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Lumix S9 — My new Everyday Carry camera!

Photo Moment - May 24, 2024

The LUMIX S9 is a compact, lightweight, interchangeable lens full frame camera with a new implementation of realtime LUT, an amazing Hybrid Zoom feature to extend the range of any zoom lens with no quality loss, and is accompanied by the new LUMIX Lab mobile app.

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Discovering the LUMIX S9: A Compact Powerhouse

I recently returned from the LUMIX Global Summit in Japan, an incredible event where I got to collaborate with my fellow YouTubers and shoot amazing content. The highlight of the trip was of course being introduced to the new LUMIX S9, a compact yet powerful camera that’s perfect for everyday carry (EDC). Here’s a rundown of what makes the LUMIX S9 so impressive:

Key Features of the LUMIX S9

  • Compact Size and Lightweight:
    • Dimensions: Less than 5 inches wide, under 3 inches tall, and less than 2 inches deep (126 x 74 x 47 mm).
    • Weight: Just over a pound (under 0.5 kg) including battery and SD card.
    • Available Colors: Night Blue, Crimson Red, Dark Olive, and Jet Black.
  • Comparison to Other Cameras:
    • LUMIX S5II: The S9 is essentially a compact version of the S5II.
    • LUMIX G100: Slightly smaller than the S9 but has a micro four thirds sensor.
    • Fujifilm X100: Similar in size but with an APS-C sensor; the S9 has a full-frame sensor and interchangeable lenses.
  • Real-Time LUTs (Looks):
    • Dedicated LUT button for easy selection and application.
    • JPEGs have the LUTs applied, while RAW files remain untouched.
    • Create custom LUTs using the new LUMIX Lab app and easily transfer those to the camera.
  • LUMIX Lab App:
    • Available for iPhone and Android.
    • Geotags photos, automatically transfers them to your phone.
    • Design your own original LUTs and copy them to the camera.
  • Open Gate Video:
    • Records video using the entire sensor in a 3:2 aspect ratio up to 6K resolution.
    • Ideal for social media, allowing multiple aspect ratios (16:9, 9:16, 1:1) from a single recording.
  • Video Capabilities:
    • New 3.8K MP4 Lite Open Gate format for easy editing on smartphones.
    • Hybrid Zoom combines optical and digital zoom for extended range.
    • Continuous recording time limits: 10 minutes in 6K, 15 minutes in 4K, and 20 minutes in HD.
  • Other Notable Features:
    • Hybrid phase-detect autofocus system.
    • USB-C charging and support for dummy battery power.
    • Micro HDMI port, microphone port (no headphone port).
    • Fully articulating touch LCD.
    • LUMIX Sync software support for desktop.
    • High resolution mode, shutter angle, synchro scan support, impressive image stabilization, full V-Log, and more.
  • Manual 26mm f/8 Lens:
    • Fixed aperture at f/8 and manual focus.
    • Ultra-compact (18 mm long, 58 grams).
    • Scratch-resistant glass cover, designed for street photography.
  • Price and Availability:
    • LUMIX S9: $1499 USD / €1699 Euros.
    • 26mm f/8 manual lens: $199 USD.
    • Availability: Soon, with pre-order bundles likely.

The LUMIX S9 is an exciting addition to the LUMIX lineup, offering a perfect blend of compact size and powerful features, ideal for photographers and videographers on the go. Whether you’re a street photographer, a social media enthusiast, or a casual shooter, the S9’s versatility and innovative features make it a serious contender to find a home in your bag.

For more insights and detailed reviews, be sure to check out the playlist of LUMIX S9 videos and let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel to stay updated on my latest content!

