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Photo Moment - November 04, 2019

The LUMIX S1 and S1R lack a low-pass filter, making the images sharper, but at the risk of potentially introducing moiré. On the LUMIX S1H, the low-pass filter is back. Does that mean you shouldn't use it for still photos? 

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Thank you!
Exactly what I was looking for.
Hmm, to me after looking at your video difference in sharpness is negligible indeed but the photos taken with S1H have that blown out overexposed look to the point where correction is a must. Perhaps that is the bigger issue with S1H rather than sharpness ?
What's interesting is that the grey shirt was brighter but the focus target and the red checker pattern looked the same. So that's more a gamma curve — I wonder if I didn't have the curves set the same? Rookie mistake if not, but this was so long ago I really don't know. Either way, that exposure shift is very easy to compensate for.
Just bought open box S1H for $1500! How much should i worry about people telling me its not that good for still photography?😬
wow great deal! I think anyone who tells you anything is or isn't good for what you're doing should mind their own damn business ;-)
@PhotoJoseph no but keep reading about it not being so good for still photography and that is all k am interested in. The sample photos i am seeing from people using s1h for stills are incredible and i think that camera is a beast imo
How is the S1H for portrait photography? Is it possible to use flash triggers such as Godox for example?
Perfect, and yes! I’ve shot many portraits on the S1 and with the Godox, as a matter of fact
With the S1H??
@Carlos Perdomo oh sorry — should be the same
I own the S1H and use it for photography, the images are very sharp if you use Pro Series lenses.
Is the S1H to large and heavy for a handheld 3 axis gimbal ?
Even the Ronan SC could take its weight at little over 1kilo. The Ronan S takes three times that, at 3.6 kilos. It is only heavy for a mirrorless camera, but is an average weight, compared to a dslr internal mirror camera. Which have been used on gimbals for years. Like any single hand gimbal, there is only so long you can hold it, so for long events, a support is recommended.
For some reason the images from the S1H are slightly brighter (which is a good thing)
Thanks! How about portraits ?
Sure thing
I’m more into video but I’d really hate to have to buy an S1R and an S1H just satisfy my video needs and when I really need to do quality stills pull out the S1R. My GH5 always satisfy my needs for making videos and taking stills. But as I am upgrading now, really need some that’s gives me a kinda an all one in needs.
Keep in mind that the S1 and S1R are both very capable video machines. If you want 6K and some higher end features, then yes you need the S1H. The S1R gives you the very high resolution sensor if that’s what you’re most interested in. The S1H is larger and heavier. So you know… you need ‘em all ;-) haha sorry. Seriously, if I personally were buying just one, it’d be the S1H because video is most important to me in a camera like this.
@PhotoJoseph Yeh I need the S1H for more video projects since I do mostly video work. But I am often tossed into situations where I have to do photo shoots and often times have to rent a camera more geared for stills. Some say the quality of stills out of the S1H are still pretty useable. May end up having to buy the S1R as well. But thank you for the input
I've used my S1H for a few real estate photo shoots. It is definitely a competent photography camera. I'm starting to prefer my S1H for photography over my A7III. I don't quite know how to describe it but the images have a unique character to them. Being able to auto-switch your shutter speed when jumping between photo and video in photo mode makes it a killer hybrid as well.
Nice! Love hearing that. Thanks for sharing!
Nice, just convince me to get rid of our last Sony for a S1h. We kept an A7iii around for still photography but looks like we can finally replace it.
very nice!
@PhotoJoseph Can the S1h replace the a7iii for stills? I know the s1h is a killer in video. lol
Thanks for this review, extremely helpful. If you were to compare a raw file from a Canon 5dmk3 to a raw file from the S1H how would they stack up overall?
I considering jumping from Canon to completely Panasonic as I already work with 2 GH5 cameras for video and the addition of the S1H would take it to the next level. However around 30% of my work is stills, mainly artwork documentation, which the 5Dmk3 handles just fine, it's just time for an upgrade. Many thanks for your time!
Hey FOR THE LOVE OF VIDEO I'm going to address this on the next LIVE show, at 10am Pacific Wednesday 2020-03-10 at — hopefully you can watch live, and if not, catch the replay for the answer! There's a great tool I'll show you that lets you compare easily.
Greetings PhotoJoseph! Just got My S1 Updated with Filmmaker upgrade... And realized Photo and Video look like they have an Extended ISO base of 320(Video V-log) and 50(Photo mode).. I was under the impression that 640 was the Base Native ISO in V-log and 100 Native in Photomode... So do you suggest/encourage using these Extended ISO's or should I stick to 640 ISO for V log Video and 100 ISO for photo? THANKS!!
Base ISO is always the lowest setting withOUT extended ISO enabled. Without running through the settings I can't tell you offhand what they are, but that's the general rule of thumb. Base ISO does change depending on the profile, as you've noted.
@PhotoJoseph So you never really answered my question... Do you encourage using Extended ISO (Video&Photography) or do you suggest sticking to the Base ISO?
oh sorry… I guess I missed that part ;-) Here's how to think of it… whenever you get into extended ISO, you lose dynamic range. Not much, but you do. If you're shooting in a controlled environment where you're getting the exposure right in camera, then you'll be perfectly fine in extended ISO. However if you're shooting wild, and may need to recover highlights/shadows in post, then you'll do better without using extended ISO.

