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LUMIX G9 ► Showing Off AF-C (Autofocus Continuous), Still Photography Samples, Compare to GH5(S)?

Photo Moment - January 10, 2018

Let's have a look at some sample photos of the G9 (pre-production, early v0.3 firmware) to see how well it's performing, especially the AF-C. How does it compare to the GH5? And what about the GH5S?


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If you have the 1.0 version upgrade of the software then do a video on that one and not waste time doing the out of date one!
And now there is an even better version improving the focus capabilities of the G9 but by now you may have done a video on that anyway.
Hello, thanks for your reviews.
I currently own Olympus EM5 mark2 and have all Olympus lenses ; 25mm f1.2, 12-40 f2.8 ,75mm f1.8, 45mm f1.8.
I think it's about time for me to update my camera and EM1 mk2, G9, and GH5 are on my list. I shoot 70% stills but want to learn and get better at videos too. What would you recommend?
Quick question, on the GH5, how does the menu option "Continuous AF" (being selected as either on or off) affect anything when filming, does anyone know? I've turned it on and off and selected AFC dial on the back and it still just works exactly the same...
It should make the camera AF always… recording or not, half-pressing shutter or not.
PhotoJoseph Got it!! Thank you, you genius.
Hhhmmmm, now I'm confused again. In AFC, half-pressing and holding the shutter keeps focus on a subject and doesn't refocus until I let go of the shutter button. Perfect. Whether Continuous AF is set to on or off, that's what happens.
And... half-pressing to find focus then letting go of the button allows the camera to refocus when pointed elsewhere, naturally, but that's also regardless of whether Continuous AF is switched on or off. So I'm still not really sure what that menu option is doing...?
Blabber too much, talk about the product.
Great video, thumbs up and follow, click! Im about to move from Canon DSLRs to m 3/4. Im getting the G9 and wondering if Im going to get the Leica 12-60 or Panas own 12-35 II for my main ”to go”-lens. Im 80% still photographyman and 20% video. Any thoughs on the lenses?
You should show the photos at 100%. Some seem noticeable softer than others. Hit rate in AF-C is useless if accuracy inAF-C is low
Need to see if autofocus is improved in video with a shallow dof
actually looking at this test the g9 and gh5s are quite a bit faster in video af compared to the gh5-
Hi Joseph. Assume you're shooting burst with mechanical shutter? How many shots are you getting per second whilst using afc?
compares with the AF-C on an Olympus em1-ii, how well is the AF-C on G9 ?
i feel like photojoseph is the Jack Sparrow of photography. LoL
Nice video BTW.
Its great to have that good shot of an event but its priceless to have that good shot of your family.
Looking forward to mine being shipped. Per B&H looks like the 15th. With my a9, there is a light gray box that flashes around main frame for notification of picture taken during silent electronic shutter mode. Here’s to hoping the g9 production model has some sort of indicator.
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