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Q&A: GH5 Dimming, VLog for Casual Use, Stop-Motion, and More!

Photo Moment - May 22, 2017

It's Q&A time… if you asked a big question in the last week and I tagged your comment for answering, this is where you'll find it!


8:35 - Eric Nieto/Tyler Winnfield - GH5 Monitor Dimming
12:22 - Swing Away - GH5 VLog for Casual Use
16:09 - Gilbert - Delete shots from stop motion project within camera

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I get the copywrite claims often and I use a paid site for my music tracks. Pissing me off too.
Worth bearing in mind that monitor dimming is also there to help the life of the LCD screen.
hahaha! Yeah, when you use all loops, you're bound to run into something very similar. The person Frank or whatever, has to be super lame to be release music that's all based on loops. I produce electronic music and I would never use all loops to create a song. What's the fun in that anyway?
@PhotoJoseph - Check the creation date of your audio track and compare it to theirs. If yours came first that would definitely but their claim...
Hi Joseph,

I just have a little follow-up question about v-log. You mentioned the exposure settings, when shooting log, being different to shooting non-log footage - could you talk about this more or possibly demo it in a future video?

Thanks! :)
I will, but not until I'm 100% confident I know what I'm talking about. It's a big topic with some degree of controversy so I need to ensure I can back up anything I say before I open my mouth ;-) But I do know for sure that you need to expose differently!
Thanks! That makes total sense - I'm just trying to get to grips with it myself and have realised it's going to be a pretty heavy learning curve ha
Hey Joseph. I'm loving this camera so much. It performs so well out in the field and the image that's coming out of this little beast is amazing. One thing that bugs me a little is the Focal length set when you first turn it on. My understanding is when using native lenses the camera automatically recognises the focal length and sets it for the IBIS. Whoever, if you're using a speebooster and EF glass it's asks you to set this when you first switch it on. However, this function doesn't happen to me and it's greyed out in there menu. I just wanted to make sure the IBIS is working correctly with my glass. It's seems ok but I'd like to be sure. Any light you can shine on this with your expert knowledge would be great! I thought about doing a reset but I'm trying to save the time of putting V Log on again. Thanks again!
Hi Joseph, thanks a bunch, that totally worked!
Aloha Joseph: Great idea re a special Q&A for supporting Patreons...however, I don't believe it should be limited based on the $ contributed monthly. Just my humble opinion.
+Swing Away Every patreon setup is based on contribution levels. Something extra for each level higher. Having exclusive Q&A time becomes pretty non-valuable if there's a ton of people vying for a few seconds of time. By keeping it limited to a higher contribution level, you're essentially paying for some near 1:1 time. That's the value add of contributing a little more.
Okey..Why cant you talk a little about the good old panny G5 or the GH2...yes the old ones,not just the new ones?...Give us some retro...And do you rember the sensor in the god old Oly Epl5 as it still outperforms almost every new camera today when it come to low ligth performance in the micro 4/3 world and they have also removed the aa filter on that camera back in the year 2012... ;)

I hear some whispers in the background: Something with Emperor's new clothes....

Take a look at this:
Jospeh, I am still having the issue with the screen dimming even after turning everything in the economy menu to OFF. I do have my camera setup differently from yours in that My Monitor/EVF setting is set to Monitor instead of Auto. I never use the EVF so I get annoyed when my hand gets close and the screen goes dark. Maybe this has something to do with it. Should be a simple firmware fix if this is indeed something that is affecting it.
I talked with Sully to see if he knew of a solution and this is what we found out. Turning everything in Economy to OFF and then using Monitor setting 1* still causes the screen to dim after 30 seconds of inactivity. However, setting the Monitor setting to 2* seems to hold its brightness without ever dimming. Unfortunately setting 2* is dimmer than setting 1*! We think the fact that you are outputting over HDMI might cause the camera to be holding its brightness on setting 1*. Have you tried it with your current settings without the HDMI plugged in and been able to keep the screen from dimming on setting 1*? If so, you seem to have the magic touch and we will dig deeper!
Thanks for confirming about the HDMI. That is odd. I bet it is some other setting somewhere that seems unrelated that is causing it. Feels like I'm using a Sony! They're so picky!
so everyone says to set monitor setting to mode 1 but this dims after 30 seconds but discovered p238 in manual it says mode 1 to make monitor brighter, mode 2 to set monitor to standard brightness and it say monitor automatically returns to standard brightness if no operations performed for 30 seconds in mode 1 . it will light up briefly again with button or touch operation. so is mode 2 the standard setting to rely on then ? weird as you showed it not dimming in mode 1
I turned everything off in economy mode and when set to luminance "1" it dims after 30 sec when set to "2" it doesn't. As Adrian said So I guess it still needs to be fixed in firmware
Is the 8bit or 10bit screen of GH5?  Like the iMac 4k or iMac 5k is both 10bit iOS  computer and 10bit screen.
@PhotoJoseph! Can you film your settings and the monitor in Mode1 for 1 minute of recording, without touching the camera!? (In 1 take) Please! :) You SAY it works... In your last video you use the wrong MODE = AUTO
Okay... I'm ready! But where is the proof? :)
First: Thanks for trying to help!
Secondly: The functionality of [MODE 1]: Manual S.238

Make the monitor brighter. The monitor
automatically returns to standard brightness (dimming) if no
operations are performed for 30 seconds when recording in [MODE1]. It
will light up brightly again with button or touch operation.
(The original manual text and no option to stop it...)
This is no Economy „OPTION“!
This is the way it works! Every time! You can't change it!

thirdly: Manual S.237
There is NO function for dimming the monitor in the Economy Menu!

[Sleep Mode] = camera automatically “TURNED OFF”!... (no Dimming Option)
[Sleep Mode(Wi-Fi)] = camera automatically “TURNED OFF”!... (no Dimming Option)
[Auto LVF/Mon. Off] = Monitor/LVF automatically “TURNED OFF”... (no Dimming Option)
[Power Save LVF] = camera automatically “TURNED OFF”!... (no Dimming Option)

Do you have made a different experience! You are a lucky guy!
So based off the manual it should be dimming at 30sec correct? If so, they need to change that in a future firmware update as that is annoying. Also, Joseph, you mentioned it doesn't dim for you which is driving us nuts with how you are doing that when the manual says it is supposed to dim. The only other thing I can think of is I use manual lenses instead of auto lenses and maybe the auto feature is keeping it bright perhaps? Any further help Joseph would be amazing!
+White In Revery I'll dive into this again. I stopped because one commentor was being so rude and demanding about it that I walked away. But I will happily test and discuss this again.
Enjoyed your video today! Off topic: I found the coffee cup on Cheers
Thanks for answering my question...I keep missing your live shows. Aloha/Don
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