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LUMIX G9 Battery Grip BGG9 ► Unboxing & Tutorial

Photo Moment - April 16, 2018

Got a G9? Want longer battery life, a vertical grip, or just a bigger camera to hold on to? Then the BGG9 is your friend! Also let's answer the question, “is the grip trigger less sensitive than the camera trigger?”


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thx for your detailed intro. I guess without this most wouldn´t have known where to put the tiny "starter" bits.
Has anyone found an L bracket for G9 plus grip?
Hi Joseph, can I use full frame lenses (PANASONIC s1 lenses) for the G9? I wonder if I can, because I may get also the S1 so I can use the same lenses.. Thank you!
Not at the moment. If Panasonic doesn't make an adapter (or even if they do) I would imagine a third party will. But the S lenses will have to hit the market first.
@PhotoJoseph probably very difficult or impossible. Making an adaptor for SLR lenses is quite straightforward, you just need to fill in the flange distance and difference.

Canon and Nikon SLR lenses can be shared between APS-C and 35mm cameras because the mounts are designed for compatibility.
The S is full frame. I don’t follow why it would be any harder to make an S to MFT adapter than for any other full frame lens.
Why do you speak so fast ?? Keep cool man. I don't mind listening to you 2 minutes more !!
I just talk fast… always have, always will. Sometimes I manage to slow down. Usually it’s because I’m sick or tired. Sorry! But thanks for being willing to listen longer :-)
@PhotoJoseph I didn't think it was fast!
Wow, this G9 really captures the mft essence, being so light and small !
As a matter of fact it actually does, mft essence is not size/weight, it's choice, no other system offers body/lens combinations which you can slip into a jacket pocker (GM5 + pancake) and more convenient and ergonomic and professional/durable combo like the E-M1X and the larger professional tele primes or zooms. Best of both worlds, THAT is the essence of mft.
Just compare this G9 with grip plus the Olympus 12-100 to any Canon 5D with grip plus F2.8 24-70 and 70-200 lenses.
HI Photo Joseph, Thanks for this Tutorial it really helps. I just added my Battery Grip to my G9 and now have a couple of questions please, - I usually use back button focus but is this not possible now when I shoot in portrait (vertical) and use the grip. and question 2 is that I had my focus screen choice on the F1 button but its now disappeared and I often use single square but reduce the size of the square but I can't find how to do that now. Please help :0
I have a strange question for you. I was one of many people who pre-ordered the Panasonic Lumix DC-G9 camera body. I also seperately purchased the Panasonic Leica 12-60mm f/2.8-4 lens. I just saw a News flash on your video claiming that if the G9 is purchased, the battery pack is supposed to be included. Do you know if the free battery pack upgrade will be honored by Panasonic to those of us who did pre-order the G9, and I can get one free of charge? Yes I know it's a shot in the dark, but I can't get what I don't ask for. Thanks for the video. I'm curious how it works with a tripod and a Camera capture. Thanks again.
I very much doubt it but you can certainly ask. You’ll need to reach out to Panasonic directly. As to the tripod; it has a ¼-20 thread on the bottom just like the camera does. And sorry but what do you mean by “Camera capture”?
Thanks for the input. I really do doubt it also. It was just a thought that occurred when the news flash popped up on your video.
For the Camera Capture. It is a device that allows one to attach their camera to a backpack shoulder strap, waist belt etc... It has a tripod baseplate that has a quick release by pushing a button so it can be quick dropped onto a tripod or removed for use. The name of the company is also Camera Capture. They have an entire system of camera straps etc.. thank you.
Edit on camera capture. The company that makes them is called Peak Design. Sorry for that.
Oh yeah, that’d work
Good explanation about swapping the batteries below. I ended up buying some spare covers for my G85 grip. Would have been nice for Panasonic to provide one of each with the grip, especially for the price we pay here in Australia and the cost to Panasonic would not be much.

Does this grip have the same issue as the G85 grip. Found by some one with large hands. Not a problem for most of us.

With the G85 the camera will release the shutter using the “body
shutter release” with a half press (instead of a full press) if the battery
grips shutter release is fully depressed at the same time. With the battery
grip turned off on the grip.

Would be nice to know for people with large hands
A note on the battery swap. I have confirmed both with Panasonic and by testing this myself. This is with the GH5 and the G9 set to use the BG (battery grip) battery as the priority battery (meaning it uses it first).

1. If you remove the battery in the BG (battery grip) while the GH5 is being powered from the BG, the camera will power cycle. This is expected behavior.

2. If you are recording a video and the battery in the BG runs out, the camera will seamlessly transfer to the internal batter, and NOT interrupt recording.

3. Once that happens, it's safe to remove the depleted BG battery, and replace it with a fresh one. When you do, even while recording, the camera will seamlessly switch BACK to the BG battery.

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