I leave the option off, and only enable it if I need it and can control the situation (i.e. studio shoots).
@PhotoJoseph Makes Perfect Sense... Thank You Sir!!
Does the S1H work with the Godox XPro transmitter and AD200 Pro’s with HSS?
I haven't used it on the S1H but it works with the S1, so it definitely should
Loved the video and this really gave me some of the answers I was looking for so thank you! Which software are you comparing the images in?
Thanks! That was Lightroom Classic. I use Lightroom (the CC version) now, but Classic has the side-by-side view that is still missing from the newest software.
S1H had more contrast, finer detail in the shadows.
All I need is ANOTHER reason to drop $4k on the S1H.....THANKS JOSEPH /sarcasm .... ;)
Haha I here for ya brother!
A head-to-head comparison test with the Leica SL2 is mandatory, don´t you think?
Not even a little bit. The Leica SL2 compares to the S1R, not the S1H.
Well, it depends. If your aim is video as well as stills then the SL2 is waaay ahead of the S1R. It has codecs up to 400Mb/s All-I in 4K (S1 is max 150Mb/s), shoots 4K 10bit 4:2:2 up to 60fps (which even the S1h can't do), 5k 10bit 4:2:0 up to 30fps. The S1R doesn't have 10bit recording at all. So for many hybrid shooters it's a valid point.
On the last two pairings, the S1H right picture is noticeably sharper than the S1 at the left. Pls clean your glasses lenses.
Joseph. you misunderstood my comment. if I was not clear, I apologize. YES for video, but the switch turns on and off for STILLS. A true S1H Hybrid would allow STILLS to be shot with or without anti aliasing filter. a Switch is built to do this in the circuit, as I understand it. for video, it's hard wired to use filter. MY K3 gives me the choice. FOR STILLS. not video. Hence my point.....this could have been engineered like the k3, thus making the S1H a filter free stills shooter, and after all that what this video is about. FACE IT. no one buys the S1h to do stills anyway. Sure with good glass I'm sure the S1H captures good full frame still files. but for stills given the choice of an AR74 or an 850, what would you use for a job paying money? Cmon. Panasonic could, have like pentax engineered an on, off for anti aliasing filter. As for the K3, blur, shake rattle and roll,the thing works as advertised. Switch it on, switch it off. easy peasy.
OK, I see now (I was not familiar with the K3). So the camera has no anti-alising filter, but when shooting stills, you can choose to enable the simulation, which you're saying works very well. Interesting.

