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Photo Moment - November 04, 2019

The LUMIX S1 and S1R lack a low-pass filter, making the images sharper, but at the risk of potentially introducing moiré. On the LUMIX S1H, the low-pass filter is back. Does that mean you shouldn't use it for still photos? 

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Any idea how to turn on the flash mode? The flash mode on the menu is unhighlighted and says can't turn on in this mode - electronic shutter. How do I solve this?
Get out of electronic shutter :-) Either you’ve set the camera from “auto shutter” mode (where it chooses between mechanical and electronic shutter) to “electronic”, or you’ve enabled silent mode. Depending on your camera, the physical Fn switch on the front of the camera may be programmed to do that.
Really appreciate seeing these results. It’s not such an obscure test. More and more pros are becoming hybrid shooters and want the best of both configurations.
@photojoseph Hi Joseph, can you tell me if the S1H has focus transition like the GH5?

Yes it does
I see more innertonal detail on the S1 over the S1h. That extra filter is an extra piece of glass that takes away just that little bit on microcontrast. The S1h has a flatter image to me .
That being said I’m looking into getting the S1h.
I shoot Nikon DSLRs at the moment the d810 d850 and d500 . And I’m shooting more and more video. I video live music for public broadcast . Im thinking for my production company the Panasonic System and dual iso is going to work out best for us .
This S1h is truly a beast of a camera especially for what I do .
Thank you! I've searching for weeks for someone to make a video of the stills side of this camera.
Joseph, today out of nowhere a percentage number started showing up on my S1H screen. It kept varying percentages (i.e. 25% 37% 75% etc.) and I could not tell what it was measuring. I can't find anything about it in the manual. Any ideas?
You can set the battery to percentage … but it sounds like that’s not it if it’s changing. Can you post a photo or video somewhere? Post a link here then add another comment telling me you posted the link. The comment with the link will get blocked so I need you to tell me it’s there so I can go look for it.
@PhotoJoseph It's the Luminance Spot Meter, but I don't know what the percentages mean.
Dan WRAY oh. Like you said, it’s Luminance Spot Meter. It’s level of white. 0% is black, 100% is white. Point it at an 18% grey card and when it reads 50% that’ll be a correct exposure. See manual page 292
It is very strange. First colors seem to be more muted on the S1H. Second 1st and 2nd set you could see clearly a difference in sharpness, on third one the S1H seems ever so slightly sharper on my monitor.
Totally happy with my G9 and Leica 100-400mm and having tons of fun, but to answer your question I believe I see a very slight image difference and would prefer the S19 for wildlife photography; specifically zoomed and cropped insect and small bird photography. Viewing this on my iMac 5K.
New Background?
Martin Pitt It’s an automated process. Unfortunately, I deleted the live stream that caused the problem, which means I have no way to contest it. That was my bad; I didn’t realize that would be a thing. Unfortunately, because I deleted it, my only choice is to wait the full 90 days to be reinstated.
@PhotoJoseph Oh shame! Well if it helps, the bookcase backdrop look great 🙂
Martin Pitt haha thanks. My LED lights in the back got messed up so I’m redoing those, but otherwise I love the shelves — both for storage and as a backdrop!
@PhotoJoseph The new firmware update from Lumix looks interesting, just a shame Animal Detection not coming to the GH5.
Martin Pitt It has to do with being an older camera, sorry
Thanks for the overview Joseph, very interesting. Without looking at other people's comments I noticed some moire on the x-rite color checker black border on the very first image taken by the S1, but none on the S1H. But both cameras look good for stills and probably video too!
Really! I didn’t notice that… I’ll have to look at it again in 4K to see. And yes, agreed that both cameras are great for photo and video.
Yes, it looked like colour noise/moire, viewed on my 4K 27 inch monitor.
For still photography I prefer my S1r
I guess for stills, that would make sense if you need very detailed images.
Welcome back! Hope you had a great trip.
Thank you! I did… Taipei, home for less than 48 hours then to NYC. It’s been manic and I’m glad to be getting back into the groove here.
PhotoJoseph There’s no place like home
Great topic to cover!
Dear PhoJo 😉, Thank you for this. I was wondering about the same thing. I was working towards buying a GH5s when S1H came out and am wondering which way I want to go now as either way requires financial investment. I’m sure you’re sick of being asked, but this episode looks so clear and crisp could you list your camera and lens in the description please. Many thanks 🙏.
GH5S and Meike 16mm cine lens. I’ll be doing a video on the lenses soon.
Thank you. Looking forward to that.
You may just have helped saved thousands! A bit of softness with the S1 however, buyers may well be advised to stick with S1, use the savings for the costly lens.
Do you see enough softness to be concerned? The images were untreated. I’d say if you spot softness that’s bothering you then a touch of sharpening would probably correct it.
The shirt and handkerchief both had their patterns at 45 degrees to the image. IME moire is worst when the pattern is aligned with the camera sensor. I'm curious if you get a different result by aligning the fabric.
Interesting, I did not know that. I may try to do a video test later to see if I can get moiré to show up.
I could see the softness of the S1H on weaving of the cloth. Thats when it really jumped out in 4K.
Thanks so very much for doing this photo comparison! Very much appreciated!

I could see slight color and exposure differences more than I could see any apparent lack of sharpness in either camera. In both cases it all looked great. Thanks again!
I have been a still photographer for 40 years using mostly Nikon and Sony, but now my main camera is the Panasonic S1H because I am moving over to video along with stills. I have no complaints whatsoever about the still photo capabilities of the S!H. It is a very capable hybrid camera with outstanding video and stills.
Awesome, thanks for sharing!
Yeah I'm into the hybrid cameras too. I currently have the G9 which I am using for stills and video professionally, and the S1H will be my upgrade path.

As an ex-canon user, I'm really happy with my switch to Panasonic. They really know how to treat their customers when it comes to delivering true value.

The fact that my humble G9 will be getting a heap of goodies with the upcoming V2 firmware is just confirmation of that.
@Terence Kearns I believe you will love the S1H, or any of the S1s for that matter.
Hi Dan,
I have a technical question for you. When I'm in (M) manual mode for still photography and want to change some settings for example my ISO. But the problem is that I can't see any changes on the screen. The screen is the same all the time, the image doesn't get darker or lighter. But when I snap a photo I can see the change I make. So I kind how to guess how my image will look like. Do you know what might be the problem?
@Robert Kovacevic Robert, I have noticed the same thing with the S1H. I don't know why this is. (Perhaps Joseph has an answer.) This is why I keep the Histogram on to check my exposure because I don't trust how it appears on the screen.
Glad you are back Joseph. :) You were missed. Nice comparisons. Don't think you missed anything, but would love to see a video comparison side by side.
Thanks man! Good to be back. Still have SO much other stuff to do, and am still banned from live, but I do have another video posting soon. As for a video comparison, I think it'd be interesting to see if you can make the moiré appear in the S1, but apparently the processor works very hard to eliminate moiré, and it seems to have done a good job here!
Yes it does. Well, I`ll look forward to a GH5 Vs GH6 comparison next year! :)
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