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thanks for being upfront about being a Lumix ambassador.
Does the hybrid zoom work in 4k open gate aspect ratio? Or only in the 16:9 aspect ratio? In other words If I film in 4k open gate can I still use the hybrid zoom? Very informative video thank you!
Great question. Yes, because the 3.8K open gate is lower resolution than the entire sensor, so it can crop into it without scaling up. It's about a 1.5x crop max; for example the 20-60 becomes a 20-92mm lens. For reference, if you shoot 6K open gate, then you're using the entire sensor already, so crop zoom is not available. If you shoot UHD up to 30p, it's about the same as 3.8K; you get to 93mm on that same 20-60 lens. If you shoot UHD 50p/60p then it's already an APS-C crop so hybrid zoom isn't available. And if you shoot HD up to 30p, you get 3.1x crop, to 187mm on the 20-60mm. Interestingly if you shoot HD 50p or higher, even though it's still full frame, you don't have hybrid zoom. I'll have to ask about that.
what, wait, 18 to 40mm? That sounds awesome
@@photojoseph I was always hoping for a 20-60 with a faster or constant aperture.
Yeah! It’ll be a while before we have it but yes it sounds great
Useful roundup of features, and what needs the camera fulfills.

But that lens! It is useless for video because it does not even have a front filter thread. So, no ND possible. Yes, I believe in 180 rule, and shooting V Log at 640 ISO in bright sunlight requires an ND. f8 is too open!

In the US, a preorder of the S9 gets you the pancake lens for free. At that price, the lens is still not worthwhile for me! I will pass on the lens even for free.

I will use the S9 as a miniature S5 ii for video, which is its best use.

Obviously, more compact FF lenses are needed. And, if we are wishing, power zooms. Panasonic is all in for video in its cameras, but not in its lens offerings.
@photojoseph  Yet, clearly the touted use (appropriately) for the camera is video! The lens is a bad joke. It is there to make the camera look compact. And asking the mode user of this camera, sold on its ease of use, to manually focus is absurd. Hyperfocal distance calculations for those used to shooting with phones, really? I really like the S9, and am shocked at that lens fakery.
Definitely not a video lens
Only if you had more L mount pancake lenses….
Definitely needed!
Does this have the same intervalometer and 9999 shot limit for timelapse as the S52 ?
@@photojoseph I can’t wait to get mine . Thanks
I’m sure it does
Am I the only one, who noticed the iPhone upside down?
@Sqeezy3 hahaha shiiiiit yep you win the award 😂😂 Man I was scrambling at the end to get this out on time. Clearly rotated that image the wrong way 😭
@@photojoseph When you were showing the app
Ok, you made me look… not in the top-down shot. What are you referring to?
Once the recording time limts are doubled and usbc headphone jacks are enabled this will sell out everywhete.

