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LUMIX S1H vs S1+V-Log

Photo Moment - June 12, 2019

Watch this video learn everything announced about the LUMIX S1H and the LUMIX S1 V-Log Filmmakers Upgrade from Cine Gear 2019.

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Here's the table I put together from the announcement, comparing what the stock S1 has to the S1 with the V-Log update, then to the announced S1H. Keep in mind that not a whole lot of info was actually released, but everything in here comes direct from Panasonic. There are no guesses or assumptions unless noted. 



S1 + V-Log


INTERNAL RECORDING4:2:0 8-bit 4K 60(4:2:0 10-bit 4K HLG)4:2:2 10-bit 4K 30p/25p6K 24p (3:2 aspect ratio)5.9K 30p (16:9 aspect ratio)10-bit 4K/C4K 60p
MAX SETTINGS4:2:0 8-bit (4:2:0 10-bit HLG)4:2:2 10-bit 4K 60p/50pNot announced
HDMI OUTNot published14+ Stops14+ Stops
DYNAMIC RANGE29:59 in 4K60Unlimited in all other modesNot announcedUnlimited in all modes
V-LOGNoV-Log in V-GamutV-Log in V-Gamut
IN-CAMERA LUT DISPLAYNot applicableYes(Presumably)
AUDIO RECORDING W/ XLR-148-kHz/24-bit(4K 60p only)48-kHz/24-bit or 96-kHz/24-bit(Presumably the same)
AVAILABILITYNowJuly 2019Fall 2019

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Comments from YouTube

Anyone have a good website recommendation where I should download the vlog upgrade?
Discovered after purchase that The S1 does not
output Trigger signal via HDMI, and also doesn't output timecode. Therefore the Camera can't t trigger recording to an Atomos Ninja Unit which is a Big Flaw in my opinion... Maybe you could suggest this feature added in the Next Update... Cheers!
That control comes with Timecode support, which I'm pretty sure is only on the S1H (and GH5/GH5S).
I just sold my a7iii an hour ago now I am in a dilemma of choosing between s1 and s1h
Maybe I can help. What features are you debating?
PhotoJoseph delibrating more on the price
If it’s worth paying extra to get the features s1h has to offer or just invest that extra in the vlog license and an external recorder/ monitor
If your main focus is video then I’d definitely recommend the S1H. It’s truly a cinema camera with considerably more video features.
PhotoJoseph ok
I guess I have to invest in that camera then
Thanks for the feedback
Good luck!
Beginning Cinematographer here - I want to get the upgrade kit for my S1 but how should my camera be set for best exposure in V-LOG? Are there exposure limits?
Search for videos and web pages on exposing for V-Log. It's way more in depth than a reply here can cover, sorry.
Does the updates S1 have an option for outputting with a LUT over HDMI?
Yes, it’s in the HDMI settings.
Yesterday I sold my G9 and heared of the cumming update too late 😅 but... Today I ordered my S1 😉 👍
I just ordered the S1. I would LOVE to buy the S1H but it’s just SO much more expensive :(
And for what it does, it’s a bargain.
PhotoJoseph I agree, the S1H is most definitely a bargain, but I just can’t afford it right now. I’m happy with the S1 though as an upgrade from the GH4
S Mac nice! And the S1H is a good thing to aspire to :-) After all, its now a Netflix approved camera!!
PhotoJoseph yup I heard about that! Hopefully I can start booking more jobs to justify getting an S1H 🤪
Hey PhotoJoseph! Are you ever going to do an S1 tutorial similar to your GH5 tutorial! That thing was awesome and I would fling money at you if you did it! LOL!
Haha thanks… I don’t plan on it. It’s a massive undertaking and there just aren’t as many S1 users. I’d have to charge a lot more to even consider doing it and I’m afraid I’d put in a ton of work and sell very few.
Si I can't get a free update, I purchased mine 3 months again.
6k open gate is nesessary as a filmmaker? Reframe? Ask that to kubrick or spielberg. I think that's not legends do if you want to be. Deakins will slap you if you reframe him that's what i thought.
I hope they'll include an anamorphic crop mode (Super35mm) since pretty much all true anamorphic lenses are rendered for Super35. Also, that would make file sizes more bearable and might even finally give us the option of 50/60p anamorphic with 10bit 4:2:2. If the S1H has that mode, I'm so down to spend $4000 for it.
Help me out here. I’m not that familiar with super35. The camera will undoubtedly have an APSC crop, because the S1 does. Is that the right crop?
Crazy-awesome specs for sure! Actually, unless you really need super high frame-rates, it may be a better deal than the Ursa Mini G2.

