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PhotoJoseph’s 2018 Year in Review!

Photo Moment - January 08, 2019

Let's have a look back on 2018, a great year for the YouTube channel, travels, projects, and so much more! It's crazy how much has happened…

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The Q&A


Every Video Seen in the Recap



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Comments from YouTube

What do you think? Do you like the video; do you like what I'm proposing for 2019? Thanks for watching!
Thanks for an excellent year of spreading knowledge, I'm really glad I found your channel and am looking forward to your upcoming videos in 2019. I like the way your headed and totally agree about cutting down the live shows, I think that'd attract more viewers for sure. I'll post more feedback if I can think of any, but your channel is the bomb as it is man! Cheers
Looking forward to 2019 with PhotoJoseph. :)
You had a good year :-)
You had a good year :-)
I did 😁
You had a good year :-)
I really enjoyed the format of this video, I smiled throughout as I recalled going down the hardware store when the new studio was being made, that was a good few days. Maybe you could do a video to show how you put this video together? Linking to past videos where needed for more extensive information of the hardware and software that was used, where possible?
Thanks Martin. There's a playlist at the end of this video that includes every video referenced in this one 😁 As far as "how"; it's just Final Cut. I have all projects available; I juuse pulled up what was needed and exported a few seconds to include.
Happy New Year - looking forward to your 2019 format.
Thanks Shiv!
Joseph -- Although it's great to interact live, the recorded shows are easier to watch. They're edited, there are no 'getting started issues', and I can view them anytime my schedule permits... I don't have to coordinate with your schedule. And you wouldn't have to worry about forgetting to give the carkeys to your wife. David Price
Love the transition from no snow to the snow in the Love the thought of more stuff outside....that is were we take our pics (not in a studio).
Thanks :-)
Great overview, good data., thanks for sharing. Good idea for own year passed by. Think about how many hours your viewers have spend by “watching” instead of doing good for nature, environment and mankind. But of course...i hope the viewers in the end uses their gained knowledge for the same purposes :-)
Wow that’s a sad way to look at education… education is always good for yourself, which is good for manning. Whether it’s mine or someone else’s, learning is never a waste of time.
Great recap and congrats on the impressive year. I think adding more storyline videos in with the live show will be awesome. I hope we can do some more stuff together in 2019! Keep on getting it! See you soon.
Love your channel, Joseph. Keep up the great work. Although, you could use more tuba.
I was thinking more cowbell…
Yeah man, sounds like you’re on the right track and that it’s going to be a great year for ya. I’m new and glad I found you. Keep up the good work! 100K here you come!
Right on, thanks!
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