A 20 to 60m kit or prime oack in at $1499 or $1299 body only sale will help as well.
I saw some judgements here but to me, this video is one of the best illustrating how suitable this camera (not necessarily the best as there is none) is to me. Thanks for sharing, appreciated!
I very much appreciate that!
I saw some judgements here but to me, this video is one of the best illustrating how suitable this camera (not necessarily the best) is to me. Thanks for sharing, appreciated!
I watched and then realized i barely saw you in Japan🥲
I know man! No naps in cabs this time! haha Guess we all just have to go back again 😊
S5II is $2149 in Aus, S9 is $2689. If Panasonic continue releasing trash cameras like the S9 they won't be around much longer
@@photojoseph taxes mean nothing in Australia it's all the same in every state. The S9 is on average $350 more expensive than the S5II, anyone that says that's a good business strategy must either be stupid or a shill
@@Mr.Zen_73 because I can do math?? Wow that’s quite possibly the dumbest thing I’ve heard on here. And believe me; I hear a lot of dumb shit. Congratulations; here’s an award 🥉
@@photojoseph sounds like you're bought and paid for by Panasonic. Better get as much as you can from them they won't be around much longer
That AUD$2689 includes tax. I just looked it up on Ted's Cameras, and the body is AUD $2499.95 including $227.27 tax, which makes the camera cost AUD$2,272.68. That's USD$1512, so the same cost. US prices aren't listed with tax, as tax varies state to state. Don't blame Panasonic for shitty currency exchange rates.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
No mechanical shutter so it's poor option for photography due to banding and picture quality. Very limited record time length. No EVF. Not Hot shoe so no way you a flash etc. Manny Ortiz's vid clearly shows the camera struggles with focusing really bad. No headphone jack. The PROs?: Stabilization is top notch. If you are a Lumix fanboy buy a Lumix s5ii.
Everyone talks about the banding issue without actually trying it. Manny did say he had some shots ruined by it and I'm going to talk to him because I'm sure he didn't do anything to mitigate that (which the camera has tools to do). "Very limited record time" says that this is not the camera for you. The target market shoots very short clips -- 15 minutes of 4K is way more than needed. No EVF; can't argue with that. No hot shoe because it has electronic shutter only so can't use flash anyway. Again, that's only a problem if you're a flash photographer, which means this camera isn't for you. And Manny even says in his video that the AF is very good; but not as good as Sony. I can live with that, but also he was showing it in photo mode and not in video with continuous focus. You can see that it focus as soon as he half-presses the shutter. Again I'm going to reach out to him; unfortunately this was his first LUMIX experience and he didn't have enough time to get to know it well enough.
Are ther any clean HDMI out limitations if I connect to an ATEM Mini Pro? I'm hoping at least 1080p60fps with no time limits is supported (unlike the Canon R8 that stops HDMI out after30mins and is therefore useless in HDMI switch scenarios).
No -- no LUMIX camera has ever had an HDMI out time limitation. It offers clean HDMI output for as long as it has power.
A $1500 camera that can't shoot moving subject (because of rolling shutter) or indoors (light banding + no flash) 😂. The video features are cool ig but they're literally the S5II's features.
😂 unless you're shooting from a moving train, electronic shutter of moving subjects is not a big problem. Every example problem you've seen is someong whipping the camera around. Is that how you take pictures? And the light banding issue is mitigated in-camera. Clearly I need to do a video on this as everyone complaining about it has quite obviously never used a LUMIX camera. They solved that issue years ago.
Oh look, more S9 shilling
Oh look, more mindless parroting 🦜
The truth is that the camera hardware is a joke but the new Lut software has a lot of potential
Thank you.
@@photojoseph don't take it wrong, I do appreciate that people like you offer us entertain by showing places we might never get to know, and yes I am not in that business and sorry if i was to harsh with my comments
@joseacarrasm you say that like getting a free camera is special. This is literally my job. I get tons of gear all the time. Some hangs around longer than others. I couldn’t care less about a free camera. What I care about is sharing with my audience what’s new and exciting. Not I nor a single one of my peers has called this camera perfect. Its flaws are listed everywhere. Yes the “free” trip to Japan is nice but if you think that “buys” a positive review, you clearly have zero idea how this works. Those trips cost money (I’m probably about $1500 out of pocket, and will not make that up on ad revenue), and time away from family, and delayed other paying gigs. I’m not gonna cry about it — it was a great trip — but I’m not bullish on the camera because I went to Japan. I’m bullish on the camera for all the reasons listed in this video. I certainly hope you watched it to the end so you even know what those are.
@@photojoseph Forget yopu got one for free on a nice trip to Japan and perhaps you might share my point of view, I do understand yours
I truly don’t understand this attitude. Plenty of people never use the viewfinder and are never affected by electronic shutter or record limits. People are acting like this is the first camera ever made that has or lacks these features. But I’m glad you like the LUT thing. It is cool.
The S9 makes for an excellent everyday carry, provided you don't shoot anything that moves (rolling shutter distortion) or indoors (banding in artificial light), both due to the electronic-only shutter and slow sensor readout.
1499 usd? damn the markup here in Aus is crazy; the S9 is more expensive than a S5ii down here.
Yeah that’s odd
@@mzungudave that’s $1732 USD — do Australian prices include tax/vat? This is a pet peeve of mine here in Europe; people say it’s more expensive here when that’s not true. $1499 USD is listed withOUT tax. Every state has its own sales tax (minus a couple at 0%) ranging from 5% to 11%. In Europe the €1799 price already includes the 20-22% VAT. So if your price includes VAT — it’s about the same as US or Europe. If not, then it’s a little more, but barely. In the US they are including the pancake for free with pre-order and after it’ll be $199.
@@photojoseph S9 w/ kit lens is 2999. S5ii w/ kit lens is 2799 (currently 2599 on sale)

