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Pro Live Streaming Tips, from Cameras to Encoders: an IBM Webinar with PhotoJoseph

Photo Moment - September 29, 2017

PhotoJoseph and IBM Cloud Video talk about the gear and techniques needed to output a quality live stream. Topics include cameras, switching, audio, and mixing it all together. Thank you to our sponsors, epiphan, for donating the Pearl-2 for the event.
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Comments from YouTube

Very informative
I would love to create a YouTube Life stream where we would have a remotely located guest. Aka skype call or maybe there is smth better?
I do have a GH5 and a shotgun mic. Could you recommend how to set up such event? Would prefer software solutions. Have pretty fast PC and super fast internet.
I’ll address your comment LIVE right here on PhotoJoseph‘s Photo Moment 2017-10-16
Thank You for the answer, I actually tested and managed to get everything running on one Laptop with addition of HDMI capture card. I had 2nd monitor as well for more space to place windows, but I'm sure I could work with single monitor as well for a simple on the go solution.
oh my, I can see Bob Heil throwing something at his screen right now you just said the pr40 is a condenser mic, he absolutely hates condenser mics.
+Andrew Ellis hahaha hey I did admit I couldn’t recall which was which ;-)
Excellent video- very informative and useful to me. @PhotoJoseph have you checked out the new ATEM Television Studio HD Pro? We just got one here where I work and it is a pretty sweet little unit, although limited to 1080.
+vimanaboy I haven’t looked closely at it, sorry. But I’m glad you’re enjoying it! If it does 1080p then that’s awesome.
@PhotoJoseph It does up to 1080p60: "With four 3G-SDI and four HDMI inputs, you can connect up to 8 cameras, game consoles, computers or other sources and work in all SD and HD formats up to 1080p60! That means you can start with affordable HDMI consumer cameras, or work with professional SDI broadcast cameras. You also get reference input, analog audio in, RS-422 PTZ control, and Ethernet for connecting hardware or software control panels! Unlike other switchers, all video inputs feature automatic frame re-synchronizers, so you don’t need expensive genlock cameras. This means you can plug in any video source and it just works!"
+vimanaboy Soinds awesome. Still $1,000?
@PhotoJoseth One of the most comprehensive and well produced shows I’ve seen on live streaming. As a live streaming professional, I thoroughly enjoyed this presentation and the way you explained the risks versus benefits of several live streaming setups. I’m going to educate and reinforce a lot of of he concepts you’ve covered here. Well done.
+Scott Gorman Thank you!
If Epiphan reduced that by half I'd buy it - I have a dedicated Livestream Box and a Vidiu Pro. I'd never never go wireless on those.
+L4LTV Honestly, while of course $8,000 is a lot of money, when you add up everything it replaces it’s not overpriced at all. And the quality of the stream, being on a hardware Encoder, is definitely better than one done in software.
I agree but I work in education and for charities - no question it's an amazing build and worth it.
Would a G7 fit the bill
+Bruce Bruton G7 is a great option. Clean HDMI out, readily available AC adapters, and I’m pretty damn sure it has a microphone jack. The sensor isn’t as good as the GH5 and it’s not as robust, but the G7 is a great camera.
PhotoJoseph Thank u 4 the info.
PhotoJoseph Was looking at beginning cost cause B&H has a couple of options 4 the G7 starting at just under $800.
+Bruce Bruton Sweet!
PhotoJoseph hey just found the G7 at believe it or not Walmart for $597 and for $2 more a bunch of accessories. People should know about this price.
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