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Q&A: GH5 Auto Focus in 10bit Mode, Mevo Image Quality, Smooth Focusing Cine Lens, and More!

Photo Moment - October 02, 2017

Have a few Q's you want an A to? Seems like our viewers did. Joseph covered questions on Cine Lenses, the Mevo Event Camera, using Flash with the GH5, Auto focus in 10bit mode, Connecting a lav mic to a laptop, GH5 Stabilization in VFR mode, and much more


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Ive set my camera to all the settings youve shown in both videos, yet I still cant get the AF button to work. Ive also assigned the Fn1 as AF-on, but that doesnt work either. I am wondering what setting am I missing that is not enabling this option to work for me.
@PhotoJoseph Thank you for getting back to me. Your channel has helped me learn a lot with my new GH5!
Awesome! Do you have the full training?
I imagine you are super busy but if you do have a free 10 secs to pull up my latest video, and see what record quality you think I need for my type of videos, that would be a huge help. I dont know why but the 1080 8 bit I record on the GH5 makes much more massive files than my Canon G7Xii. Id like to reduce the file size if its not necessary.
Ryan Schneider VLOGS The Canon is shooting in some very compressed format, which is fine for hobbyists but is not a professional codec. The GH5 is a pro camera, shooting in industry standard MP4 with a moderate compression level. Only you can decide what bitrate you’re comfortable with. If you’re shooting 1080p I don’t think you have too many options but try different settings to see what you’re happy with.
PhotoJoseph maybe the gh5 is too big for my abilities and knowledge. 😬
Joseph, could possibly address finding that sweet spot on a lens in a future episode? Thank you!
Hi Joseph, thanks very much for addressing my question on the show! Great and well thought out answer as always.
@PhotoJoseph Here are options for radio triggers for off camera flash that works with Panasonic that I found...

Godox X1T-o does HSS and TTL works only with Godox flashes that supports wireless

Cactus V6 II supports HSS and TTL c0ming to Panasonic with with firmware update. Supports various brands of flashes the also have their own

Pocketwizard Flextt5 Panasonic supports HSS and TTL only supports Pocketwizard wireless flashes
Thanks! Will investigate.
Thanks for mentioning us Mikael!
Last week we just released the X-TTL firmware for Olympus and Pasnsonic. So you can now get wireless TTL - precisely it's a cross-brand TTL, which means you can simultaneously trigger a Panasonic, Olympus, Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm and Sigma flashes with High-speed Sync (HSS) and TTL. Cheers!
Cactus… email me
I haven't been able to show the AF area display (V2.0).
It's activated, I'm in AF-C, tries to push "disp" several times. ._. I'm not using an external monitor however.
I’ll address your comment LIVE right here on PhotoJoseph‘s Photo Moment 2017-10-16
The trim seems to have cut off more than half of this video...strange. Part-2 can be found here:
Most frustrating thing about the Display Lock button situation is that Operation Lock can only be assigned to Fn buttons 1 through 5. Which are all essential for normal regular shooting. Why do I have to give up one of these simply to lock the display button? Argh!!!

@PhotoJospeh Any idea why this is the case? Seems such an arbitrary limitation. The on-screen virtual Fn buttons would be perfect for Operation Lock.
No idea and I agree it's a less than ideal implementation
Im thinking of the GH5 and the Canon 5D M4. Cant decide which one to use for my channel. Autofocus is an important thing. Which GH5 hade as good autofocus as Canon.
besides autofocus, gh5 wins everything else in my opinion. so u gotta see if its worth it to give up all the gh5's pro just for better auto focus.
Coolfly Filming yes i think so to. Just that autofokus is what i need most in my tech videos. Using GH4 now. I wish i could buy both 😀 Have to do more videos 😀
Well, perhaps I spoke too soon in my previous comment. Here’s my issue: I have the 2.0 firmware on my gh5, my first generation Panasonic 12-35 lens has the latest 1.3 firmware. When in “creative video mode” i do not even have the option to choose the “operation mode”, in the stabilization menu. The setting is grayed out, so it seems to be unavailable. I have tried this at several frame rates with VFR off and on, and I’ve also tried at different 4K and 1080 settings, but nothing seems to unlock the “operation mode”. I’ve even tried turning on and off the OIS switch on the lens but it makes no difference. However, when I switch modes to shoot still photos, I can freely choose to turn “operation mode” on and off without any issues at all. Is there something I’m missing, a setting that I need to change in video mode to get it to work? I really don’t know what the case is and I’m looking for any help and suggestions I can get. Thanks in advance.
Because the lens has a hardware switch that turns it on or off; you don't need the software toggle.
Thanks for touching on my question, I really appreciate it! I’ve done some more research and what I’m starting to hear is the the 5-axis stabilization in the GH5 is turned on automatically when you are using a Panasonic lens. I have the first generation of the 12-35 from panasonic so perhaps the use of that lens has automatically turned on the 5-axis stabilization and that’s why it shows I can’t access it in the menu.
@photojoseph I tried what your recomended. I cannot transfer 4k videos with the Panasonic Image App. Could you ask Panasonic if they will bring that in? My g85 only does mp4 and avchd
Appears I was wrong… I can't transfer 4K from the GH5 wirelessly either. Guess you need to use an SD card read :(
Joseph, if you need some help with the calculations for Metabones, you can always refer to the doc I put together!
right, thanks!
Hi Joseph, really like your channel.  I just purchased a gh5 and tried filming 1080p 422 10 bit.  But not able to open in Resolve or play on my MacBook pro.   Can you give me any suggestions on how to use these 10 bit files?  Thanks you, Kevin Horn
Church of the Harvest
Hi, ensure you have the $300.00 Studio version of Resolve, the free version does not support 10bit
Thanks for the response.  Going to purchase it soon.
+Church of the Harvest Please use my affiliate links if you can , thanks!
I cannot get the Lumix Tether program to open. I only get the splash screen. Tried re-installing with not luck. Anybody else having this problem?
Works fine for me… have you gotten it to work yet? Try a different user account if you haven't yet.
Turn the feature on in camera. Sorry, I don't have my camera right now so can't give exact directions. It may be under USB connection. HTH
So far the best how to setup your new mixer. It explains 30 min how to set up one single channel. After that you are a sound specialist.
Ryan Greene So you are not using the Beringer anymore?
Ryan Greene BTW The sound was not your best today. I had a strange background noise
Ryan Greene You both do a very good and entertaining job!
Hey Joseph! Thanks for answering my Q - how cool! Really appreciate it!!
I hear ya. Any zoom in at all was terrible. I think the key was doing it outdoors. Because even staying wide indoors was slightly pixelated. Will keep all of your tips in mind!
+Michelle Lewis hmm, that doesn’t sound right. You’re sure you’re set to 1080p broadcast? How does the recorded image look (the video recorded on the microSD card)?
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