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Mevo Start — First look

Photo Moment - February 11, 2020

The all-new Mevo Start is here! It's the best of the Mevo Plus and the Boost — a great  live streaming camera that you can take anywhere to stream anytime!

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Live Show Test!

I did a live show the day of launch, using just the Mevo Start with its built in mics to see how it'd do!


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The battery life is fantastic, what kind of card can be used if filming tutorials of say, 20 min duration? What size card should and could be useed?
PS, to my last message, and emphasising my "Luddite qualifications", does it enable you to create a separate file of any non-live recording you might make, connect it to a computer, and then download that file (as an Mp4?) for keeping, and/or then eventual uploading to Youtube or other service like Vimeo?
Yes. Once connected to the phone, tap “record only” in the live stream setup.
@PhotoJoseph Thanks for your reply...Cheers, Fred Jansohn
Hi, sorry for the last "test" but on "conventional" Google (cf Chrome) I often get an "error returned" message. I would be using the Mevo mainly for recording bass covers to songs and then subsequent uploading to Youtube. As I'm a "rusted-on" Luddite when it comes to tech matters, my naive question is does the little Mevo do that too?
What a professional review ...Mr Joseph.....!!!
our church just got a start camera....can we connect this mevo start to VMIX SOFTWARE????
What camera do you actually use for your general video-recordings in your studio?
If you get a USBC adapter that has ethernet and a USB, can you stream live while the device is charging and also connected to the ethernet? I’d love not to have to worry about WiFi or the battery life for long events
@PhotoJoseph I'll report back!
The adapter I purchased works for both charging and ethernet...but... you can only do one at a time :(
Ahh… I guess that’s why the Mevo one costs more ;-) Does the one you bought support PoE (power over ethernet), or do you not have a PoE switch to test with?
I'm looking for the cleanest possible solution since I will be setting this up in a church and don't want wires running from 3 directions haha, so I decided to go with the Mevo adapter. It'll be worth it
Hello sir , Can I use the Mevo start with Rodecaster pro ? Thanks 🙏🏽
i hate it where u hve to pay for subscription after paying for the camera almost 400
The narrower field of view seems like an issue for my purposes. The Plus can definitely capture three people very well. Any chance the Start can do the same?
If the Mevo Plus sensor is much larger, how can Mevo Start have better quality? Mevo Plus captures the image in 4K and you make the cuts and transmit in 1080p. It seems to me that technically, the image quality of Mevo Plus is superior to Mevo Start. The Mevo Plus sensor resolution is 4k and the Mevo Start sensor is 1080p. The only advantage I've seen so far, is NDI function and the battery a little better.
Great video. Very helpful. Thank you! Is it possible to use the Mevo Start to stream via Zoom?
Very helpful. Thank you!
Thanks for the video. I am looking to use this in an educational setting with simulation. We will be in a simulated hospital setting. Would this camera have the ability to have a wide shot of the room, with a close up shot in the corner of the screen of the bedside monitor all at once? This would allow the students to see the full simulation while being able to keep an eye on the monitor.
That sounds like way too much of a difference. Even a bedroom size room with a screen in the corner would be like 5% of the image. On a 1920 wide feed, you'd be looking at just under 100 pixels. That would NOT be readable, at all. If you need viewers to see a screen, set up a two camera shoot and either do a picture-in-picture or a simultaneous second stream.
Pls connect 2 Mevo same time
Hi Joseph, I had the first generation of Mevo, and I had always had connectivity issues all the time. Specially on low wi-fi signal. Please let me know if the new Mevo start has any better connectivity as far is the wi-fi goes.
How did you do split-screen when you were comparing the light effects, Mevo VS main camera?
Hi nice video and clear. We got mevo plus in the. Church, how I can add texts in the bottom like the name and phone number of the pastor, the service etc, like continuously passing while the pastor preach, or whole service. Thank you
Looks better than the GoPro Hero 8! Does it always shoot Narrow mode? I hate fisheye
great video. I've seen others and they are so BORING.
PhotoJoseph I tried using a ping image like you did but it’s not coming up in my photos when using the app. How did you make that image for your lower third
Hello, Thank you for all of the info. We own an Entertainment company on the Central Coast of Ca. With COVID, we would like to offer a Livestream option for our clients that are doing small ceremonies and receptions. We would like to be able to do multiple angles with different camaras etc. What set up would you recommend to accomplish this? Thank you.
That's a huge question. Please reach out to me at and I'd be happy to help you design a system that will meet your needs.
Always love your reviews. Note the Mevo you have on screen with the red on the front is the 1st gen. The one with the grey on the front is the plus..
That one with red is the plus
Dear Mevo, please create a multi camera setup so I can leave my sling studio. This camera is bomb
Great review, thank you! Is it compatible with a Macbook or only iPhone?
It’s a mobile product
excellent video! have mevo plus for about 3 years now, and some of the features now present on start really solves most of them! loved the fast although detailed pace pf the video! will subscribe for sure.
Mevo is a piece of shite. Then it works then it doesnt , you update the software then you cannot connect to wifi. it would randomly disconnect from wifi and drop your feed. No backup service - Unless youre in USA. No video out - You can use it with a mevo app via a phone or tablet -
I wouldnt touch it for any money in the world
It would have been nice to see a side by side comparison of the Plus and Start in the 1% light. How much better is the Start in low light compared to the Plus?
Great review! So far the one we ordered for streaming, at my church has been a bust. It won't connect to app. However. this video gives me some hope, if I can exchange it for a good one.
I haven’t had that issue. Be sure to try another phone as well; wireless connectivity can be problematic in the best of situations.
