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LUMIX S1, 24-105 f/4 and 50mm f/1.4 Unboxing!

Photo Moment - March 30, 2019

It's unboxing time! Let's see whats in the boxes for the LUMIX S1 and 24-105mm lens kit, the S-Pro 50mm f/1.5 and the BGS1 battery grip.

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Photo Joseph, I have a question about the Gh5, how do you change the internal battery when it wears out?
You mean the battery that would keep things like the clock going? You can’t yourself; it’d have to go into Panasonic. But is yours dead (and how do you know)? I can’t imagine; the camera is only a few years old.
That is a beauty, damn
The s1 is massive, curious to see some work with that in the future
The video I released on understanding flicker was shot on the S1. I haven’t released any stills yet. I need to set up a proper shoot!
I Don't Know i think The Sony A7S III Is Going To Be better For Video and Going To Be Around The Same Price Will See What The Video Looks Like Compared i Thot This Camera Was Going To Be Basically a Full Frame GH5 But it is Missing some GH5 Features
It’s a full frame G9. This is not a video-first camera.
@PhotoJoseph Yes i Agree and That is a Disappointment But I'm Thinking They are Going To Come Out With a full frame One i Would Bet on it
i Want to See Video 60p Thanks
Then watch the Tattoo video (that’s on the S1R 4K60p) and the Light Flicker video (S1 at 4K60p) — both shot on the 50mm f/1.4
Makes the G9 look like a point & shoot...wowerz.
Any last minute spec changes? (Full Disclosure: This question is asked before watching the video, in case this turns out to be a most stupid question :-P)
How many lenses will Panasonic have altogether in the complete selection for the S1 and will we be able to select between Auto and Manual Focus as well as Image Stabilization on them? And yes that's an extremely handsome camera. I love Panasonic!
Panasonic has publicly said “more than 10 lenses by 2020”. All lenses with IS can be turned off; I don’t know if they’ll all have it. The bodies both have it so you have stabilization no matter what. Most very wide lenses do not have stabilization. All lenses can manual focus; not all have the clutch.
Definately more money than sense camera just a shame I always have more sense than money or I would have one for sure! 😂
I hate that I purchased a Lumix g9 a month before the announcement of this camera... I suck lol. I will patiently wait a year though lol Great Camera and lens man! truly awesome cant wait to see some stills and such!
Don’t feel badly… totally different system. You can pry my G9 out of my cold dead fingers; S1 or no S1!!
Why is it called 4k when as far as I can tell the files are not actually 4k across but 3800 something. I think the GH5 has settings which are actually 4k. Am I wrong?
UHD (ultra HD) is commonly called 4K. HD is 1920 x 1080, and UHD is 2x that, so 3840 x 2160. (Actually, 1280x720 is called “HD”, and 1920x1080 is often called “true HD”). The next step up is called DCI, and is 4096 x 2160. Note it’s wider, but not taller, than UHD. Calling UHD “4K” is an industry thing. Go buy a “4K TV”, and it’s actually UHD. So yes, the S1 (and S1R) shoot “4K”, as far as the consumer industry is concerned.
I’ve refreshed a few times but is the sound slightly out of sync?
Hmm… it feels like it might be very slightly out of sync, by maybe a frame. Is that what you’re seeing? Or, are you by chance watching with Bluetooth headphones? In my experience YouTube and Bluetooth headphones are a bad combo. I just don’t get it because Netflix is always in sync.
@PhotoJoseph I was watching through the iPad App, Its fine on iMac via Safari...
Assured Creative Media ok good, thanks
I don't fully understand why the S1 only does auto exposure in Highspeed/Variable Frame Mode? Does anyone know if panasonic plans on changing this in the paid firmware upgrade?
I was going to pull the trigger on the purchase and then I heard about this. What da?
Think of it like a full frame G9
The unboxing-expert, formerly known as the one and only real #Aperture-expert:-) Yep, time’s changing....too much?
LOL Aperture left me my friend, Aperture left me…
oh! the Big Black Camera!)))) so thanks for unboxing))
Never ever Panasonic again....never. What is equipment worth when you have no customer orientated service?
I’d ask why you’re watching a Panasonic unboxing video if you’ve sworn off Panasonic but I really don’t want to know. And I’m sorry you had a bad customer service experience. Unfortunately no matter the company, you’ll find someone who’s had bad experience. I hope you’re able to find your way back to the family one day.
@PhotoJoseph short answer on my G9 get the rubber loose and tha seems to be a whole charge problem due to missing respectively not enough glue. I send after SN check to repair and after view days I should pay 173,- Euro because it's a import model but with CE. I have no problems with the camera issue, that can happen but I will not pay to fix a defect beause of made in China without a quality control on Panasonic side. I get my camera unrepaired back after two week, can repair it by myself and will sell all my camera gear from Panasonic. I canceled also my pre order of the S1 with the 24-105 lens. Never again, thats why.
Don't get me wrong, your videos are great and I learned much about the gear. Thank you so much for all good tips and tricks. But I can't be quit because all photographers have to be aware also of this side of Pana.
Again I'm sorry you had that issue. Obviously I have no idea of the entire story, but I will say that if you can find a single company on the planet that has never had a customer service complaint, you'd earn a golden ticket. Unfortunately things go wrong; it's a shame to decide to never use a camera again that you actually want (which you obviously did since you pre-ordered it) because of a single issue.
Jog S my rubber on the g9 grip came off too. They repaired that one under warranty but when I had s 12-60 pana Leica Mount fall off literally just from taking it out of a camera bag they refused to honor warranty saying I must have dropped it. Definitely made me switch off buying expensive lenses with Panasonic. Replaced with cheaper sigma primes.
@joseluisphoto yes that was definitive a whole series problem on the Panasonic G9, hopeful the S1 and S1R will not have the same problems. For me its time to say goodbye Panasonic...after 10 Years.
that camera is crazy big. did they stick all of the Panasonic magic in it?
All of it
@PhotoJoseph my poor wallet.....
I honestly wish more companies would look into making micro four thirds wider such as the laowa 7.5
The Panasonic 8-18 is a stellar lens. One of my favorites.
10-25mm is the next widest lens from Panasonic.
PhotoJoseph I’ll have to give it a shot :) get it?
@Patient Zero Balisong 😃
I wonder what the 4K video looks like. Does it have autofocus? If so, is it as problematic as the GH5?
Watch the tattoo video I shot on the S1R. It’s linked at the end of this one.
Just watched the live recording of this and I was sad I could not contribute as I was out for the night, but when I got home, what a nice surprise :)
Glad you could catch it!
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