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Product Photography Insights - LUMIX GH5 Tethered Product Shoot for Growbaby

Photo Moment - October 17, 2017

I recently did a simple product shoot for a client,, and narrated the journey for you… enjoy!

Music from ArtList
“Time Stood Still” by Marc Robillard

Company that did the masking
Folding reflector cards


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Comments from YouTube

What macro lens are you using?
Either the 30mm or 45mm Panasonic. I don’t recall for this photo now though.
@PhotoJoseph Thank you. Was wondering the same thing. It's great how responsive you are to your audience (fans). Instant sub!
Thanks! I try. The YouTube system doesn’t always make it easy :-)
Your videos are so incredibly practical and informative. Thank you once again for the quality post!!
can i use a 8-18 wide angle lens to make these shots ?
Yes, of course !What photo editing software do u use ??? isn't it time consuming? to do it manually? btw, have you tried the software ZenFotomatic ( for editing product photos, to me that was much faster and efficient !! Would like to know your views on that!
Photoshop, and nope
Cool what you can to tethered to your computer it is a shame then that at least that app seems to be exclusive to GH5 cameras. Do you know why this is the case as I believe at least most models have a usb port which should be able to connect to your computer? Now that I have seen it I would not mind giving it a god with my G7. I think a very long time ago I was able to tether my FZ-20 using a 3rd party app but a OEM made one would be much better. This is especially more confusing given how well you can control it with you phone.
+Shawn Sobey That’s a good question that I don’t have an answer to. I agree it should be possible. It may simply be a differentiated feature; something exclusive to the higher end camera. But I don’t know.
Great to see more real work photography content Joseph. Supplements the 'Live Photo Moment'...moments nicely.
It's great to see some of your work, like the interior shot made up of multiple lighting setups merged/masked together.
As someone else stated it would be nice to know lens choices being used etc.
Missing 'MEVO Fridays' a bit...I should have charged for that bit of creativity (LOL) 😉😆.
See you Monday.
+ben5shuttle hehe glad you enjoy and yeah I need to get out of the studio more
excellent video. keep this sort of stuff coming!
Also i wish to know about the Lens and paper background you use please, Thanks
+Abstract Zen I used the 35-100/2.8 for most shots and the 45mm macro for the close-ups. Paper is a white seamless; probably Savage brand.
Can you tell more about how you price this job? what is the price per image?
+Abstract Zen I did price it per image but I also priced it low because it was for a friend. I outsourced the clipping because it’s so cheap and better than I would do.
I really enjoyed this video, the work process and the overall presentation. In doing so also learnt so many tips. 👍
+Martin Pitt Awesome!
Good vid, great explanation, thanks for sharing.
+RS 🙏
"We get to see the image nice and big" - said whilst showing light room instead of the tether app... because the live preview is a "nice and big" 640x480px, which is why "We get to zoom in" - because you unfortunately need to do that despite having a 3840 x 2400 retina screen to show that 5184 x 3888 image, so theoretically a full-screen preview with the true image available shouldn't even need a 2x zoom to get pixel perfect
Nope, I shan't... If Panasonic can give us 1080p over wifi in the £130 KX-HNC800EW, then they can most certainly manage better than that with the £1700 DC-GH5, especially when tethered with all the juicy bandwidth that USB 3.1 gives you. Zero excuse when compared to a camera from the exact same manufacturer that retails for 8% of the price!
well its a USB 3.1 connector but only a USB 3.0 cable and speed
USB 3.0 and 3.1 both offer 5Gbps, it's not until 3.1 gen 2 that you get the 10Gbps "superspeed". That said, 5Gbps = 625MB/s = 7x faster than even V90, so the numbers here aren't even close to an effective argument that the connection bandwidth somehow throttles this to low frame rate 640x480px with major compression artefacts.
i wasn't using at an argument for it. I was merely correcting you that although they use the connector from USB 3.1 it is in fact only a USB 3.0 connection and speed and not the USB 3.1 that you said it was.
USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 are almost the same thing. The USB Implementers Forum, the group responsible for developing, publishing, and certifying USB ports and standards has said that “the USB 3.1 specification absorbed USB 3.0, meaning the terms USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 Gen 1 are synonymous.” source: ... In practice though, you tend to see 3.0 used to refer to older connectors, and 3.1 gen 1 for usb-c
What is the stand/table you have your MacBook on?
+Marco Corzani That stand is from TetherTools and I LOVE it. Attaches to a light stand or C stand or tripod
PhotoJoseph Thanks a lot! I also bookmarked the PhotoExperts site. They seem to do a pretty good job!
+Marco Corzani Thanks! http://PhotoApps.Expert is mine too :-)
PhotoJoseph Haha I know that site!!
Where can I find the link to this interesting reflectors?
+TheRcEngineer In the description or type the URL that was on the video :-)
Very interesting. Thank you. IMHO for this kind of shooting the Em 1 mk III in high res mode is the gold standard next to medium format systems.
+TheRcEngineer Yeah that’s a sweet feature for sure. Considering these are for Amazon I could shoot with a 2MP but yes I do wish we had that feature on the GH5!
PhotoJoseph Its not about the resolution but the Color gets way better when each pixel covers the r g and b spectrum,but of course when the lighting is right every modern camera can do the job
Thanks Joseph
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