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LIVE #AMA ► Shoot HDR on GH5, Behringer X Air XR16, RAW Editor on iOS, and More!

Photo Moment - June 06, 2018

It's an AMA (ask me anything). The LIVE viewers who showed up asked a wide array of questions on today's show including “How to shoot in HDR on the GH5”, how my talk-back mic system works, my preferred RAW editor for iOS, and so much more. 

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Please ask panasonic to allow Auto Focus Pull Feature in the app
Are you talking about the GH5 feature where you can set three focus points and have the camera move between them?
PhotoJoseph yes
Can you show us how do you color grade v log footage?
Hey Joseph. Love your show, can't see it live as it happens about 4.30am in the morning here and I am just to lazy to get out of bed. My question is which would give the best image quality. A Panasonic 42.5mm f1.2 or a Sigma Art 35mm f1.4 on a straight Metabones convertor? Keep up the great work mate. Marty in NZ
Hmm, maybe I should schedule a monthly or bi-weekly AMA at an alternate time to get different time zones. Anyway unfortunately I couldn’t tell you. I’ve never used the Sigma. You’ll almost definitely have faster AF and you’ll get dual IS with the Panasonic. But for straight IQ I can’t say. I’d lean towards the Nocticron since it’s Leica glass though. It is a phenomenal lens. Seen this video?
Thanks Joseph. Will wait for one to come up 2nd hand I think.
HLG is it like slog 2 ?
I am not familiar enough with SLog 2 other than to know it’s Sony’s Log, but HLG is Hybrid Log Gamma, which is basically HDR, ready for viewing on a compatible TV.
Watched it live and re-watching it now since it's packed with all kinds of awesome info. Awesome job Joseph!
Thanks! That’s what I like to hear 😁
Before I found your videos I had no PhotoJoseph GH5 guide and was shooting Canon instead of GH5s. Now both those things have changed haha.
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