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MAGNETIC Freewell Filters

Photo Moment - March 20, 2020

The Freewell magnetic filter system is a great convenience for those who change filters often, and unlike many other filter systems, even solves the lens cap problem!

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What do you think of these; have you used them, or any other magnetic filters? Here's where to get the Freewell filters:
@PhotoJoseph ah sorry ...i m shooting at 24 mm but i tried several focal lenghth and it still the same
its a tamron 24-70
Sorry to disturb again, any support on how I can fix my issue....should I contact the seller?
@Mohammad Al Hasan sorry I missed the earlier messages. 24 isn’t that wide and if you’re not using a step ring then it’s hard to imagine why it’s vignetting. Yes please reach out to the manufacturer directly. Let us know what you learn!
@PhotoJoseph thank you 🙏
Also , can you use FREEWELL filters with any lens hood?
It depends on the hood. But if you can put the lens cap on with the hood on, then the filter MIGHT work. If it’s a really snug fit (like on a long lens that has a long narrow hood), then it might not.
I have the Freewell variable ND filters 2-5 and 6-9 they are great!
I have been looking at these and Kase, but I believe they vignette at wide angles. What were your findings.?
Can’t really tell from your video, but how does the picture quality hold up when stacking the CPL and ND filters? Any softness? Vignetting?
Not that I noticed!
This episode was shot in Prores Raw with S1H 🔥🤔
winner winner!
S1 how’s the new camera treating you ?
Very well, thank you. Lovely camera. Big compared to my G9 so I don't use it all the time, but of course it's very nice!
@PhotoJoseph Never Give Up !
I use the Freewell 2-5 stop VND with the Manfrotto Xume system. You have to use a step up ring to avoid vignetting. I mainly shoot video with the PL 8-18mm which has 67mm threads and use a 77mm Freewell VND. For video, no issues, but it vignettes on 4:3 photos. I also use a B+W clear filter so that adds another layer that can contribute to the vignetting in photos. Quickest method I have come across for run-and-gun situations. Pull off the VND if not needed or just pull off the magnetic lens cap if VND is needed. Stacked from body includes:
* Camera body
* PL 8-18mm
* B+W 007 clear glass filter
* Brass 67mm-77mm step up ring
* Xume magnetic lens adapter (screwed onto step up ring)
* Xume magnetic filter holder (screwed onto filter)
* Freewell VND (screwed onto Xume magnetic filter holder)
* includes magnetic lens cap

If I want to add the Freewell 6-9 stop VND or even any other filter, I just need to get a Xume magnetic filter holder for each filter and I can easily swap filters magnetically. I don't have a need to stack filters simultaneously so I don't run into that issue of how do you stack, which would be tricky with this setup.
Nice setup. That's a really wide lens so I'm not surprised it's vignetting, but you've found the solution. Thanks for sharing!
I don't think they do a magnetic variable nd, which is a shame, as I too use those.
They make a variable but I see now that it's not magnetic! I've already reached out to them about that… would be the way to go.
I noticed that too. It would be great if they did one.
I talked to them about it. No plans as of yet but I gave them some design ideas. We'll see if they consider it or not!
Hi Joe, question for you, I own the GH5 and a do table top photography and love using the GH5 ti shoot this jobs, but I constantly have a problem tethering the camera to the computer, if I get it to work but when I have to replace the battery and try to reconnect again, I get a massage saying "An internal error occurred during camera connection" and then I restart the computer, turn the camera on and off many times and nothing works, sometimes I have to was it a day or two before the camera is able to reconnect to the computer.

Any ideas? I always appreciate your help.

Bizarre! Are you also disconnecting the cable to try to dismiss the error? I certainly don't know why you're seeing that, but I'll tell you how I'd solve it — by putting in a AC adapter instead of a battery. I always AC my GH5 cameras when doing studio work. So much easier to never have to worry about it. And they're cheap! Here:
@PhotoJoseph Hello Joseph, (Sorry I keep calling you Joe, not sure if you prefer Joseph instead? Thanks for your reply, I tried that but the way I got it to work is by using the tether cable that came with the camera, it seems like my extension cable does not work well with the GH5, but it works fine with my other cameras, (Canon< Nikon, Olympus), the only problem is that that supplied cable is to short.
I definitely will get the AC adapter, is there a link to Amazon through you so they know you referred it to me? Thanks.
Definitely "Joseph", thanks ;-) Ah the cable… yeah cameras can be finicky that way. And the link I sent you is an amazon affiliate link, thanks!
@PhotoJoseph Thanks Joseph, I appreciate your help!!
you're welcome!
Unfortunately, I don't think the VND's are magnetic. Just the cap. I wish they came with or sold a separate ring to make them magnetic. I am leaning towards buying the Freewell over the Peter McKinnons. I think getting both for the price of one is a great deal, especially when they both work in and about the same.
oh dang, I think you're right. That's a shame… hmm
@PhotoJoseph I did some further research on this. Looks like there is a new nd filter coming out soon that is part of the new magnetic system. So, it might be possible that the VND will work with the same system, considering it too is all metal.
The VND’s are not magnetic, they need to be screwed on your lens. The lens cap that comes with it is the only part that is magnetic. Just received the VND’s last week and they are amazing. Great build and image quality for the price!
Glad to hear you like their variable ND! I asked the company and they did confirm that they are NOT magnetic. I had a suggestion on how they could design one; let's see if they do it!
I don't like variable ND filters - I just can't get good results with the X mark at the higher stops. So could I buy a set of these - like ND 8 and ND 16 and also stack them if it is really bright out? Or is this just a bad idea. Is there a variable filter that has worked for you?I shot on the G9 with the mostly primes and want to take advantage of apertures in the f/1.7 range.
For stills work, a non-variable is best. I'm pretty sure you can stack them but honestly I'm not sure how well that'd work out. I'd ask the manufacturer. Probably fine, assuming you're working with high quality ones to start. However for variable — you just need to buy good ones, sorry. I have been using the Aurora ones for a while which I really like; in fact I have a few of them for different size lenses. When I spent my own money, that's what I got. — the Polar Pro are really nice but VERY expensive.
@PhotoJoseph - You are so accessible and responsive which I really appreciate. I'll try the ones you've listed. I love stills work, but do much more video. Thank you for such great content, professionalism and responsiveness.
Thank you and my pleasure. And yeah, I really feel you can't go wrong with the Aurora. I've been very pleased.
No X pattern on the Freewell VND’s, they have a fixed stop to prevent it. They come in two pairs, one with 1 to 5 stop and one with 6 to 9 stop. You can buy them seperate or bundled.
Richard Boksebeld - thank you.
Great videos, but have you stopped using your G9? Are you liking the full frame cameras more than the mft from Panasonic?
I use both equally. These filters were sized specifically for the big lens on the S1 so that's what I used here.
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