, 2018

Adobe Lightroom CC has had another significant update! Let's see what's inside…

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Thanks for this great information, it’s funny I live close to one place in Austria (Ehrenhausen) you showed in your file structure :-)
Haha that’s awesome
It's weird that I found this video when I was considering to switch all my photos to apple photos and not adobe lightroom.
the reason: ADOBE TAX! I much prefer the apple tax...
Haha… either way, YOU MUST PAY! But seriously, it works better than Apple’s. Which pains me to say. I love Apple and used to work there. But their cloud services, over a decade in, still leave a lot to be desired.
can't email photos in the Creative Cloud version without recipient having to sign in and download etc awful! also miss ability to drag and drop . LR is a mess hate it
So many subscribers, so few likes... People, this guy is AWESOME!!! Thank you very much, I admire you!
but what if you want to do the opposite?? Take all of your photos from Lightroom and Add them to Apple Photos???
Manually. Apple Photos does not have a migration tool.
I'm having the exact same problem with Apple Photos migration where I get the error about it being missing or damaged. Have tried restarting multiple times, even repaired the library, etc. But still to no avail. How did you get it to work in the end?
I’ll do a show on it soon but basically make everything as clean as possible and get rid of any shared images (iCloud) in the Aperture library.
@PhotoJosephyou mean the Apple Photos library (not Aperture?). But yeah still having problems. The same error over and over, so keen to see your video! Will also try your other suggestions.
My kingdom for the ability to auto merge the hundreds of HDR photos I take on a daily basis. LR does the best job of any HDR app, but it has no automation. I want to be able to tell LR that the imported photos are 5 shot HDR and need to be merged in groups of 5, based on the capture time. This would be the biggest thing that I could ask for!
hi Joseph! I'm new to the channel, i just saw this video because I'm interested in this topic... but i did not found my answer. So i will ask you, and if you have time someday you can maybe help me... BTW i use Lr Classic CC, not the CC. so, I found a way to create an alias of the photo gallery and import the photos inside photos's gallery in Lr Classic CC. the thing is that, I've all my iPhone's pictures in Photos, so if I import this content over Lr CC or Classic CC, I will lose the Live pictures, the portrait pictures, the low mottion videos and all this particular things that Apple store in Photos as is storing in the iPhone. So my question is, is there any plan from Adobe to also migrate these things inside Lr CC? I mean, do you think that someday we can see a live photo from an iPhone in Lr CC as we can see them in Google Photo mobile app? Congrats for yuour channel, you have a new folllower from Argentina :) cheers!
Thank you for this, so far its the most helpful overview yet!! I've gone through the whole migration and love LR CC but in my All Photos (top under My Photos). I see a BUNCH of duplicates. In iPhoto I would create multiple albums (all photos, best of, etc.). It seems that each album in Photos has created a different version of the SAME picture in LR... is that true or am I just not understanding how the navigation in All Photos works? Thanks for your awesome videos and any help with this.
I don't want Apple knowing who everyone I've ever photographed is. It's scary, in my opinion. I may lose track on occasion of where a file of someone is but I'm okay with that inconvenience for the sake of privacy.
no one cares...especially apple. if u were some famous person i could see ur point...but average joe blow.....ant no one cares who u know.
Amazing video but very creepy to be so comfortable with an 'automated AI". That doesn't sound safe and no good on privacy. Looks like big brother is growing up.
How does lightroom cc handles raw+jpg pairs? It was super elegant in aperture, never found a good way of using raw+jpg pairs in lightroom classic.
Thank you! And please Adobe - enhanced export with presets! By the way Joseph - where do you export pictures from from CC? Do you store that photos on computer or do you delete them?
Export from? I think you mean “to”… anyway I delete, usually. Export to desktop; share or send then delete. Or, to a Dropbox folder for client delivery. Although lately I’ve been using Lightroom sharing to show clients. Works well and allows downloads and feedback.
Good overview of the updates in LR Joseph thanks. I really enjoy your channel. This video is of great interest to me as I use cc classic plus Lightroom CC plus Photos and Lightroom CC Mobile on my iPhone and iPad. I have been experimenting with an (almost) all-mobile workflow in which I import raw to Photos on my mobile devices, edit in Lightroom which backs up the original raw files via CC to my PC on these then export the finished JPEG’s back to my mobile for sharing and delete the original raw files from Photos. All of this works really well (although I sense I’m not using this the way Adobe intends and so I may need to change). In this context if I merge my Photos to LR CC my problem would be that I’d import the JPEG’s of pictures I’ve already exported all over again. I assume that you don’t store JPEG’s of your Photos (other than say iPhone pics) and so you haven’t had this problem? I guess a solution to this would be if you could be selective about the historical photos import to LR?
Finally just to say that I hadn’t heard about Adobe Portfolio but if I’ve understood you correctly it sounds like an interesting way to create a shop window. It be great to see another video from you on this when you get your head round it. Thanks again. Murray.
Like Lr CC interface , but I need to choose what I wanna put in the cloud and what not so I can ditch Classic CC (almost)... In other words, we need a local option too. Because the cloud storage from Adobe is still expensive for me (only have 20Go). I mean as a hobbyist, not a pro. And a pro will fill the storage quickly, even the 1To.
@PhotoJoseph you make a good point here. 😉
Backup on hard drive and on the cloud. Very safe that way. I will give Lr CC a better try and this Creative Cloud too...
I do backup locally as well, but this system is SO convenient. Backup is extremely fast, and happens as you go (assuming you’re online, obviously). I can’t emphasize enough how incredible and convenient it is to have access to all of my photos from any device. I’ve now migrated Apple Photos (not very successfully but that story is in progress), will do Lightroom Classic library next, and eventually, cloud storage willing (I will need more than 2TB though), I’ll move a few hundred thousand Aperture photos over. This is what I’ve been waiting for since Aperture died. I feel like it’s finally here.
You definitively make me want to use Lr CC more. Thanks
Well, with 150 euro I have two backups of My photos!! I bought two 3TB HDD. One in my office and one at my home. With Carbon Copy, every day I backup my library twice, and in two different place! No plan needed! And finally I have 3 copies of my photos!!! How much 3TB from adobe??
There are advantages and disadvantages of both ways of doing it. For me, having access to all of my photos anywhere is pretty fantastic.

This new ability to migrate a Photos library to Lightroom CC sounds really useful. But does it migrate all the edits done in Photos too? Do they come across non-destructively? And what about other metadata? Be interested to hear any experiences. 

No, your edits won't come over. That's outlined in the adobe documentation. So you have to be willing to let that go… which I am, because any changes made were minor and if I really want them again, I'll do them again in Lightroom. Keeping in mind that for me, Photos was mostly family photos, nothing I've put major effort into editing.

Other metadata should come over fine, but so far I'm still having issues. Stand by for a future video update. 

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Thanks for that. I was thinking that would be the case, but was hopeful! If they did, I could have converted my Aperture library to Photos, then to Lightroom CC. But no. Is there a procedure documented around here to go from Aperture to CC with all edits intact? Even if that means edits are baked in?

I think you would have to go from Aperture to Lightroom Classic, which does allow you to bake your edits in (at least I think the built-in migration tool does… and if not, or regardless, check out Aperture Exporter), then go from Classic to CC

— Have you signed up for the mailing list?

Nah, I don’t think the Lightroom Classic tool migrates edits either. I’ve looked into Aperture Expert in the past - looks like that will have to be the go. Thanks for the feedback!

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