S9 body only 2499
S5ii body only is 2149 on sale atm, unsure of normal price though i see an S5iiX for 2599
Yep. Pre-order in Aus at $2,599 incl the pancake lens. All gear’s pricey here. For comparison - Sony a7c ii body $2,699. But a FF compact with great video stabilisation - what else is going to give you that? Makes it pretty attractive to me.
What is the price in AUS?
The S9 does nothing for me....I won't buy one....I have a pair of Sony A7c bodies the serve me well...Cheers
Fair enough!
For $200 less I can get a used s5ii. This is bad pricing for what it provides. Lut feature is excellent and should be in all cameras
I think everyone agrees it should be a couple hundred bucks cheaper. But I’ve carried an S5II and I’ve carried the S9 — the S9 is a far more “pocketable” camera. It’s just a different market. And yeah the LIT thing is super cool!
Fantastic video as always! Was great to meet you in Osaka. 📸
Thanks man, and likewise!
So...for $300 more you can get a real camera..good luck!
“Real camera” 😅😅😅
Use the Zoom M3 mic and an LED light, maybe a Rotolight ! Better sound head phone jack, see the light use Lut ! Winner !
Love the flexibility of this camera. Hope they come to the s5ii series.
@@log791 Specifically, the app with the lut sharing options.
Flexibility? Name a few!
Yes, me too!
Thanks for this informative video… this camera is for me 🤙🏻 I don’t know why many people complain while there are other options
People need to have something to complain about 🤷🏼‍♂️
Great to meet you last week! :)
Likewise man!
Overheats .quickly..pricey..pass..but at least you got a free trip to Japan.
Wow, another one. Do you all shop at the same comment-reply store?
As a fan of the S5ii & S5iiX, I do like the look of this! I think the lens seems a little odd, I'll probably stick with my trusty little Sigma 45mm. But I looove the real time lut for photos. I used it on a trip to Belgium and was very happy with the results. Great video as always dude.
The app, the storage, and the dedicated LUT button (via software of course which can be programmed to any other button)
@@photojoseph Do you mean you hope the S5II gets the same APP / 39 luts saved via the app, or ? Because currently I have 10 LUTS saved on my S5ii..
Thanks for watching man! Realtime LUT is super fun. I hope the S5II gets this implementation of it soon! How do you like that Sigma 45? I’ve heard good things.
Great review as always.
It was good talking to you again in Osaka
Yo! Thank you brother. Just added your video to my queue. And… we’ll always have 7-11! 😅
For a still shooter: LUTs are silly as I always shoot RAW. No viewfinder.
they are presets in a way, yes, and they are applied at the time of processing so that means before the raw file is even created. And as I very very clearly pointed out, you can shoot RAW+JPEG if you want both. So I'm not sure what you're saying here. It's a very cool feature. Not everyone wants to edit every photo in lightroom/photoshop whatever. Sometimes it's nice to just shoot and have immediate results. I really don't know why you have a problem with that.
@@photojoseph They are just presets in a way, and if they are not applied to the RAW.....
OK, so LUTs aren't for you. That doesn't make them silly. I, and many many others, love shooting with them. I will agree that having a viewfinder would be nice though.
You and Hybrid have the best review of this camera so far. It's like no one else understands it. I don't know why Pansonic spends money to have influencefs who clearly favor other brands to try it out. They don't shoot Lumix, and clearly don't understand what Lumix is about. They're just paying to have others sully their name. Makes no sense.
@@photojoseph Good point about getting the camera in more hands. I am a curmudgeon. lol Perhaps that is why I did like listening to Matt Frazer explain (read: Rage) how Contrast Detect focus works, which is similar to PDAF, and him raging against how people only brought up "buzzwords". A very knowledgeable and funny guy, as you know. And speak of coincidences! With the news today the s9 drama and lumix! You don't need to comment. It's all silly, but oddly relevant. hahaha. I look forward to more of your vids. Hope you're loving life abroad! <3 Cheers to always taking the high road!
Again, appreciated. I would say that the complaints about contrast AF were valid… Panasonic should have switched to PDAF a long time ago. Those reviewers being invited were invited because Panasonic wanted to get the new gear (S5II with PDAF, originally) in their hands, and this was a very good way to do it. And it worked -- the camera got reviewed by lots of people who probably would have ignored it out of bias.
@@photojoseph A very classy and diplomatic answer. Let me put it this way. When I see the reviewers who bash Panasonic from everything to trade shows to B&H events, show up in a Panasonic sponsored event, it's comes across as disingenuous (read: they wanted a free trip to Japan). True, no camera is perfect, but these influencers, at best, have a cognitive bias that isn't a great look for Panasonic. Remember how they all complained about contrast auto-focus? They did it for clicks. And that kind of thing comes across, more than an honest review of the camera. And it's detrimental to the ecosystem. Apple wouldn't have a chance if it started today, the Mac with that little ram. That's why I tend to watch people like you, who offer solutions to the "problem" (the head jack) as opposed to those who just bitch and moan about another "problem". The problem is always a skill issue. Cheers! :)
I appreciate that, but I am a little confused by your response to the other reviewers. While I haven't watched ALL the videos yet, I don't think anyone so far is wrong. People have different takes on it, but we're all playing with the same set of facts. The criticisms I've seen are legitimate to that individual. Example; personally I don't find the limited recording times a problem; I've never shot more than a few minutes at once in the field. But, that is a problem for some. I also think it's very important for non LUMIX shooters to use the camera. They provide important context and more often than not, find features and capabilities that they didn't even know were missing from other brands. There is no "best" or "perfect" camera. I think the other reviews (of the ones I've seen, of course) are all valid and good.
I assume you don't need flash, nor you photograph anything that moves at a medium to fast pace.