can you use either of these cameras as a "WEBCAM" ? How can we use other streaming software OBS/ELGATO with these cameras? Can you connect these direct to a laptop to use as a webcam? Thanks for the info, nice review as usual. 👍🏽
Not that I’m aware of
The whole reason the Plus has such a wide angle and the 4k sensor is because its designed to be cropped in, giving you the capability to create multiple "Virtual cameras" within the frame. Yes, you can do this in the start, but the 1080p sensor is going to output closer to 480p upscaled when you're cropping in
should have kept the same form and just bumped the specs.
Or at least the same lens. I'll miss the 150 degree wide angle.
Hey Joseph I'm a freelance TV director working in the UK (virus permitting) and your reviews are THE BEST. Packed with excellent information, concise, well presented - keep up the good work!
Yes please do more videos; specially about the sound and being able to name your podcast before going live.
When the have the ethernet adapter out, I’ll do another one
Jo they should pay you to do their products review. Their own suck. Thanks so much for doing this.
LOL thanks
Hey Joseph, thanks for the video. Looking to record and livestreaam my band's performance in multiple lighting environments. I recently purchased the mevo plus, but do to quarantine, haven't been able to test it out. Would you suggest returning it? I was told at the store that the camera was great for low-lighting. It seems that perhaps I was conned. I am attracted to the wide angle and the autopilot follow function, since we will be performing and will not be using the phone to live edit. Do you think that the start is a better solution for this purpose? I'd like to get all three band members into the frame, and have the camera follow us as much as possible. Ideally, the microphone could pickup the performance somewhat clearly as well, but for studio livestreaming, was planning on utilizing OBS, with audio coming from the mixer. Thoughts?
You’re asking for a lot from that little camera. It’s definitely not great in low light as you saw here. Auto following is cool, BUT keep in mind if three of you are on stage, how will it know who to follow?
@PhotoJoseph well, the drummer is stationary, and we're not moving around a ton. From what I read, the software can follow two people pretty decently. Would you say that the MEvo start would be a better investment, due to the low light conditions? The MEVO plus was sold to me by guitar center who claimed that it was great for live performances. I'm sure that they were just trying to make a sale.
I wonder if this new version can do the same as the other in that it could have 9 frames as if there were 9 cameras.
Amazing review! Inside and out
can i ask about picture quality specifically. If i plan to never use this camera for live stream, but instead for pre-recorded studio programmes which i want the best image quality, am i better off with the mevo plus? i will be using an external microphone but i have no problems spending a little extra money on the extra battery for the plus for the added mic input if i will be rewarded with better image quality. would love to know your thoughts? Thanks :D
What happens if you are using it with your phone and you receive a call. Does it interrupt the stream?
If you answer it, yes. So, best to enable DND!
Would the Start work very well from a long distance away? Our A/V booth is approx 40ft from stage.
It’s not a telephoto lens so at that distance it’s going to be a pretty wide shot.
@PhotoJoseph so would the Plus be a better option for that distance?
The plus has a much wider lens. Honestly you should look up the field of view and do some math to figure out what it’ll look like at the distance you need to put the camera.
Thanks for all this info. What is the effectiveness of this camera at distance? Say 30 feet or so?
at 30 feet it’s a wide field of view and the mics are really far away. Better for closer work.
Our church has been using a Mevo for livestreaming for three years. I've been the main "tech guy" and have been livestreaming to YouTube, Twitter, & RTMP to Facebook ( since Facebook wouldn't allow multi streaming I found a way around it lol). The insane wide angle, ugly 720p (due to Twitter streaming) and horrible low light performance has got me looking into other solutions, so I'm so happy I've come across this video. I think we will stop streaming to Twitter and then use this to upgrade! And hopefully, the app will allow streaming to Facebook & YouTube simultaneously again :) thanks again! Liked & subscribed!
Do you have a problem with your Iphone of heating up and then slowing down or turning off. Any remedies.
Thanks for the video, Joseph. Do you know if Mevo works with presentation software like ProPresenter?
I don't know, sorry
Thanks for this demo! Would love
to see more on the Mevo Start. Specially about bringing in audio from external mixer.
I’ll do another video when they release an update for it. As to the mixer, just feed it a 3.5mm audio cable and you’re good to go.
I am fairly clueless with regard to technology. The Mevo was recommended to us for use in live streaming our church services. Is there anywhere I can find instructions as to how to best utilize the Mevo Start from the very beginning. As in "Mevo for Dummies" type instruction? Thanks in advance for your response. AND, YES! please keep posting about the Mevo Start.
The manual will get you started but it’s all pretty straightforward. Just start playing with it!
@PhotoJoseph What manual? I can't find a manual anywhere. I have been playing with it. Having a lot of problems with trying to facebook live. It keeps losing connection with my iphone even when they are right next to each other.
Do you think this could plug into a laptop to work with a Zoom meeting for teaching and training online?
Currently no but apparently they are planning to update it so you can. No idea when that may happen though.
@PhotoJoseph Thanks so much for that prompt reply! Just subscribed! Quality presentation and i look forward to more! Great Job!
Awesome video! I’m still confused on which one to get though.
Thanks! I’d most likely get the Start if you’re unsure.
Good Job! Enjoyed your presentation of this product that has intrigued me for a while. Did you mention battery-life on the new device?
six hours
I didn't test it, but you can check the manufacturer's web page for their rating.
Excellent video with great to the point advice. TY.
Glad you liked it, and thanks for watching!
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