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(The Overdue) AMA SHOW ► I’m Getting a GH5S, GH5 AF with 150d Shutter Angle, and MUCH More!

Photo Moment - February 05, 2018

It's an AMA show! We haven't done one of these in a long time, (our viewers more more than prepared). We covered a wide range of topics concerning: The GH5S (one is on it's way), suggested lenses for a variety of specific uses, GH5 Autofocus with 150° Shutter Angle, a quick product rundown of everything on the desk, and so much more!

Products Mentioned In Today's Photo Moment

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@Night club guy - When I had the 20mm 1.7 it was too slow Auto-focusing. I would suggest the 15mm 1.7 or 25mm 1.7 instead. If you plan on just manual focusing anyway I'd get the 25mm f0.95 from mitakon or nokton.
Sony has an SD card that is only $90 for 128GB and works for the 400mbps codec in the GH5
It's already been tested by Max YurYev and everyone who reviewed it so far says it works in the 400mbps mode.
I did put a link above but i think it got spam filtered. It has no V rating officially but since it's UHSII GH5 doesn't reject it and you only need V60 really for 400mbps to work since 400mbps is 50Mbps. There just hasn't been any genuine UHSII v60 cards until now. I just checked amazon reviews and there is also v60 cards by Amplim and FreeTail Evoke Pro which people are saying also work for the 400mbps mode on the GH5.
In regard to AF 'hack' :
This guy I think has the best GH5 AF settings video:
179 degrees is enough to experience the fast AF
The only problem with the TVS HD and the Webcaster X2 is that the former only has an SDI program output, and the latter only has an HDMI input. So you'll also need an SDI to HDMI converter (BMD just released some really cheap ones, and Monoprice has one at the ridiculous price of $15).
You seem to have a few Blackmagic Design pieces. I think I saw once you have the Micro Studio Camera. Do you still use that? Have you played with the Micro Cinema at all?
I think this might have been the 150 degree shutter video that he was talking about.
Yep that’s it. Interesting video.
Hi, I have also done a follow video with more detail.
YodaYeo I have seen other videos testing what you have found and one from PeterGreg was interesting where he tested shutter angle vs shutter speed. He used a 1/60 shutter speed for 30p that should be equal to a 180 degree shutter angle. He put the mic on the lens like you did and the lens at the 1/60 shutter speed sounded and performed like it did at the 120 degree shutter angle.
Please see the original at
YodaYeo deserves all the credit. So far all the You Tuber's, except for PeterGregg, that I have seen "re-post" his findings gave him credit with a link to his video.
After watching your Panasonic G9 video on the High Resolution mode, I’m now convinced to switch my interest from the GH5 to the G9. The G9 has more than enough capabilities of making videos for YouTube (nothing professional as of yet), I really want to get into digiscoping, and that high resolution mode is just addicting to watch others use. I hope to use it, myself.
@PhotoJoseph - Thank You!
Love these videos! I can’t believe you don’t have more subs! I have a g7 and I want to buy the 12-35 f. 2.8 or the 12-60 f2.8-4. I won’t really be zooming while I film so I’m having a hard time deciding... Is the leica glass better? And I will be moving up to gh5 soon! Which do u think I should get?
PhotoJoseph I have the 14-42 and the 25 f1.7
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