Spec-wise, Panasonic was just a hair away from making a great starter FF true hybrid camera - only a 1/160 shutter-sync EFCS mech shutter, and a hot-shoe. The EVF of lackof is another thing, nice to have, but not needed. So they ended up with a great starter video camera, with some photo capability as well for some situations. Hopefully the much larger need for video than for photo, for the intended market, will help them out.

Or, do they also have a similar camera, but with a corner EVF, and EFCS shutter, and reduces video capability, in their pipeline, as well?

Other than that - nice camera, nice price, great idea with the huge LUT customisation. But not so great with the lack of headphone jack, nor with the lack of unlimited video (with a dummy battery), even in 1080p, in 2024? In some ways, it unfortunately looks a bit to be inspired by the limited G100 camera..

Yes, as long as you do very short takes! But if you want to do a talking head video, 15 minutes absolutely certainly won't cut it! More like an hour would be a comfortable for that, especially if you need to repeat some parts throughout.

Secondly, under $500 cameras like the Sony ZV-E10 and even the slightly more expensive than that Canon R50, aimed also at a similar market (but much more entry level) offer unlimited 4k recording, and 1 hour per clip, respectively!

So with the bar that low, you expect that a $1700 camera, premium, but entry-level for full frame, to have unlimited recording. Especially from Panasonic, which were the first to ever offer unlimited recording in a mirrorless camera, with the GH5, if I'm correct, way before Sony had anything spectacular in the video world.

And yes, from a consumer perspective, if I pay that much on a camera, I expect it to have a reasonable set of features. Or especially not have corners cut where other cheper competitors show that those cuts could have been avoided, and would have made a much more versatile and usable camera.

And I'm not talking S9 vs S5 mk II. Even with what I've mentioned, the segmentation would have been there - the S5 mk II with the pro body, weather sealing, EVF, 2 card slots, fan and thus unlimited recording without overheating in any environment, joystick and many more.

