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This ATEM (mini) Tips” series of short video tutorials for your Blackmagic ATEM hardware includes tips for all users, from beginner to advanced. Scroll down to see more in the series!

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Master Pedestal and Highlight Shadow

Photo Moment - August 23, 2018

What is Master Pedestal, and should you change it? What about Highlight & Shadow? I'll show you something really interesting when working with waveforms, too!

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Hopefully that highlighted what you need to know. Still have any questions?

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Increasing master pedestal can create problems like increased noise levels.... Would lowering it reduce these problems or at least noise levels ?
You are an amazing teacher, thank you
🙏🏻 😊
If you shoot in V-log none of these is set to be adjusted. Everything is set to default.
Makes me wonder why something like the G90 only has 0-255 and 16-255
​@@photojoseph No, I mean that they don't have 16-235
because it's shooting 8-bit not 10-bit
I know this is old with few views but I feel like the intro to master pede was addressed improperly
You aren't getting "more dynamic range", but you are changing the allocation of where the bulk of your information is being pulled from.
If I'm shooting at night lets say, and I don't care about my highlights or a lot of the higher levels of light, I can alter my master pede to focus on gathering more information from my blacks.

So while you're not wrong that master pede doesn't give you more dynamic range, it allows you to adjust where on the spectrum of DR you are gathering most info.
If you look at the waveform vector, you can see what is happening to your blacks. Yes you can "squish" them, this allows you to focus information gathering onto your light/highlight areas. I believe that's what you get from turning the pedestal down.
You can raise it and you will give more space to your blacks at the cost of your highlights. Again, if highlights don't matter to you in your shoot, this is really helpful