I would say that, since as you pointed out, no one is buying the S1H primarily for stills, that this would be a feature not worth adding given that every feature increases R&D and therefore cost. I could see this being added to cameras like the S1 and S1R however, assuming that it's not proprietary to Pentax. Thanks for bringing it to my attention though; definitely an interesting feature!
@PhotoJoseph I got a love my gh5, but I gotta tell ya man, the Pentax low pass on off filter on my K3 works great. I get moire n videos on the gh5. It'd be nice to have that to turn off and on ,too, but I guess that cant be done with a firmware. i'd love to try a S1H on my music vids. Want to send one for me to try out? I'll shoot some music and return it. I just read the review you did on S1H stills ....and it came to mind my k3. Hope Panasonic is listening. watch out Panasonic. Fuji is coming out with an XT3 with IBIS......this could kill gh5 sales. Panasonic needs to step up its game with auto focus to compete. Anyway......Pentax, despite many poo poo in g the company, has been and still is, somewhat a leader in innovation. Panasonic should listen.
Marty Sender You Tube
there is a difference. sans low pass, sharper, more contrast, punchier...but MORE detail in S1H last photo than S1. Huh??? Honestly Panasonic should have put in a switch to turn on and off the low pass
filter like my Pentax K3. it's not a deal breaker, but hey Panasonic, to make it a true Hybrid, all the way, a Pentax like on/off anti aliasing switch would have notched up the S1H. just thinkin' regards from Marty Sender You Tube.
ps I watched on my 32 inch 4K monitor.
A low pass filter (also referred to as an anti-alising filter) is a physical part of the sensor. This isn't something that can be moved in and out of place. I had to look this up; the K3 is simulating an LPF by using the stabilization technology to wiggling the sensor during the photo to blur out the potential moire. While this may work fine for still photos, it does not work for video, which is of course the primary function of the S1H. This article explains how the K3 does what it does and this line points out that this does not work for video: "Ultimately, it might even be possible to extend this system to use in video recording as well, though that's not supported in the K-3." So… maybe one day, but not today.
Hello maybe you can help me I format a brand new sd card Sony tough 300mb/s and I record a few videos with the S1H and when I try to play the videos on my computer and they can't play any clue why?
What format did you shoot in? What computer and what software are you playing on?
@PhotoJoseph 4K 222 10 bit I have imac 2016 it plays only on Final cut but doe not play in Davinci Resolve and my computer
Also before I format the card I was recording different modes and all the videos were playing on my computer then I format the card and that's when I had the problem
QuickTime player can’t play 10-bit files. Final Cut can. I’m sure Resolve can too but you’ll have to check with their support.
@PhotoJoseph ok thank you so much
So, the question now is....if you put a black pro mist in the S1, will you have the same results as the S1H with moirè?
Interesting question! I’ve never shot with pro-mist filters so don’t have any, but yeah I’d imagine that would help.
Great Video
Could you make a comparison between S1H and Leica SL2, please?
...for both, stills and video.
I think the fact that so many people are wondering about still photography on the S1H (myself included) shows that Panasonic possibly missed the mark with all the S series cameras for the growing hybrid market. Maybe what everyone really wanted was an S1in-between. 33 megapixels, IBIS, 4k @ 48 or 50 frames uncropped, workable slow motion, tilt and flip screen, pdaf, mid sized body, focus transitions, hi res mode, no top lcd and more dials would have been my hybrid dream coming from using the GH5 professionally for a range of photo and video work. Maybe the GH6 will deliver?
I would say no two S1H'S are identical or the comparison of the S1 to the H. They build -in an allowance of + - tolaerances. No two cameras will ever be totally idenical. Same in all manufacturing...
Looks to me the s1 is a little more saturated..
Any idea how to turn on the flash mode? The flash mode on the menu is unhighlighted and says can't turn on in this mode - electronic shutter. How do I solve this?
Get out of electronic shutter :-) Either you’ve set the camera from “auto shutter” mode (where it chooses between mechanical and electronic shutter) to “electronic”, or you’ve enabled silent mode. Depending on your camera, the physical Fn switch on the front of the camera may be programmed to do that.
Really appreciate seeing these results. It’s not such an obscure test. More and more pros are becoming hybrid shooters and want the best of both configurations.
@photojoseph Hi Joseph, can you tell me if the S1H has focus transition like the GH5?

