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ProGrade SD Cards ▶︎ The New Kids On The Block

Photo Moment - August 27, 2018

ProGrade Digital is the newest memory card company focusing solely on the professional market. I've got a set of their cards; let's have a look!

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ProGrade cards from ProGrade direct — use code PHOTOJOSEPH10 for 10% off (valid through the end of 2018) — Get Yours Here


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Actually the demand on the card is higher for high MP photos shot at max shutter speed than with video. So these cards will absolutely be worth buying if shooting sports with high MP cameras like the sony a7riv.
All made in China?
Actually I don’t know… check their website, it probably says there.
amazon rating not so great
Sadly those are old ratings for the original version that had to be updated to be fully compatible with the GH5. Scroll the comments here; it’s been discussed before. Buy direct and they stand 100% behind the product. I use their cards every day.
Hey Joseph, since you know an ex-Lexar executive, and you've probably tried their cards, do you know if the Lexar 1000x cards will be able to handle the 400Mbps of the GH5?
I'm not a pro by any means, and can't afford ProGrade or Angelbird. These Lexars are pretty cheap and people seem to like them...
It’s all about the V-rating. That is a sustained/MINIMUM speed which is required for video. If they are V60 they are sufficient. Watch this:
What card do I need for the s1 after the firmware upgrade. You know more stops and dynamic range.
Watch this video to understand how to choose:

I did a couple of tests with Prograde and Startech dual sd uhs2 card readers. Startech is usb 3.0:

TEST 1: (transfer 21.97gb from and to Sony SFG 64 card)


Transfer from laptop to SD Card: 2:48min
Average: 130.076 mb/s

Transfer from SD to laptop:
Average: 261mb/s


Transfer from laptop to SD Card: 2:59min
Average: 122.73mb/s

Transfer from SD to laptop: 1:33m
Average: 235mb/s

TEST 2 (Copy two folders to/from two SD cards connected to card reader):


Copy two folders from laptop to both SD cards simultaneously:

Card 1 2:43min (21.97gb for 1763 items)
Card 2 2:57m (20.83gb for 2088 items)
Average: 241.63mb/s

Copy two folders from SD cards to laptop simultaneously:

20.83gb in 1:56:08
21.97gb in 2:03:06
Average: 347.797mb/s

Startech Reader:

Copy from SD cards to laptop:

20.83gb in 1:56m
21.97gb in 2:05m
Average: 341.198mb/s

Copy from laptop to SD cards:
Average: 189.876mb/s

Test 3: Slower Sony SF-M Cards:

Copy from Laptop to SD simultaneously:

4:26m 21.97 gb
5:31m 20.83
Average: 129.106mb/s

Copy from SD to Laptop simultaneously:

21.8 gb 2:00m
20.63 2:58m
Average: 240mb/s

Prograde: Copy from SD to Laptop simultaneously:
Average: 337mb/s
Hi, I tested the Prograde Dual SD card reader with provided USB C cable on Macbook Pro 13" 2019 2.8ghz with Sony SFG 64GB UHSII cards rated at 300m/b read and write. I copied 13.53gb of RAW files from one card to the laptop and got a transfer rate of 251 megabytes per second. (13.53gb in 53.74 seconds). I then copied combined 12.72 gb of data from two cards and got a transfer rate of 318.63 mb/s from two cards. Any idea why the data transfer rate was not higher? This is not even close to saturating the USB C cable. I have been using the StarTech 2SD4FCRU3 Dual-Slot SD Card Reader/Writer - USB 3.0 - SD 4.0, UHS II for a while and this does not seem to be worth twice the price due to the lack of boost.
Probably because the cards you’re using are rated 300m/b PEAK, not sustained. This is the problem with non V-rated cards. THose speeds are not constant. Try V60 or V90 cards, likethose from ProGrade or Angelbird, and you’ll probably have much different results.
@PhotoJoseph Hi Joseph, the cards are copying individually around 250mb/s which is close enough to the rated 300mb/s Sony claims. It is when both cards are read that speed does not increase to 500mb/s. Somehow there is something slowing down the copy process.
I’m actually in a discussion with ProGrade about this… can you answer two question for me please. First, what is the exact card you’re using? You can post a link to it here if that’s easiest. Second, are you connecting to a hub? I’d imagine not, but I want to be sure. Thanks!
@PhotoJoseph Hi Joseph, I bought these cards from BHPhoto. Link is:

I am not using a hub. I am directly plugging into the Thunerbolt/USB C port on a new Macbook 13" 2019. I will do further tests including with Startech but I remember when I first got that Startech reader the speed almost doubled when copying two cards simultaneously. The Prograde is great but for 2x the price over the Startech I was hoping for it to perform a little better. I do love the magnetic attachment, the individual read/write indicatior, and the general build quality. Very sturdy product. I just want to maximize transfer rates as I often shoot with very competitive deadlines and the Sony A9 can easily generate a large amount of RAW files in a very short period :)

