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Manfrotto Camera Suction Mount

Photo Moment - August 23, 2016

PhotoJoseph breaks down the incredibly convenient attributes of the Manfrotto Camera suction mount. 

Check out the mount at

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Comments from YouTube

Im going to break the airplane window if i use this...
Good what size of dslr with lense can I conformably mount here
You need to look up the weight rating on it and compare to the gear you want to mount; that’s the only way to know for sure.
would this work on a mirror
I love the Manfrotto tripods I have one for my camera and it was the best investment but this is a game changer for the car! That suction is brilliant! Expect nothing less from Manfrotto! Great review! Would had been great to see in the vehicle though. ~Karen🌹
Thanks for the review.
Hi Joseph, great vlog as always. I had a query in mind, I want to mount this on car door, windscreen, car hood facing either sides (to the road infront or at the driver) and shoot with a Panasonic GH5 With a Metabones & Sigma 18-35mm or Tokina 11-16. Would you advice it? In low traffic, night shots.
+Tarun Wadhwa Thanks! I put a GH4 on the hood of a $100,000 Mercedes and drove through the streets of NYC. Just be sure that red line is never visible and clean the car hood really well first. And obviously pull and pull to test. Worked for me! (Oh, and be insured. Just in case.)
Thank you for this Vlog.. Very Helpful.. :))
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