Yes it does
I see more innertonal detail on the S1 over the S1h. That extra filter is an extra piece of glass that takes away just that little bit on microcontrast. The S1h has a flatter image to me .
That being said I’m looking into getting the S1h.
I shoot Nikon DSLRs at the moment the d810 d850 and d500 . And I’m shooting more and more video. I video live music for public broadcast . Im thinking for my production company the Panasonic System and dual iso is going to work out best for us .
This S1h is truly a beast of a camera especially for what I do .
Joseph, today out of nowhere a percentage number started showing up on my S1H screen. It kept varying percentages (i.e. 25% 37% 75% etc.) and I could not tell what it was measuring. I can't find anything about it in the manual. Any ideas?
You can set the battery to percentage … but it sounds like that’s not it if it’s changing. Can you post a photo or video somewhere? Post a link here then add another comment telling me you posted the link. The comment with the link will get blocked so I need you to tell me it’s there so I can go look for it.
@PhotoJoseph It's the Luminance Spot Meter, but I don't know what the percentages mean.
Dan WRAY oh. Like you said, it’s Luminance Spot Meter. It’s level of white. 0% is black, 100% is white. Point it at an 18% grey card and when it reads 50% that’ll be a correct exposure. See manual page 292
It is very strange. First colors seem to be more muted on the S1H. Second 1st and 2nd set you could see clearly a difference in sharpness, on third one the S1H seems ever so slightly sharper on my monitor.
Totally happy with my G9 and Leica 100-400mm and having tons of fun, but to answer your question I believe I see a very slight image difference and would prefer the S19 for wildlife photography; specifically zoomed and cropped insect and small bird photography. Viewing this on my iMac 5K.
New Background?
Martin Pitt It’s an automated process. Unfortunately, I deleted the live stream that caused the problem, which means I have no way to contest it. That was my bad; I didn’t realize that would be a thing. Unfortunately, because I deleted it, my only choice is to wait the full 90 days to be reinstated.
@PhotoJoseph Oh shame! Well if it helps, the bookcase backdrop look great 🙂
Martin Pitt haha thanks. My LED lights in the back got messed up so I’m redoing those, but otherwise I love the shelves — both for storage and as a backdrop!
@PhotoJoseph The new firmware update from Lumix looks interesting, just a shame Animal Detection not coming to the GH5.
Martin Pitt It has to do with being an older camera, sorry
Thanks for the overview Joseph, very interesting. Without looking at other people's comments I noticed some moire on the x-rite color checker black border on the very first image taken by the S1, but none on the S1H. But both cameras look good for stills and probably video too!
Really! I didn’t notice that… I’ll have to look at it again in 4K to see. And yes, agreed that both cameras are great for photo and video.
Yes, it looked like colour noise/moire, viewed on my 4K 27 inch monitor.
For still photography I prefer my S1r
I guess for stills, that would make sense if you need very detailed images.
Welcome back! Hope you had a great trip.
Thank you! I did… Taipei, home for less than 48 hours then to NYC. It’s been manic and I’m glad to be getting back into the groove here.
PhotoJoseph There’s no place like home
Great topic to cover!
Dear PhoJo 😉, Thank you for this. I was wondering about the same thing. I was working towards buying a GH5s when S1H came out and am wondering which way I want to go now as either way requires financial investment. I’m sure you’re sick of being asked, but this episode looks so clear and crisp could you list your camera and lens in the description please. Many thanks 🙏.
GH5S and Meike 16mm cine lens. I’ll be doing a video on the lenses soon.
Thank you. Looking forward to that.
You may just have helped saved thousands! A bit of softness with the S1 however, buyers may well be advised to stick with S1, use the savings for the costly lens.
Do you see enough softness to be concerned? The images were untreated. I’d say if you spot softness that’s bothering you then a touch of sharpening would probably correct it.
The shirt and handkerchief both had their patterns at 45 degrees to the image. IME moire is worst when the pattern is aligned with the camera sensor. I'm curious if you get a different result by aligning the fabric.
Interesting, I did not know that. I may try to do a video test later to see if I can get moiré to show up.
I could see the softness of the S1H on weaving of the cloth. Thats when it really jumped out in 4K.
agree, you need a sharp 4k monitor to see the difference
I'm not convinced that's 100% due to the sharpness of the camera. The focal point and lens might have a part to play in it.
Thanks so very much for doing this photo comparison! Very much appreciated!

I could see slight color and exposure differences more than I could see any apparent lack of sharpness in either camera. In both cases it all looked great. Thanks again!
I have been a still photographer for 40 years using mostly Nikon and Sony, but now my main camera is the Panasonic S1H because I am moving over to video along with stills. I have no complaints whatsoever about the still photo capabilities of the S!H. It is a very capable hybrid camera with outstanding video and stills.
@Robert Kovacevic Turn on 'constant preview mode' in your settings.
Hello, how about the experience of shooting a moving object with single point focusing? I am planning to start the S1H, but I am a bit worried about the camera focus function
@PhotoJoseph any chance you can do a video of best in camera jpeg setting for S1 range?
@Terence Kearns G9 professionally lol
lnzEz What’s there to lol about?
Glad you are back Joseph. :) You were missed. Nice comparisons. Don't think you missed anything, but would love to see a video comparison side by side.
Thanks man! Good to be back. Still have SO much other stuff to do, and am still banned from live, but I do have another video posting soon. As for a video comparison, I think it'd be interesting to see if you can make the moiré appear in the S1, but apparently the processor works very hard to eliminate moiré, and it seems to have done a good job here!
Yes it does. Well, I`ll look forward to a GH5 Vs GH6 comparison next year! :)

I am not able to figure out how to setup High Speed Sync Flash on my S1H


I'd like to try to help, but you need to supply me with a lot more information. What strobe(s) are you using? What have you tried? What's happening? This is a very, very vague question :-) 

— Have you signed up for the mailing list?

I am using godox AD200Pro along with Godox X1T-O trigger, I am nor able to shoot with HSS



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