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Panasonic LUMIX G9 — The Still Photographer’s Dream Camera

Photo Moment - November 08, 2017

The rumors were true… well, most of them! Let's talk about this new camera, the Panasonic LUMIX G9. What are the specs? How does it compare to the GH5? Well, the G9 offers USB charging… so that's ONE difference. Should you own both or is one better than the other? (The answer to that question can be found only inside you). 

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Comments from YouTube

Sir can we capture RAW in 6K mode in Lumix G9?
You sold me on the G9. In the mail now. :) Question: Can you do auto ISO in manual mode when recording video? I can't seem to do this on the G85.

BTW, loved all your videos on That's what got me into photography.
What I don't understand my cheap action camera will keep on recording just split the files 29 minutes long. How come no DSLR or any other camera do the same. Why can they just shoot none stop video and split the files 29 minutes each file.
So it has been 3 months since you posted this video.Thanks. All looks great on paper but since then, did you have any chance to test the IMAGE QUALITY AGAINST XT-2 OR OMD-EM1 MKII? Or any DSlr like 80D or d500? After all it is the result that we see after the printing. No one will ask us what type of camera we use while shooting. Specs are ok but it is the composition and quality that matters (my point of view). So, does this camera worth the price?
Would I see much of a difference in picture quality from the GX80 and the G9 if I was getting prints up to 36x24 inches or would I be better off getting a Nikon D750 ? Thanks
I've been looking at moving to full-frame, but this has me second guessing myself. Given the 40mp and 80mp options on this model, it seems to be a solid option to the D810 or a7R ii at a slightly better cost as well.
The difference in weight and length of recording is mainly due to the heat sink.
which is iphone stand?
Im was looking to upgrade to the Olympus em1 mk ii which is an amazing camera but now this other amazing has come out! The choices we have, I use the Olympus 5mkii and will be keeping it as a second body. I have got into a lot more wildlife photography and have been looking at either the Omd or G9! Any recommendations?
Thanks Joseph! I doubt between buying G9 and GH5. Want to use it for wildlife/nature photography and videos of family life on our Africa road trip. I prefer the new features of the G9, can deal on the video time limitations, price is better. But I trying to understand the relative limitations of the 8bit vs 10 bit in GH5, you mentioned “big filming”. What do you think?
Thanks! Can't wait! Now looking for low aperture lens to combine
Would the combination G9 and 42.5mm nocticron be phenomenal?!
This camera is in the range of D750, D810, D500, GH5, Fuji XT2, Will it match the stills ability of these? Is it even competition?
Bravo!!! Excellent production
Which battery does G9 take? I could not find it in Panasonic web site. Hope it is same as GH5
Doesn't this in specs at least beat the em1 ii and for less money?
Ok, I was totally wrong. Here is the details direct from a Panasonic rep.
Regards the 80MP mode: My guess is that it is an in camera variant of the gigapixel panorama technique. When activated the view finder will display a widescreen format for you to compose your shot. When you press the shutter, the camera will zoom in to a fixed focal length and take 6 overlapping images in a 2 row x 3 column matrix. Then it takes that 120MP worth of data and stitches it together with a 33% overlap so the end product is a 80MP image. I saw on the Panasonic site that 40MP mode is also available which I assume would just be 1 row of 3 overlapping images.

Nice but looks like the aspect ratio of the finished image is fixed unless you crop in post. Is a vertical shot possible? I haven't seen a sample image yet. Also, clearly a zoom lens would be required. Now I guess you could use digital zoom but with a loss of quality.

Update: According to this video:
Camera is taking 8 shots in a 4 x 2 matrix.
I bet GH5 firmware upgrade can match G9 photo capabilities ... may be just segregation for marketing reason
Great video! Do you know if the follow focus function from the GH5 is retained in the G9?
PhotoJoseph thanks for the quick response! then the only thing missing for me is to compare its low light capabilities with the GH5/APS-C level cameras, but I'm already convinced to be honest
Do you know if the focus stacking feature of the G9 is in JPEG or RAW?
Ah well, I guess we can't have everything! Maybe further down the line as a firmware update then
Curious how this HiRes mode will work in a studio environment when flashes need to reload. can you set a interval between de shots?
I hope you can find out! This would be awesome!
Oh, man, had to stop watching this, after you couldn't answer if the high resolution mode makes a difference in depth of field. May be you should think twice. Easy question: Has the 16 mp sensor more or less DOF than the 20 mp?
Thanks for another good overview, and of course another question

Does the G9 have the custom menu like the GH5 that you can populate yourself?
To me the GH5 menu almost makes it worth the price of admission.
A bunch of YouTube videos released with people having used this camera for several+ days and reviewing it in depth/detail and YOU don't have one?  You've lost your Panasonic connections.
G9 seems to be a better choice than GH5 for my photographic needs. Luckily did not invest in GH5 yet.
Grrrreat Vid Joseph :) Cheers for heads up earlier
Actually doing my first camera review coming up :P G80 after 1 year
can u please inform us for the maximum iso it can go for noise free images ? for example my g80 above 800 iso has noise and the images need noise reduction
If the ergonomics aren't as good as my G85 there's no point for me. In particular the placement and feel of the shutter release button. If my finger has to search around for it every time I want to take a photo that's a problem. That problem happens when I use the GH5, but the G85 shutter release is right where my finger falls.
Oh man! The G9 is very tempting! I was hoping to invest in the GH5 to be my one camera to do everything, both making videos and taking photos. For now, plan on doing just YouTube videos and wildlife photography, but the XLR adapter is a handy audio accessory for the Zoom H6 and that only works with the GH5. Plus, the GH5 has unlimited recording, which is a plus. The G9, on the other hand has way better photo features, more stops of stabilization, can produce videos more than enough for YouTube, and can be recharged through a USB port. The limited recording is one of the negatives. Should I still get the GH5 and wait for the G10, or get the G9 and wait for the GH6?
PhotoJoseph thank you for the advice! Will definitely still look forward into getting myself the GH5 with all the lenses and accessories.
many Thanks about the informations i´m interested for this camera :-)
there is no information about the highest iso?
Can't wait to see skin tones! This is the first time I've been excited about a lumix camera simply because color science trumps specs for me.
Yeah my G7 does render color kind of cool.
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