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LIVE Unboxing of the Panasonic LUMIX G9 ► Still Shots So Fly Like a G… 9?

Photo Moment - November 27, 2017

Look what the kind people over at Panasonic sent over for me to play with! The LUMIX G9 is a really great stills camera! I played with it a little bit over the weekend for some test photos… sorry. Let's put this back in the box so you all can get the obligatory unboxing video.


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Is the high res mode only electronic shutter? The Olympus can do high res with a flash and you can set a time delay between each shot for the flash to recover.
I want one!
Hey there, thank you for your video, i noticed that the codec of the video in g9 is long Gop and it only writes at 28mbs? isn`t it a really slow writing speed?how does it effect the video quality? the Gh5 writes at 150mbs in vfr right? it s a big difference in quality? I need to shoot mostly slowmotion video.Thank you for your time!
An overpriced camera sure to put a wet blanket on M 4/3 market share. APS-C kicks M 4/3 but for IQ (esp X-T2) . Sony 1" like RX-10 kicking but with a smaller sensor. M 4/3 was not built on the premise of overpriced bodies, higher than APS-C, for IQ that is not even close. Bye Bye M 4/3.
Hi Joseph, Im considering buying the G9 to shoot real estate photos and video, with native top lenses. Is it a good choice? thanks for your input.
What's going on with Panasonic Lumix Ambassadors its just a Facebook page now?
I do not like Display buttons on the Left hand side as it means two handed operation -   is it possible to re-program Display function to another button on the right side ???
Really exciting camera - looks like Panasonic has definitely been taking some notes from the Fuji X-T2.
micro snore thirds....youlle
be ok under iso 1600
Thank you, fun to see so close up and detailed. Saving up to purchase Valentine's Day, . . .nice to have as first camera since 2004.
prototype ?? still code named with actual product name . ??
PhotoJoseph got it.. Was confused when you called it a prototype
HI is the GH5 good for photos sharp photo ? Am a noob so easy on me pls 😁
Nightmode is "hihger ISO" ?
Looking forward to your ongoing use of this camera when it comes out.
Sorry... I now see that it is very similar to the GH series...but in ext. texture looks much more like the G series. I love the LED display on top. Reminds me of the old school Film Canon's from 90's.
+Christopher Stevenson You got it now. The GH5 and G9 are the flagship cameras
I'm wondering why you are comparing the G..9? with the GH5? And not to a G7? These are 2 very different types of Lumix cameras (pro v.s. adv. amateur levels).
Can you please test the eye/face detection on the prototype? That is something often left out of Micro four thirds previews. I am definitely considering this for my camera. Thanks!
I hope you come to Mike’s Camera Store in Dublin, CA. The G9 looks great!
Hi, I finally got my G7 and was wondering what 2nd lens I should look at getting. Should I look at a tele or maybe a 25mm f 1.7. What do u think?
feeling a little buyers remorse.. gh5 been great for me tho the video stuff is a bit overkill for me personally.
Almost right calling it a "B"! That connector is "Micro-B SuperSpeed" (the other end is a USB-A superspeed - the blueness marks it as fast). It is emphatically not anything to do with charging, the extra portion is strictly data lines to provide moar speed only... presumably to meet the insane bandwidth demands of that ultra-high 640x360px resolution live view when tethering.

Interesting aside here: There are two ways to do "better charging". The first is Qualcomm Quick Charge, which extends the USB standard and allows you to go up to 18W via a traditional USB connector with QC3, many phones support this. The second is USB power delivery, which exists within the standard and can go all the way up to 100W, but only via USB-C. (there's also QC4+, which can hit 28W over USB-C, but I'm not aware of anyone using it yet).

So the standards-compliant way these days to improve charging speeds is to use USB-C, a port available on the GH5 (which can't be charged through it), but then removed for the G9 (which can be)! The irony of this doesn't escape me, I can only assume it's a cost-cutting decision.

The only thing that completely escapes me is why, oh why, did Panasonic provide fast connectors on both cameras (they're both USB3.0 at 5Gbps, just one is a type-B connector and one a type-C connector) and then fail so completely to make any real usage of that extra bandwidth. Even the ageing USB2.0 standard will support 35 MB/s after allowing for overheads, so it seems odd to provide a more expensive connector that's only of use right now in copying pictures off of a V60+ SD card a little bit faster - especially given how easy it is to move those cards into a dedicated reader anyway.
Audio is lower than usual. @photojoseph
G9? old news, haven't you heard? The GH5S is almost out with a new sensor.
Peter Kent HI where did you read that?
Does this camera g9 can shoot video only 10 minutes in 4k 60fps and only 30 minutes in 4k 30fps?

Who has better autofocus: g9 or gh5?

Who works better in low light conditions? Gh5 or g9?
No cyber Monday deal? I want to buy the gh5 training guide but don't have. A $100 for it any code would help
my other shooter is an a9.  I have to say that the lock for the drive dial is more hinderance than helper.  So the stiffness there is more than enough.  Great show again today!  Also, new article on the GH5s... things might just get interesting..
I use Cannon gear in my studio, but I am on the hunt for some new gear! Great live unboxing...Thats talent!
I think it's nice how transparent you are about your relationship with Panasonic. Doesn't take anything away from the video! Good job.
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