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My New Favorite Camera Bag? ▶︎ Think Tank Retrospective 7 v.2!!

Photo Moment - September 17, 2018

Think Tank has done it again, with an excellent upgrade to the already superb soft & form-fitting Retrospective 7 bag. Is version 2 worth buying a whole new bag over? Let's find out!

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ENTRIES ARE CLOSED — I will draw the name (from 80 total) using a random number generator LIVE on Wednesday's show. Good luck!
Brilliant video and really helpful for me looking for a new bag for my micro four thirds system. Thank you
What’s with the reenforced holes on the flap, for looks or to put a lanyard through to the back for security? I’ve just ordered the 5 v2.
you know… I think that's just design. Although sure, you could put a carabiner or lanyard through it!
@PhotoJoseph Thank you
Your videos are extremely helpful. I will be a faithful follower. Thank you.
Thank you Mary!
I love the beg, but mine is the older model. The metal got rusted. That reason alone is why i dont upgrade on the new model. Still using the old model for already 5 years, and got a smaller version of it for my mirrorless. Great bag, but need brass.
interesting! I'd never heard that before.
Are you ready to give the V2 bag away yet ;)
Crap… yeah. Thanks for the reminder.
You talk to much.
Silent movies went out in the 1920s, so…
Retrospective bags are great but they never have enough protection like foam filled walls. If it falls it will not protect optics inside.
If you're prone to dropping, may I recommend Pelican? 😬 I agree that they aren't the most padded bags, but for me that's great. Makes them thinner and lighter. I don't need a ton of padding; I need a way to carry and organize my gear.
Why not just loop the carry handle strap through for the carry on luggage handle? Not sure how you couldn’t figure that out
I’ve rewritten this response twice in an effort to not be as insulting as you have… Because as soon as you tilt the rolling bag to roll it, the camera bag falls off.
@PhotoJoseph it doesn't fall off when you tilt it, you have to tighten the handle strap so it's not so loose from the beginning. not that hard.
Cool. I’m sure that’s why they added the feature to v2 of this bag. Because it was totally unnecessary. I assume you own v1 and travel with it?
Am looking at getting this exact bag. Looks good for my gear--2xDSLRs, 4 lenses, 2x flash.
I still love mine!
I like your beard, Don't talk so fast. appreciate your videos.
Mines just arrived however there's a nice 'tuck away' for the zipped inside that's not mentioned in the video which others was great.
Thank you for the detailed comparison!
You're welcome!
Excellent bag and I love the review. Keep it up. I am going to buy the V2. thank you
like your presentation and enthusiasm :) thanks for that
Why thank you! For everyone who appreciates it, someone else tells me to drink less coffee ;-) I need more viewers like you! Hehe 😀 Hey have you seen my “2018 year in review” video? I just released it…
What do you think of the Think Tank Spectral? I am thinking about getting one of these bags or the Peak Design Everyday Sling.
Great review - thank you! I have one question: Is it possible to completely remove (and put back on some day) the small handle (not the shoulder strap which I want to use constantly) on top of the bag?
u inspire me to get this bag. oh wow only 85 comments. thats huge. some people do give aways among 20 000 people lol
Lol it feels like you’ve never used original bag. Maybe it’s a secret for you but hand strap can be used to securely fix bag to the luggage. Such a promotional bs
Um, sure. That totally works. 🙄
am I too late?
Enjoyed the detailed comparison of these two Retrospective bags, thanks! Either one looks great but "free" is best & would obviously love to win your original Retrospective 7.
Like the review Joseph. The new bag looks well designed, but the old bag would likely fit my needs. After all, every photographer needs another camera bag.
Love think tank products! I would use this for my 6D + other accessories
Random comment! I WIN???!!
Love your channel and have subbed, keep up the great work!
V.2 is also better because it eliminates the internal compartments which often interfered with easy gear removal.
Great video and review as always. Wow, M4/3 and the Mavic. That would be very close to my kit. Thanks for the review.
I love a good shoulder bag..
Looks like a great bag. Thanks for the in depth review
I hope that I win. Thanks
Nice bag!
You should totally watch this video, Dean…
Thanks for opportunity. From a novice.
I believe there is one space left in my camera bag storage area .... who needs underwear anyways!
Great review. Would love this bag my camera gear has out grown my current bag and this would fit my needs in a bag perfectly! Awesome videos man!
That's a nice bag.. please give me one!
Nice bag... I would like to fill with my gear!!!
Thanks for the review! I've got the big ThinkTank Workhorse, but something a little smaller would be nice to have.
Yay, I'm up for that... Great suggestion!
Thanks, for all the great content!
Love the videos, keep them coming! You got me to get a GH5 and now probably this bag too!
Perfect timing! My Domke F-5XZ Ruggedwear bag (that I love) was starting to fall apart after 6 years of rough use (hiking, daily use, travel, etc.) and was looking for a replacement bag of similar size. I was looking at the Retrospective series back then and was curious if anything has changed. This comparison with the old and new version of the Retrospective 7 was very comprehensive and excellent. Thank you so much!
You can never have too many camera bags.
Nice vid! And very nice bags! Fingers crossed :)
Thanks for your generosity.
From one Joseph to another, that bag will definitely go with my shoes.
All the Best From London!
Excellent video love the bag, (you should limit giveaways to live viewers encourage live viewing!)
Next time :-)
Nice review and video
I also have a bag problem, but could use another one!
Hey Joseph... did you get my email about reporting bugs to Panasonic?
Thanks for the video, I don't think this bag gets much attention these days and it obviously deserves more. Hope to win that tan bag!
Thanks for doing the giveaway!
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