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Q&A: FPS in GH5 Photo Burst Mode, AF Area Display in AF-C, How to Record the GH5 Screen, and More!

Photo Moment - October 16, 2017

Let's see what good questions came up in the last couple of weeks…

2:00 - Jan Garcia: does shooting with electronic shutter (opposed to mechanical shutter) influence image quality?
5:07 - Boris D: How to show the AF area display while using AF-C.
8:01 - codetap: How do you record the GH5 screen
12:47 - Day in Nature: stream setup that accommodates a remotely located guest
16:51 - Kasper Nørgaard: “When you shoot in 180 or 120 vfr do you set the camera for 24p or 30 or 60?”
20:18 - milad kasaian: GH5 photo burst mode fps

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