Yep understood. OK thank you for the info; I'll pass this along to ProGrade.
speak slower!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Set Youtube to playback at 0.75x speed.
Great information
How does this compare with Sony's UHS-II card on amazon with a write speed of 300 mb/s ?
That’s peak, not sustained speed. Very different. Watch this video to understand all the numbers. It’s long, but very educational:
Great video mate! Any discount code for 2019?
Did you try the discount code PhotoJoseph10? I think it still works
Have a Prograde 64MB UHS-II V60 I'm using with an Olympus M1 MKII. After the camera locked up because of the card I called Prograde. Support told me to reformat the card using Win 10 doing a full format as there is a problem using the camera's format. After following their instructions the card has performed flawlessly.
Oh wow that’s interesting. Something unique to the M1?
@PhotoJoseph The tech didn't say Olympus had the problem just that formatting in camera is a quick format not a complete format and that is why I had a problem.
Got it, thanks
Got it, thanks
its also good to note that as long as you arent recording the 400mbit, uhs-I cards like the v30s from sandisk for example work perfectly fine and only cost about a third or less of the price of these... and since for youtube, you wont notice a real diffrence between the 150 and 400, its only worth to get these v90s if u really are proffesionell and need the 10bit 400, but for "normal" shoters, i think the 150mbit is way enough and the price saving is better spend on lenses or sth like that :) still great video and informations, im just reporting what i have learned with the gh5, also with testing the different codecs. have a great day :)
The final medium isn’t what matters; it’s what you plan to do wtih the footage. If you’re not going to really push the grade, or shooting certian types of content, then your’eright it doens’t matter. BUT what does still help on faster cards is copy time off the card. Something else to consider. Unlikely worth it for that, but still it’s good to know. Thanks for chiming in.
@PhotoJoseph oh yeah i forgot that... that really kicks in when u go in the terabytes and so on, yeah... although those high read speeds dont always get reached and are sometimes just marketing... but yeah, if its a big project, thats to consider, for me personally im ok with bit slower downloadingrates, but im not a pro, time is money there :)
Looking for a Dual SD Card Reader? They've got you covered right here!!!
im that 1 dislike 😎
USB 3.1 Gen1 is able to read 625 MB/sec, so the card itself is the bottleneck. Your internal SD Reader really sucks.
He bro could anybody tell me if these prograde card work the eos m mirrorless camera?
Of course. They'll work just fine.
@PhotoJoseph Thank you so much for your help God bless you brother!
If you just take the speed (for photo) they are for sure not that good. Sony´s G cards are much faster and the G-Tough are even stronger but what exactky does V90 means and why do you think they are good
V90 is for video speed. Photos are for bursts of speed. Video requires consistent writing speed. If it drops below a certain speed, the camera may stop recording. Correction: Better response from PhotoJoesph below.
@PhotoPuck Thanks for chiming in; I missed Jan's original post. Although I feel he didn't actually watch the entire vide before posting a question! However I did want to correct you on something. You said "Most 4K recordings are 100MB/s and faster, so you would want a V90 (minimum 90MB)". You're confusing Mbit (megabit) and MB (megabyte). Difference is a factor of ten (actually 8). Most cameras shoot 100Mbit/s, and the GH5/GH5S will shoot 400Mbit/s. 100Mbit is only 12.5MB and 400Mbit is 50MB (per second in this discussion of course). V30, V60 and V90 are as you said 30, 60 and 90 MB sustained write time per second. So even the V60 is technically capable of running 400Mbit. BUT that's a little close to the edge for most people's liking. A little more wiggle room is preferred, hence the recommendation to use V90 when shooting 400Mbit. But at 2x the price, it's easy to understand why many shoot (successfully I might add) with the V60 cards.
@PhotoJoseph Thanks for the clarification on the camera speed.
hey have you had any more experience with these? there is alot of bad reviews on B&H about these cards. I was looking for a good card for my GH5.
Glad you found it, thanks! Enjoy the cards. They’re awesome. About to head out in Boston with one in my G9 :-)
So if I ordered a pair from B&H today how can I know if these have updated firmware or not?
MrMilanina They all do now. That was quite a while ago, and all cards got returned and updated once this was discovered. It’s ancient history… unfortunately, the reviews are forever!
PhotoJoseph Ok, but almost all reviews for v60 on B&H are recent, and horrible.
I was even thinking of going with v90, but boy these are expensive.
Just to conclude, if I bought 2x 256GB v60 today from B&H they should be good for 4k All-I 400Mbs, correct?
Since you’re concerned (rightfully so), buy direct from the company. You can get a discount too using my code; all listed here — as to the speed; if you’re shooting 400 then you should get the V90 cards. Technically V60 should be enough but it’s at the edge. And you can reach out to Prograde directly for more info on that.
I bought the reader and one card - both work very well - Did you know the discount is a one time use only? I tried to buy more cards but the site would not let the second use.
Oh really… I’ll see if I can get that lifted.
thanks - let me know
Try again… this has been fixed!
The coupon is still PHOTOJOSEPH10 by the way. Start at
Do you have a preferred brand of SD cards you use to capture your work?

