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How to Make Motion Blur Long Exposure Photos on iPhone!

Photo Moment - April 27, 2018

There's movement all around us, and sometimes you want to capture that motion in your shot. And most of the time, all you're going to have on you is the camera on your phone. Ever wondered how to make motion blur “long exposure” photos on your iPhone? Wonder no more!

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You’re welcome
Hey Joseph great, what you taught us about the blur function on the Ipone. May I ask you how best to photograph in the almost dark? I often go out into nature at dusk? I am very curious about your answer and thank you for that.
With an iPhone? The latest models, 11 (or just 11 Pro?) have incredible night mode. If you don't have that, look for an app on night photography. Lots of apps to help you get the most in the dark.
@PhotoJoseph Thank you Joseph
I love the simplicity of your vid about this topic! I've come across many and stopped when I found yours. Just subscribed to your channel. Thank you!
thanks for the sub!
PhotoJoseph By the way, I’ve been using your iPhone long exposure tip and having so much fun with it! Today I went to the beach and took live pics of waves. My husband was so impressed with the long exposure hack!
I’ve got an iPhone 10 and motion blur isn’t an option, I’m going to assume long exposure is the same thing.
yeah… that's what I chose in the video several times, right?
@PhotoJoseph didnt have time to watch it all was busy at work
Could it work on moving traffic
amazing. thankyou so much for tips
Glad you enjoyed!
Great encouragement Joe. What model Iphone are you using. I have iPhone 8 Plus which works as you say but my Live Photo’s don’t seem to be very long. Yours seem to be several seconds long. How can I make live view longer?
These were on the iPhone X. There’s no control over the duration so it may be that this phone does longer ones? Don’t know; never had an 8 sorry.
I cant believe i hve been searching and searching fir an app just for that
Seek and ye shall find! 😁
Neat feature thanks for doing this video @photojoseph
Mind blown 🤯 wow, it’s amazing how many features we miss out on just because we didn’t care to look closer. Thanks for sharing!!
Hopefully that got everyone's creative gears turning. Got any ideas?

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