I would probably shoot videos like this alongside experimentation with things like wave-vector for proof alongside different tests rather than just making statements, because some of this is misleading. I feel like you got tripped up on language here a bit with the "extra dynamic range". Consider what that even means. Do you mean a "broader" dynamic range, meaning you can gather a degree of information from a broad spectrum of DR without blowing out? Because that may be the case but it could be that your signal for each stop is really crappy and has a ton of noise. I can have 5 DR but a ton of information gathered within that range. So "more" DR in terms of the spectrum, or "more" DR in terms of how much depth you're getting out of each step?
Luminance levels work a bit differently for me:
If I record internally 0-255 and 16-235 gives you the same dynamic range
Now if I want to record externally I HAVE to be in 16-235 otherwise it doesn’t give you what you are actually getting internally!!
So that led me to believe that if you want to use external monitoring or recording you MUST be in 16-235.
In other words, if you want to take out of your HDMI the normal image you need to be in 16-235 or else you are clipping.
So my question is: if you use vlog-L in order to maximize dynamic range, and vlog-L makes sense only if you’re recording in 10bit externally, why are they limiting you in 0-255 which means you are outputing the image clipped? (It’s like having like having the levels in the editor at 16-235 input level)
This is an absolutely beautifully executed video! Thanks
Excellent! Great job. Very easy to follow too. You’re a great communicator.
Thank you
Wow, great video Dude, and yes I learned a lot
This is an awesome tutorial. I watch your channel for some time but only now come across this episode. Appreciate your effort on making this stuff available for us video people. Thanks🙂👍
Thank YOU, I appreciate that!
Thank you for this amazing video
useful summary thanks
My pleasure
Interestingly, luminance level default on the G9 is 16-255. 0-255 and 16-235 are also available. At this stage, Joseph, I have subscribed twice. :-)
Haha thanks ;-)
Excellent educational video! (opinion) I feel like the title misses the mark a bit (too feature biased vs. outcome) and this one would have many more views and likes if it was titled similar to "MasterCourse in setting White Balance & Colors in Camera". Great job & Thank you for sharing your knowledge 🤜🏽🤛🏽
Hey, I’ll try it! Because you’re right; this got very few views 😢
Great video!!! I found it because I was getting clipping on top and bottom of the scope with the G7 and the Black Magic video assist. I found out when I record externally I get a lot of clipping and less dynamic range than internal recording. Does this happen with the atomos too? Is it normal? Thank you.
@@TheCoreys Sorry this comment went to spam because of the link, and I just saw it. The G7 doesn't do 10-bit out, so you can't compare the G7 to the GH4 for external recording. If you are sending 10-bit signal out and not grading it to bring it into 8-bit space, then yes you can get clipping.
@@photojoseph There are no such settings , this recorder just records whatever you feed it with, I found this video , this guy seems to have the same result with me: What do you think?
Under normal lighting situation you should not have clipping. The dynamic range from the sensor doesn’t expand on the output. Perhaps the recorder isn’t rolling off the highlights? Sounds like a setting issue in the recorder to me.
Your channel is absolutely the best for GH5 information!!!
Just watched this again...and ok, pure black and then 50% grey - what's 100% grey? 😉
@@photojoseph 🤪
The opposite of 0% Grey, of course!
Damn, I just learned a buttload of stuff about my camera that I never knew! Thank you, sir!
Awesome! If that camera is the GH5, be sure to check out my training course at 😁🙏🏻
I don't get it. Easily the best info on this subject available (in 1/2h)... and what do we get: 50 likes? Am I not seeing something right? This is something so important (if quality vid is your end goal) that I would skip all your typical youtube product reviews and such altogether, if time is an issue. Well, whatever makes one happy I guess... Anyway: so, so much thank you, Sir, for your time and effort again! This video helped me a ton with setting up my gear and, more importantly imho, understanding what I'm doing.
Thank you for that, I really appreciate it. This is far more technical than what most people are looking for. I never expected it to perform well. It's made for folks like you who understand the value. So thank you again for watching.
These videos are pretty good. But I think you need to add timestamps or make a shorter version too so more people can watch them. I (and many) dont always have time to watch 30+min videos... Thanks!!
Why does my GH5 not have 16-235 option ???
when i was using a gh4 i raised master pedal to +15 and the luminance 16-235 when shooting music videos. it looked great when I color corrected. I don't see the option to choose 16-235 in GH5
@@photojoseph ahhh. i figured it out. its not there on cine4k but its there on the smaller 4K. This video did explain everything well. Thanks
Hm, it’s there. Under the video camera icon (“Motion Picture” settings) page 2/4, “Luminance Level”
i was using cine d on the gh4. -5 -5 0 -5 0
No wonder my footage was grainy. These bigger YouTubers need to be more informed before they tell their followers the "best settings". Thanks for the info!
Mate this is super helpful... Glad I ran into this clip. Thanks heaps.
Holy shit... My luminance level option is just 0 - 1200 lol! Either that or 64 - 1230
shitfire. Very glad I found this. Thank you for all your efforts.
Great stuff Joseph. Really learned something today. Will get Patreon sorted later. You made me laugh at @22:35 “I wish there was an easy way to toggle this on and off”. You might remember - this was one of my questions you put to Sean on your skype chat back at the release of the GH5. Shame it never made it to a Fn key! I still miss this feature 😕
Haha sounds familiar! Appreciate the support, too. Consider membership at instead. There you get actual benefits, if the price is OK for you. Thank you either way and no matter what!
Probably your best video yet.
Alright, up till today's episode you've only made me feel guilty with that "value for value" proposition. This one forced me into action, now a PROUD (and less guilt ridden) Patreon supporter. I answered the prompt for my reason with "value for value"!
James Taylor I appreciate it!!
Joseph, I think for me this has been the most interesting show I have seen to date. Although I know much of that stuff, I think you explained and demonstrated it is the most simple and understandable way I have ever seen. I typically haven't used RGB parade until very recently so it was extremely useful to see how adjusting those various settings changes that display. Thank you :-)
Awesome, glad you enjoyed it!
I heard 'Set master pedestal to 5', dunno what or why, but I think it's been 5 since.
Sounds like it’s time 😁
@@photojoseph I knooooow... Ought to invest in that. Bought my camera late October, starting to forget about some of the settings 😐
Do you have the file set?
@@photojoseph Indeed. Miss your GH5 tutorials / explanations, will go through them again and brush up...
Now you know better :-)
Thank you for the video!
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