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Neutral Density Filters Explained ▶︎ What is it? Why do you need one?

Photo Moment - September 26, 2018

Why should every photographer and cinematographer have an Variable ND (neutral density) filter? How does it even work?! I hear you cry! Well, wonder no more, because this show will explain it all.

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Comments from YouTube

nd filter reduces the light brightness (for example by %50)
is there are any filter that reduce the brightness by removing a specific amount of light?

for example a filter that remove 500 lux of light
so if 200 lux of light is in nothing is passed
if 900 lux of light is in only 400 is passed
(sorry for my english)
Wow. I have watched alot of videos and yours are the best for learning this stuff.
Thank you!!
Great advice cheers
can you do something on Polarizers?
Super helpful!
can you get bokeh balls from a M43 camera with the right lens?
Please do a video on bokeh balls.
Thank you.
Great demo! Thanks!! I'll find a way to support you...promise.
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