See something on any show that you want to buy?
Head on over to

ProGrade cards from ProGrade direct — use code PHOTOJOSEPH10 for 10% off
Great review. I've ordered these cards for my GH5s.
Dagley Media hi I recently got a gh5s did these cards work for the 400mbps 10bit 4K?
Firstly nice advertorial. Please, can you in the future state that you are getting paid (in money or in kind) to do these and disclose more clearly. You normally are better at that but this time I think you missed the mark.
I think also with your copy test the reason why it was slow was likely that your mac isn't UHS-II capable as much as anything else.
I also would agree with Prograde than having dual SD card slots would be a silly idea. If you want to copy from 2 cards at once get 2 readers as it would be safer and faster.
One thing I don't understand is why if they are mean to be making "PRO" quality cards then why do they still seem to be plastic???? Both QDX and CF have metal casing and so should be more durable.
#1 I was not paid a dime for this. They sent the product for review; they can ask for it back but likely won’t because their hope will be that I do future videos. But I was not paid. If you purchase using my link I’ll make affiliate fee and that’s 100% normal for all YouTubers trying to make a living from this platform.

#2 My Mac is 2014 so yeah, definitely not a UHS-II reader but this is, as I said, realistic of what many people own today. The fact that the speed doubles when copying from their reader even on this old Mac is extremely relevant.

#3 Their reader delivers full speed copying from both slots simultaneously. Why the heck would I NOT want to have a reader that has two SD card slots, and instead have two readers? That makes no sense.

#4 the metal casing is a good question. I’ll ask them that.
Look forward to trying out these cards when they come over to the UK. You can only get them in the U.S right now. Its a shame they don't do a 512gb SD card version. Though, I was thinking about getting a SanDisk Extreme PRO 512 GB SDXC UHS-I Memory Card, but unsure if its fast enough to shoot 4k on my GH5. Oh and love the red ND filter you have around the lens of one of your GH5's! Which filter make/model is that please?
You need to check the V-rating of your card, but a UHS-I is unlikely, unless you shoot at a lower framerate and bitrate.
Thanks dude. I don't understand why they dont make fast cards for 4k & 1TB size.
@Shark There is a trade off currently between speed and capacity. The technology will evolve eventually. Depending on what camera you're using, you might be able to use an external SSD which will have much higher capacity.
I'd like to see a CFexpress/SDexpress (yes, this exists but I don't know of any cards yet), connecting through a Thunderbolt 3 connection. That would be pretty future proof for some time.
When 400Mbps became available for the GH5, I tried to find reviews of SD cards that would work with it without corrupting or stopping recording. I had a Adata 256GB v90 card and it worked until one day it kept corrupting data and wouldn't record more than 32 minutes non stop so avoided them. Looked at other cards and reviews said they stopped recording like AngelBird and Adata and wasn't able to find any reliable reviews of cards that would work for 10-bir 400Mbps. I then saw ProGrade Digital and got 2 ProGrade 128GB v60 SD Cards. One of the cards would stop recording after 1 minute, other would keep recording in my GH5 for 4K 25fps 10-bit 4:2:2 400Mbps,

I contacted ProGrade and they said I should switch to their 128GB v90 cards that had just became available. I sent the v60 cards to them and got the v90 cards (paying the extra for the cards including import tax) and less than a week later I got the V90 cards. Formatted them in the GH5 and tested them. They worked, however, one corrupted a 6K photo video. Then both started corrupting and just got an error on the GH5 saying to replace the cards.

I contacted ProGrade who were quick to respond, the next day and they replaced my cards free of charge, waved the import tax or me and gave me their card reader as well and have had no issues since. The cards are great. Recorded non stop until they filled up, no stopped recordings or errors. No more issues, so won't be switching SD card brands. Tech support was great for me, very quick to get back to me and helpful with my issues.

I did recently get an e-mail from ProGrade saying they have firmware updates for their cards and if you have their SD cards, you can send them to them to get an upgrade. I have no idea what the firmware does as the e-mail didn't say, but living in the UK, not going to do it as it would take too long to send and get them back, as I need them.

With the card reader in USB 3.1, Windows 10 on my PC, copying video and raw image files to an external USB 3.1 HDD from a full 128GB V90 card (118GB of data or so) it usually takes around 30-40 minutes to copy the files, sometimes it is quicker a bit than that.
Thank you for sharing the story. Good to hear that the company was so responsive. I was about to suggest that your camera may have an issue, but then got to the part where you said it all started working. *phew*! It’s worth keeping in mind that this is all bleeding edge tech. No one had done this before (put 400Mbit in a camera writing to SD cards!) so it was definitely a bit of a game for the card manufacturers. Very happy to hear it’s all worked out in the end.
Im lost photos from card only 2 times on airport, scaning x-rays:(. Any tricks do you have?
Hm, I don’t think that could happen, but regardless, yeah… the solution is to copy your photos to another hard drive before putting them through X-Ray!
Im first? First time ever:)
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