But no problem, Panasonic has a history of making a Mark II shorly, if they do something slightly bad that cannot be improved by firmware, or just slightly mediocre. :)
I think you’ve got the camera right. Definitely not for everyone. I’m surprised at how many people want unlimited recording though. In the social media, YouTube, vlogging world, most takes are short. But hey, whatever you want there’s a camera for that 😀
It's weird they released a pancake fixed f8 28mm, when the Nikon equivalent is 2.8 and not exactly massive.
@@photojoseph Nikon's 26mm f/2.8 is 30% deeper at 23.5mm and just over twice as heavy at 125g, but it has AF, a metal mount, option for filters and gathers 8x as much light. And it can still be stopped down to f/8 (and beyond!). You might have been thinking of the 28mm, but even that's less than 3x the weight?
It’s 2x depth and 4x the weight. So yes, it’s still a small lens, but it’s not this lens. I’m confident we’ll see a new line of compact primes from the L-Mount alliance based in the success of this camera.
well done my man! happy to see you in the mix of this lumix drop!
Hey mate! Thanks!
S5 II With the 20-60 and the 50 lens cost last week in France in Paris at 1890 euros.
Same as G9 II without lens... .
So, why creating a S9 lower than these 2 cameras!! Very bad marketing position....
You always need to edit your pics... So you will do it on a small screen phone. 🤣🤣🤣. Just a bad idea...
It is just a camera to occuped the position market of other small Sony and fuji...
That we need and want is a real internal thetering on all lumix camera on a good external monitor at 4500 nits (foldable vivo x fold3 pro for exemple?!? YES !!! ).
If I want to push faster my pics on insta or else, I will do it like this... On my, foldable with my LR software and my presets.. No needs of luts....
Why creating an other software like others...
Thank you for your videos always very interesting. Your vision is always great to make up grown up 🙏👍
Thank you for your answer 🙏
S5II with the 20-60 AND with the 50 for €1890? Sounds too good to be true; maybe used or if “fell of the back of a truck”, as we say? Anyway I think you’re missing the point of realtime LUT. To say you “always need to edit your photos” is simply not true. If you can get something you love SOOC (straight out of camera), why would you not do that? Shooting this way is a very different approach to shooting RAW to edit later. Different workflows for different use cases. I wouldn’t shoot a wedding this way, but I’d 100% shoot travel, family, casual, street photos, etc like this. Tethering to an external monitor? Dude you know we’ve had HDMI to ATOMOS and Blackmagic recorders for ever, right? ProRes, ProRes RAW, Blackmagic RAW — that’s all there and has been there for EVER. You’re clearly approaching this from a much higher end workflow. This camera and this workflow may not be for everyone, but even coming from someone who DOES do that workflow (I’m talking about me here), I LOVE shooting this way. How many times have I shot something with the intention of editing it later and never doing it? Too many to count. I’m good with having it done and done, in camera. Not perfect? Embrace the imperfections. Life is messy. And that’s OK.
LUT = Look Up Table. Geeky videography term for digital filter. When you described it, you rightly said adjust the “effects”. I think they should have named the button “FX” if LUMIX wanted to dedicate the button to switch effects.

… I also like S LUT. 😇
….. I’d also like a LUMIX Microwave oven please. 🙏
Haha believe me the term “LUMIX LUT” was bandied about 😅 And PS you can buy a Panasonic microwave haha
Thanks for the detailed review ! Can’t wait for the 10mm review 😊
Coming soon!
I like big LUTs and I cannot lie!
🤣🤣🤣 best comment ever!
30fps is fine as long as its real time, like not interpolation. You get the image stabilization, like on my G9, and you connect it to the TV, its all trailing, but at 30fps, it just has to focus, which i just use it for a microscope.
Uh… what?
Hello Joseph. You say it has excellent IBIS. What is the IBIS like for shooting still photography. I think it is the Panasonic Lumix G100 that does not have as good an IBIS as it is on electronic stabilisation. Is the Panasonic S9 electronic stabilisation too ?
It's one of those features that to explain in full, you need several minutes, and these kind of initial reviews no one wants to do that. But here's the basics:
1. You have IBIS on or off (and if the lens has OIS, it'll use both). This is already very good for handheld photos or video, being able to hold photos for longer exposures than you could without. All lenses will allow a general "all direction" stabilization, and some lenes add a "panning" stabilization.
2. For video, two levels of E-stabilization; standard and high. Each crops the image to allow room for digital stabilization. In high, you can literally run with the newer cameras and it's like holding a gimbal. It's f'in nuts.
3. Boost IS for Video essentially locks the camera as if it were on a tripod. This is not electronic! It's incredible. If you try to pan the camera in this mode, the image jumps as it will basically fight you to stay stable.
4. Anamorphic modes, where it adjusts the stabilization algorithm to minimize warping on the edges prevalent with standard stabilization and anamorphic lenses.

