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A Magnetic Filter Holder! The Mafrotto XUME

Photo Moment - November 09, 2018

I just got a magnet filter holder. It's life changing and makes getting filters on and off quickly a reality. But… is this relationship going to last?

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I just got a magnet filter holder. It's life changing. But… is this relationship going to last? Get your XUME Magnetic adapter here and
watch the Q&A video here:
Hi buddy! You mentioned you were looking for a Variable ND that stops.
I actually purchased K&F Varaiable ND (both the ND2-400 and ND2-32) Seems like the ND2-32 stops when you reach the maximum or minimum. so it might answer what you need.
unfortunately (i just double checked) the ND2-400 doesn't.
Was looking for a magnetic solution other than the Freewell magnetic filters , and came up with the Xume, Still wondering which is better.
Your video (although it's old, considering the time of writing) points out the magnets aren't so strong. which makes me wonder a little how well it'll hold.. and if I should go for the more expensive Freeweel Magnetic solution.

Any thoughts on the matter?
Quick Question: What about lens hoods?
Lens hoods can definitely be a problem. Your existing ones won't work anymore. You can sometimes fine a screw-in lens hood that will work. Keep in mind if you were able to fit the filter inside the lens hood (i.e. put on the hood then attach the filter), it'll be really hard to reach the filter. I shoot with variable ND filters all the time and I just don't use lens hoods when I do.
Great product as long as you do not use variable NDs or circular polarizers. Then you need three hands to hold the camera and rotate the filter. Would be nice if it had a notch system to keep the adapter from spinning. Also kind of expensive. If you have multiple filters and multiple lenses, look out.
I’ve written to them about all of these issues. They don’t seem to want to hear from me 😢
Probably a year late but anyways I own this variable ND filter and it not only has hardtops it is only one of the few variables that goes to ND1000 instead of ND400 like most variable do:
PhotoJoesph - Have you heard of Freewell's magnetic filter system? It just came out a few months ago, and last I checked, it isn't available at B&H, but it is available elsewhere like Amazon and Adorama. They even just came out with "Hard Stop" variable ND filters last week. I've never watched your videos before, but I just happened to come across this video of yours. Let me know if you read this, as I might pester you if I don't hear back from you, since you seem so interested in getting a variable ND filter with hard stops. :)
Funny, they sent me an ND and Polarizer but not a variable ND to test. Haven’t done much with them yet though
Sounds like typical B&H service. I have yet to find someone who knows what they're talking about at all working in the NYC shop.
I'm beginner filmmaker, bought my first filter (a variable ND) last week. After some couple minutes, instantly thought how good it would be if the coupling was magnetic and it had a hard stop reaching min and max.
I'm belated as an inventor, but at least I can see my thought makes sense!
Great video btw!
DUDE, THANK YOU FOR THIS VIDEO! Is the magnet strength always the same in every position? When you turn it? Like when the dot moves?
It is always the same and it’s not strong enough. I wish they made it stronger
I ordered one too for my variable nd filter. It's a shame that the adapters are 4x the price. I just use 1 filter but I have 4 lenses that I use regularly.
If anyone is interested I was trying t get a lens cap (62mm) for this system but couldn't find one anywhere. I emailed them and received this answer, "This size is not available and they do not have any plans to produce". Does anyone have any recommendations for an alternative lens cover that will fit when the adaptor ring is on the lens?
Interesting. Did you reach out via the Manfrotto website, or some other way? I need to share some flaws and design improvement ideas.
@PhotoJoseph I contacted Manfrotto directly. Its a pity because I find it a really good solution for both single filters and also my Cokin filter holder.
Thanks. I did too; we’ll see what they say.
Them magnetic filter adapters been out a while. Must be a recent acquisition by manfrotto
From first hand experience, these rings introduce a clear vignette at focal lengths smaller than 18mm which is what you mostly use in video. I have the 67,72, and 77mm. I bought them for my Fujifilm XF lenses. Not useful in my opinion.
I think what you mean to say was they introduce vignetting on YOUR 18mm lens, and are not useful to YOU. I just double checked and on my 8-18mm lens (so 16mm equivalent at the widest), there is NO vignetting being introduced. You can tell it’s close; I can see the vignette as I’m snapping it in place, but it’s not there once the filter is on. This will also of course depend on the thickness of the actual filter you’re adding. A good wide angle lens should allow room for a filter without vignetting; clearly the Panasonic Leica 8-18mm does exactly that.
SLR MAGIC Do variable ND filters with hard stops.
I recently purchased the NiSi 1.5-5 stop variable ND [enhance ND-Vario Pro nano] and it has hard stops both ends and a little lug that sticks out that you turn. This is a normal screw in ND not one for their filter holders.
Fantastic. So there are MANY filters with the hard stops. Glad I’m not crazy that this should be a feature.
PJ, SLR Magic makes a fader with a stop. I like you had to really look for it to find it. Ironically, B&H sells it so it's surprising they didn't know they had it! Look it up there. If you couldn't find me let me know and I'll send you the link. Cheers! :)
Real World Endo I have been using the SLR Magic for the last year and a half. It works great with almost no color cast.
Good to know, thanks. Aurora, a filter company that came up in the Q&A, has one with hard stops as well and has offered to send one out for testing. I’ll follow up once I’ve done that!
@PhotoJosephyes SLR magic is a good option for hard stops and it has a little leaver that helps keep your fingers from creating in to shot. I think Genius tech also make one with hard stops
@Lee Daley Yes, the SLR magic, in my opinion, is the best one because of that lever. You can see where you are on ND stops by just looking at the filer (based on the position of the lever!) But seems like PJ is going to test out the Aurora. So, we'll see how that one works out.
@RealWorld Endo cool I've been very happy with my SLR magic vari ND's I also have the heliopan vari ND which is outstanding and has hard stops
I don’t know if this variable nd has hard stops, but it has min/max indicators and a lever for easier turning of the filter:
I just bought a Tyfoto ND filter. It has hard stops for minimum and maximum ND.
Cool beanz.
B&W has variable ND with hard endstops. If I’m not mistaken it’s an ND (the thinnest and most expensive one?) and not a polarizer. And if I’m right I would be surprised if B&H didn’t sell it, but I’ve only been there once (from Sweden) so...
By the way what range(/power/spectrum?/scale) are you looking for or got on the one you use now?

B+W __mm XS-Pro Digital ND Vario MRC-Nano Filter
1-5 stops
Brass! (Matters less if used with Xume and not making reviews.)
Beware that on this one the outer... ehh no sorry (easily misunderstood) ... the front thread gets bigger than the lens thread if you were to stack filters on top. Kind of like an unwanted Step-Up Ring.
Thanks for this review, great job and I'm ordering one. I also strongly agree about the stop.
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