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Q&A: GH5 External Flash, PAL/NTSC, Constant Preview, and More!

Photo Moment - May 01, 2017

If you asked a question in the comments in the last two weeks that merits a lengthy or detailed answer, this is where I’ll address it!

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3:14 — Justin Farish: Best Camera for Variety of Uses
10:52 — Charlie Traquair: GH5 External Flash
22:57 — Troy Gulbrandsen: GH5 Preview After Shot and Silent Mode Shutter Speed
31:32 — CUTS: GH5 PAL/NTSC
38:59 — NickpedFilms: GH5 Constant Preview

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Hi I have a GH5 and I'm using a Godox tt685 flash for wedding photography - as soon as I bought it, I found out that the flash stops working after 30ish shots. After few minutes it starts working again.

Two issues:
1) after 1 hour of taking pictures the flash would just stop showing me the red light for a lot of time, even 20 minutes (and so stopping me from taking pictures with good lighting)
2) it also happens that the godox shows me the low battery level after 50ish shots (although I have already put new batteries on) why is that so in your opinion??
Sounds like overheating. I haven't run into that but also I don't shoot rapid like that.
I am hoping that there is a way to leave constant preview on and not have the flash interrupt that. I know that if you’re in a dark studio situation the circumstance which you described where the Ambien is too dark and we just want to get the exposure from the flash, makes perfect sense. But when I am outside or I am in an Ambien situation where I’m going to use Ambien as the principal light and flash as a fill, it makes far more sense for me to have constant preview on and not have the flash turn it off automatically. The problem is that I am plugging on a flash trigger to the S one and when I turn the flash trigger on it automatically kills constant preview. I am wondering if there’s a way to force constant preview to stay on even if the flash is attached. I wish I had to turn it off manually but it’s getting turned off automatically by virtue of a flash or a flash trigger being attached. If you have any ideas for me that would be great. Thank you.
PhotoJoseph don’t be too dismissive of this. Just because you have not ever wanted to shoot in this way, doesn’t make it worthless. Obviously Sony and Fuji both saw the value to this and made or are making it happen. The folks at Panasonic also saw the wisdom of the request when I talked to the tech wizard there. So it’s not an idea to dismiss out of hand. The idea of being able to see the drama you are creating in the EVF with your ambient light is valuable enough that they made it possible through Constant Preview. So why not add the option for a flash photographer to be able to see the ambient effect they are getting before they add flash. Then the flash fires and you would have the combined ambient exposure (which you saw before the shot) and the added flash which is shown after the exposure is made. It’s a perfect way to work. A shot that is 90% ambient with 10% flash as fill should not require the photographer to turn their flash off to see their ambient the ambient exposure should be ever present in the EVF and then the small amount of flash that is required to complete the shot is added in the final. Obviously one wouldn’t use this option all the time. There are plenty of times when you need to operate just as they have it now. But dismissing the idea of allowing people to work with the constant preview active while flash is present seems very short sighted. Come shoot with me and watch the way I work and the way I want it to work. I think you will agree it should be an option.
I'm not dismissing it, just saying that it's not there and I don't think I've missed it. But thinking about it more, I may have been mistaken… I'm thinking that I may have worked around it by turning the flash off to get constant preview back. I'll bring it up to Panasonic.
PhotoJoseph Yes I have found the same less than optimal work around. Having the flash attached or the flash trigger attached while it is on disables the constant Preview. I can simply turn off the flash or the flash trigger and leave it attached and constant preview will come back on. What Panasonic should do is add one more option to the constant preview menu that simply says on off or on with flash. And if someone chooses on with flash, the constant preview stays on no matter whether or not the Flash is attached or on. That way anyone could use the camera the way they want to use it, and if they allowed us to access that setting via a custom button, then someone could go back-and-forth between those three settings for various circumstances. Or even assign them to a custom settings option. If they did that, this camera would probably be one of the greatest things I’ve seen in a long time.
I’ve filed the request. If it shows up, know that your requested started the process ;-)
PhotoJoseph good to know. Let’s hope they see the value.
Awesome! Glad I could help ;-)
Pro photo and Godox are the same. Godox is the manufacturer, not Pro photo
Thanks for the help, hotshoe was needed to get a flash on the g9, then the sync port worked with the flash menu greyed out. Panasonic support was not a good resource. You were, thanks to Photo Joseph ! A camera without lighting is not what I want in a camera. Lights have always been key to my shooting great pictures ! Video without light is @#$&. ShenZhen and Godox are the only manufacturers. Except for flood lighting and they might make that too !
I already have flashes, I just need a wireless remote system that works with Panasonic, they seem to be kinda hard to find for some reason.
You have the Godox flashes? The controller model “O” (for Olympus) is the one you need
I want to get a wireless remote flash trigger system to use with the GH5 and the FL360L and FL580L flashes that will allow manual control, TTL and High Speed Sync. I don't want to depend on Line of site flash. I haven't been able to find anything compatible. Any suggestions?
Yes, I think it's the TT5, and it says its TTL and HSS. I've put in an order for one and hopefully it will work. It's suppose to work with the GH4. With the FL360L flash on camera, the wireless can't be set up, but if you put the FL 580L on camera then you can set up the wireless. So, another option I think, is to use the FL 580L flash on camera, on wireless, and set up other FL 580FL flashes on RC. The GH4 has the pop up flash, so having a trigger flash for the wireless flash wasn't an issue, other than it had to be in the line of site. I tried a Cactus 6V11, and wasn't able to set it up for those 2 flashes for TTL and HSS, but I did get manual control. But, there may be a way of setting up Panasonic flashes for the Cactus on a GH5, but its beyond my patience level, LOL. I'm old, I just want to plug something in and have it work.
+Diane DG Cool on the TT5. Bit you’re saying the 360 didn’t work as a trigger? That’s odd because that how I’ll do the part 2 of the high speed sync video.
When I put the 360 on the shoe, the camera recognizes it as an on-camera flash and blocks the wireless capability. I think this is because the 360 isn't a wireless flash, but the 580 is. So, you could a 580 in the shoe to act as a trigger as it doesn't block the wireless capability. There is also a smaller Panasonic flash, but I don't know if it is wireless. Perhaps other wireless flashes might work. I don't have any others to try it out. If you find a way for the 360 to work as a trigger, I'd much appreciate the info. :) I may be doing something wrong.
I've also discovered something else. Lightroom is no longer being offered as a stand alone version, which is what I use. So, I can not update my version and can only get jpgs. The last version is LR 6.7 that is available, but LR 6.7 does not support the RAW files of the GH5. So, if I want to continue with LR, I will now have to be part of the cloud and monthly payments. So, I'm looking for alternate editing programs.
Hi, just wondering if you were able to get the FL360L to work as a trigger flash? If so, what wireless flashes did you use? Also, I did a bit more research into the Pocket Wizard TT5 for Panasonic and it says it only works with the GH4. Is there a possibility that you could find out from your contact at Panasonic if there's been an upgrade for the GH5? I'd much appreciate any info, as I love the camera, but am finding this process of off camera lighting frustrating. Thanks.
15:59 Hi, can you tell more about professional studio equipment + gh5?
How to use 3-5 light sources in studio photography with gh5 ?
That's kind of a massive, open ended question. If you can ask a specific question I can try to answer it though.
Standard Pulsed Light : Prograf / Profoto / Raylab / Hensel / Bowens / BRONCOLOR / Rekam / is suitable for GH 5 ? Or it is necessary to reconcile that for professional studio shooting the canon is de facto standard.
+Андрей Хачатурян Watch my channel, and in fact watch the video that will be released this morning. I shoot in the studio with my LUMIX gear and studio lighting all the time. Canon is NOT the “defacto standard” and anyone who tells you it is, is uneducated.
This is good news, thanks) Have two different systems for photos and videos, infuriates)
Love the show!! Have you come across this.... I'm using the DMW-FL580L flash in wireless mode. However on the GH5 the menu is greyed out. I'm aware I can not use electric view finder, silent mode etc etc (as per the manual) however it's still grey. Am I missing something? Regards.
+APEX UAV Thanks! You have one flash on the GH5 and another that you're controlling wireless? Unlike the GH4, the GH5 doesn't have a built in flash to control a remote one. You have to add a flash :(
Hi, thanks for getting back to me. No just one flash that I'm trying to use in wireless mode. However on the gh5 (no flash attached) I can not access the menu. It's greyed out. To set up the flash
+APEX UAV Thats why… you can't configure the flash when no flash is attached. And to do wireless, you need two flashes… one on the camera and another off the camera.
Hi Joseph. Which is the reference of the 25mm 0.95 lens you mentioned (5:11). Thanks so much
it is the Mitakon Zhongyi Speedmaster 25mm f/0.95 Lens. There are now links in the description for it
@PhotoJoseph thanks again. I'll have a look...
+IGIS Producciones Did you see; it should have been added to the description. Ryan may have replied to you directly too. I can't see that here.
I am enjoying your show. One small correction: At least for the Panasonic LUMIX DMW-FL580L External Flash, it is not necessary to turn off Constant Preview. With Constant Preview on, the viewfinder will appear to have proper exposure as long as the Panasonic flash is attached and turned on to TTL mode.
+Lowell Sherris Awesome. I think I mentioned that might be the case? Maybe in the extended version… either way, thanks for clarifying!

