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Q&A Part-2: GH5 Stabilization in VFR Mode, Connect Sennheiser Lav Mic to a Laptop, and More!

Photo Moment - October 03, 2017

Part-2: Have a few Q's you want an A to? Seems like our viewers did. Joseph covered questions on Cine Lenses, the Mevo Event Camera, using Flash with the GH5, Auto focus in 10bit mode, Connecting a lav mic to a laptop, GH5 Stabilization in VFR mode, and much more


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Hi Joseph , my name is Finn from Taiwan (sorry for my bad english), I just update my GH5 to Firmware 2.0 ,
In double slot function ,I usually use backup recording for safety( My SD card got failure before),
backup recording works well, But when I set to "C4K ALL-I 400M 24P", "4K ALL-I 400M 30P" , "4K ALL-I 400M 24P" ,
each of them and using backup recording ,when start record it will jump up a message said "Back up recording requires using two identical SD cards", I use two Sandisk Extreme Pro 256GB U3 card these cards bought at the same time same place, why it says need identical card? it might be a bug?

Learn a lot from your video Thanks :)
I have the same problem (FW: 2.1). Did you find a solution?
This is the first I've heard of it on a Sandisk card. This is an issue I have heard of though for ADATA cards. We're waiting to learn more.
even worse, today the GH5 stopped working 4K All-I with normal  (linear/single SD Card) mode. Saying card is to slow. Is there a way to report this to Panasonic?
+Jan Luther well, if the card doesn’t say V60 or V90 (and the Sandisk don’t), then all Panasonic would tell you is to get a supported card. I just did a complete video on this topic. You should watch it.
Hi Joseph I have two questions for your next Q&A episode.

I'd like to know if shooting with electronic shutter instead of mechanical shutter influences image quality, dynamic range, color...
I already know that there are banding (I think its called) problems when shooting certain high speed objects and also some lights flickering under artificial lights.
However I would like to know if shooting under natural light portraits, landscape, street... there are any problems or loss of image quality.

The other question is a shorter answer one. Do you know anything about the release of a gx9?

Thanks a lot in advance.
I’ll address your first comment LIVE right here on PhotoJoseph‘s Photo Moment 2017-10-16 — as for "GX9", I don't have anything
PhotoJoseph thanks a lot!
(first sorry for my english)
can panasonic update the gx8 to make stabilization work on video too , as far i know only works on photo
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