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Lightroom Mobile ▶︎ How to Copy Photos and Batch Paste

Photo Moment - June 15, 2019

Are you using the new Lightroom; the version that's the same (mostly) on desktop and mobile? Then you may have noticed that a few features are NOT actually on both platforms. The ones that get me the most are Copy Photos (ie duplicate photos) and Batch Paste. I've found a way around it… in a round about sort of way. Check it out!

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Using Lightroom on the iPad (and even iPhone!) is really a great experience. I love editing my photos this way, but unfortunately there are a few features missing from mobile that exist on the desktop version. Not to be deterred, I found a workaround.

Basically, you just remote access a desktop computer to perform the actions. Easy, right? It actually is easy and works remarkably well. I recorded a complete video on it that you can watch above, showing it in action. 

The features I’m showing here are two that I use all the time. The first is to copy a photo (i.e. duplicated it), usually because I want to try a different look on an image or collection of images, but don’t want to give up the look I’ve already developed. There’s more to it than simply copying a single photo; in this video I show duplicating a collection of photos all at once, then moving them to their own dedicated album.

The second is batch-paste of an effect. On mobile, you can copy and paste the edits from a photo to a single other one, but there’s no way to paste those edits to multiple photos at once. If you have a few photos it’s no big deal to repeat the paste, but if you have dozens or more, then doing it one at a time is a real hassle. 

Both of those can be done on Lightroom Desktop but not on Mobile, so remote accessing a desktop computer running Lightroom makes it easy to do. I use an app called Screens which I’ve found to be the most reliable remote access service I’ve ever used — and I’ve tried many of them over the years. The interaction with a mouse-based operating system (macOS) from a touch based operating system (iOS) is very well handled by Screens, and I even often connect to my dual 4K display desktop system from my iPhone! Yeah, it’s a tiny window into a huge world, but it works. 

Configuring Screens is usually pretty easy, but definitely test your connection both over WiFi and LTE before leaving your home (just disable WiFi on your iOS device to test). It’s important to do this because when you’re standing next to your computer you’re on the same WiFi network, which means the connection is about as easy as it can be. Put some digital distance between the two devices to really test it. And if you have troubles, Screens has very good support articles to get you running. 

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Do you have any other clever workarounds for missing features in Lightroom mobile? Let me know! Also, if you're looking for any links from the show, go here
@photojoseph you’ve done it again, answering yet another question of mine. I found another quick work around for Lightroom photo duplicating: simply export a full version of the raw photo from LR to your camera roll or files and then import it into the original folder. If you have already made edits, unfortunately they will be in the copied version, so its better to do this before you get into doing too many edits. All the best -AJ from Didge Project
Even better. Use an android phone with Lightroom mobile that supports batch pasting. And go back to your iOS device as you see fit since Lightroom on iOS is more optimised to load images for editing faster.
This was helpful! Thanks! :)
Only have iPad. So I’m still stuck. Great.
Sorry 😥
I have the same problem. The iPad environment is the perfect place for either snapshot or virtual copy functionality.
Great work, Joe! Thank you.
I would suggest to use android smart phone or tablet with iPad.. actually Android Lightroom supports batch process; pasting settings to multiple files.
Really?! I have an old Android phone for demo stuff… I’ll check that out. Thanks!
Hello Master My Camera Lumix Gx85K Stop motion dont Have Picture group?
Yes I was just wondering if I pay the $7 do I get the gh5 training course
No… that’s a $100 course. As a member you can get a discount on it though.
Hey Joseph! Love your videos! I made a few presets on LR mobile that I’ve enjoyed using on the go, but have found that I don’t have access to the presets in the LR desktop version at all despite the mobile and desktop editing syncing everything else. Do you happen to know if I’m missing something? I’d like to get them on my desktop to use on a much larger 5k iMac display. Thank you!
Huh, that's odd… all of mine sync just fine. Come to think of it I've never tried making on on mobile to see if that syncs; hold on… … … yep, that works. Do check though that they are all showing. On desktop, open the presets list, then at the top click the three dots and make sure that "hide partially compatible presets" is not enabled. Mine was and some were hidden.
PhotoJoseph That fixed it! Thank you!! I’m trying to make a transition to the new Lightroom from Classic CC for my work. Since my primary workstation is an imac, being able to start my edits anywhere and then pick it back up at my desk will be great for my workflow!
Sweet! And yes, I hear you. I have moved off Classic entirely and I LOVE editing on the iPad.
Have you done an article on the 10-25 1.7 yet? Keen to get to the bottom of how the "manual focus clutch" really works. I'm hearing it isn't manual focus.
@PhotoJoseph ok have done that
They’re not showing up even in spam… ugh. Just name the channel please? Sorry, thanks.
@PhotoJoseph stopcrazypp on disqus says the following: Manual clutch simply means it the lens is clutched to show a focus scale and has linear focus. It doesn't necessarily mean it's not still fly-by-wire. Look at the focus clutch on the 12-40mm f/2.8.

I say Olympus because they are the other MFT maker and their manual focus clutch is fly-by-wire. All AF MFT/FT lenses are fly-by-wire (not a single one has a true directly connected focus or direct aperture ring). I would presume most people had the same expectation for Panasonic's clutch, especially given no where in Panasonic's ads does it say it's fully mechanical.

The DP Review hands-on actually already said that the clutch is still fly-by-wire (doesn't even have hard stops like the Olympus one; just feedback stops).
Ok I’ll watch that later, going to bed now, but let me ask you… you’re watching reviews and being critical of the system, but have you ever actually used it, or are you just comparing what you know to what you’re hearing?
@PhotoJoseph Not sure what you're talking about. I'm talking about the 10-25 1.7. It would be ideal to replace several lenses like the 25 1.4 and should be better for video if you can do repeatable focus pulling. But without hard stops I think I'll have to wait for reviews rather than pre-order like I did with the 100-400.
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