1. Electronic shutter times are typically limited to limit accumulated noise.

2. AFAICT there is not in fact a way to keep the screen on when using WiFi. Only some Panasonic cameras do this, but it has nothing to do with the Economy settings. I've tried changing all of them, and regardless, after a few seconds the screen turns off. You can't even wake up the screen with button presses. I'd love a real answer for this question.
+Quentin Smith Huh… ok, I'll dig into it more. Thanks for letting me know.
Hi PhotoJoseph! Very informative show ! Love the energy and content! Regarding flash: There is more options out there. Olympus flashes use the samme protocol. German Metz has 9 different models available for Lumix incl. proffessional units and ringflash, all with TTL. The 64 AF-1 anf 56 AF-1 & II models has dual flashhead and are powerfull workhorses. I use 4 of those on G7, GX8, GH3, GH4, and GH5 and they work great with TTL, HSS, Slave/Master and more.
To manage multiple flashes from the Lumix I use Cactus V6 radiotransciever which is able to control the outputlevel and zoom of different Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic and Pentax system flashes + thirdparty flashes all at the same time in the same setup. Cactus V6 v.II is able to manage HSS and Power Sync too. The Nissen has the AIR1 TTL radiocontroller and there is more.
Coming from the Canon world I was surprised just how difficult it was to find a suitable and powerfull flashsystem but I dont think it is a major problem anymore
PhotoJoseph Is there a way to change the file names in camera from default? I am currently using new GX8 and GX85 cameras and they are using the same file names P1xxxxxx.RW2, etc. My Nikons allowed me to change the first part of the names to something like D4S_xxxx.NEF and D3S_xxxx.NEF to differentiate the files. Anything like this available in camera?
Sorry I missed the show (Sorry Sully). A public holiday in the UK today and lost track of time.
+Martin Pitt "holiday"… whatEVER 😜😜😜
@PhotoJoseph - While you're doing all the firmwares, it would be a great opportunity to demo a lens update as well! I recall you stating (incorrectly!) in a previous episode that the Noctilux doesn't support Dual I.S 2.0, so yours probably needs bumping to the 1.2 firmware.
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