hope that helps!
@@photojoseph thank you very much. So far it is not apparent to me that reviewers are commenting on what you told me and as they say the IBIS is excellent they are doing a video and presenting that as they talk. That has helped to clarify that.
The G100 is totally different. The IBIS on this is the same as the S5II which is the most advanced made in a full frame camera. It has both mechanical and electronic depending on your needs. You can literally run with the camera and it’s like a gimbal if you turn it up to max.
Travelling with this, the TL2 and some I-series primes would allow for double-duty focal lengths. I also think that APS-C lenses make sense as compavct alternatives to very narrow-aperture FF lenses. Having said, I'd like to see some F4-F5 super compact primes. I like manual focus lenses (the X-Pro4 with Voigtlaender X lenses will be a dream; and keeps one foot in Fuji until Lumix icenses the HVF) but this particular camera with phase-detect and no EVF really begs for compact AF lenses.
I concur. There does need to be more compact lenses. I think it’ll happen now that there’s a body that is begging for it!
Awesome hanging out with you and eating some of the best food. Great video bro super in depth.
Thanks man, dude let’s go back and tart eating again. Seriously ridiculous.
Thanks for your usual comprehensive info. I'm glad to see L-mount really diversifying, and the new Lumix structure improving representation of the excellent products.
We know you're already mulling over the app comparison video! -- what I'm interested in is how cheap and old an iphone or android (and especially huawei/non-google android!) can be used effectively!
Thanks! And hmm that’s a great question. I have a couple year old android that I’ll work with on this. I think Android is more forgiving in letting it run in the background so I’m anxious to try it out there vs iOS.
"In-camera looks" would have been a MUCH better name 😭
Yeah, there’s technically right and there’s marketing. Can’t win ‘em all!!
everything about this video is intolerable
Thank you for the constructive comment. It’s folks like you that make YouTube so pleasurable for the rest of us. You will always have a special place in my heart!
As an indie/low budget filmmaker, the S9 looks like a great choice to me. I'm shooting with the Sony FX30 at the moment, but, I really want an "excuse' to go back to Panasonic because I prefer the skin tones of LUMIX cameras in general. Plus, I've been looking for a full frame camera to go back to as well. Thank you.
As a filmmakers camera yes I’d agree. Or the S5IIx even better. But if you want one camera that’s both a take-everywhere EDC camera, and is capable of filmmaking, then this is hard to beat.
Just save up for the s5ii man.
That’s awesome to hear! I kinda want to compare it rigged up like a “The Creator” rig 😄
This camera needed to be $1K to be okay.

So many shortcomings. An F8 lens??
@@hayabusaTravels I couldn't have said it better but Yeah, this thing is trash.
I own an OG panasonic S5. I hope the S1H II Does not dissapoint.
I wonder who from the target audience is gonna invest over 2600$ just to be able to shoot sporadic videos with this camera, when a smaller, lighter DJI Pocket 3 (1inch sensor) pretty much does a better job at max 700$.
This S9 is too expensive for what is offering. Not to mention that you need a better lens on it wich will make the whole thing big and heavy.
So... no thank you!
You saw the part where the lens comes off, right?
Love the video! Great Job! What type of filters are you using with your Lumix Camera? Love the Footage in this review of the S9. I have a S5 and S5markIIX. Will be looking to add the S9 to my collection!
@@photojoseph Great work! Nice!
No filters! It's all just naked glass. In my previous studio I had VNDs on a couple of cameras but not anymore.
@@photojoseph Yes the glass filters you used in the studio are very clean sir.
Do you mean glass filters in the studio, or LUT “filters” in the S9 sample photos? And thanks!
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