But for the Trade-In deal, the only eligible models to be traded-in are an S1 or S1R -_-
What resolution does the Ursa Mini G2 do?
It’s only 4.6K and costs $6k (50% more). So yeah I’d say the S1H a better deal :-)
When talking about the video recording options it would have been important to point out croping right?
Yes, however since no cropping was discussed in the announcement, I didn't either. We don't know if there is cropping in 4K60 on the S1H like there is on the S1.
@PhotoJoseph Are you sure? I thought it WAS announced...
If you find it let me know but it wasn’t in the press release and that’s where I got my info from.
Anyone wanna speculate whether the S1 update will unlock the ability to adjust the Shutter Angle instead of the shutter speed, like the GH5? I’m also curious to know if they will eventually release an update that will allow us to manually adjust exposure during high frame rate recording.
I love you PhotoJoseph. And your vids aren't bad either. ;)
Hehe thanks!
Hi Joseph, what price do you think will be the SONY a7SIII?
I expect we will get it for less than $ 3800 to be able to compete with the S1H! Thanks for this video!
I don’t follow Sony pricing at all, sorry… but yeah this will definitely be something to compete with on the high end. It’ll be interesting to see how long it takes for others to do things like 6K in a camera at this price point!
Hi PJ, I like your setup. Can I have some of those lenses?
Sure, come on by!
@PhotoJoseph I know you are not serious. I am currently in Jamaica coming from the UK. Seriously I like what you are doing keep it up. I will stick with my GH5
Thank you 🙏🏻
No Flipout screen! Why Panasonic, why?!!!!
Real World Endo what makes you say that? Panasonic said NOTHING about the screen in the presentation .
@PhotoJoseph - Yeah, this is a huge thing that will make a ton of people really happy. It has the same hinge mechanism as the GH5. HDMI and USB cables will be in the way just like the GH5 but hey, at least we got a new "flippy screen". S1H rear and side photos are out now. Look at those big cooling vents!! Is there a fan inside? Wow! "Maybe" that is not a floating IBIS sensor? "Maybe" its hard bolted to a copper heat sync instead?
@Cliff Totten Wow that's great news... Thanks for that confirmation!
Cliff, no one knows!
@PhotoJoseph You can see it on the demo S1H -
All this is good but no GH6?
What are you hoping for in the next GH camera?
@PhotoJoseph Tho I never use auto focus and keep my camera on M it would be great to have 1 great camera that does everything so I don't have to always worry about am I'm in focus. Something Sony and Canon are doing well. I must give Panasonic credit because unlike other companies they actually listen to us lol also gives use freatures most take away or keep for there super expensive cameras.

Keep in-body stabilization but improve it even more, better color science that's true to what you are filming because not everyone want to color grade all the time lol. More dynamic range and keep the price 3 to 4 grand. 6k or 8k but I'm totally fine with 4k60 10bit.
You’re describing the S1H my friend.
HenniDaPoet so you want a MFT S1H? Lol
Sony ,Panasonic and Fuji are addressing the hybrid people needs.Sony has more pro professional video/broadcast experience than all vendors combined.Panasonic has they to pursue them forever.
my dream of the 10-25mm f1.7 having a focus wheel clutch came true now i just have to find a couple kidneys to sell
It’s going to be an epic lens. I can’t WAIT to get it!!
No ibis ?
no way
Not announced.
I have the S1 without the update and yes there is IBIS.
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