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Q&A Show ► G9 vs GH5, Full Frame vs M43 Image Quality, Free vs Paid Photo Editing Apps, and More!

Photo Moment - January 10, 2018

Its the first (impromptu) PhotoJoseph Q&A show of 2018! After tackling the new G9 (pre-production unit), we decided to open up the discussion to what ever our live audience wanted to talk about. We compared the G9 to the GH5 (and a little to the GH5S), differences between Full Frame vs Micro Four Thirds image quality, photo editing programs, and more!


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I know I'm somewhat late with a question but I'm really debating if the g9 could be my next camera. I'm mostly concerned about ISO-performance going M43. I'm mostly doing landscape/nature photography and making photos of my kids (indoors), as an enthusiastic. I don't want to use flash. I'm currently using a canon 80D with a sigma 17-70 and some fast primes. How will the ISO be compared to a 80D? I'm not blown away by it's noise performance but it's acceptable, I don't want to hand in on it. The 80D is a good camera but it doesn't give me satisfaction. Primarily what I miss is an EVF for focus magnification, checking my exposure etc. and a joystick. I'm also considering a Fuji XH1 but that doesn't have custom modes so my partner (shoots 5%) will have difficulties or a Nikon z6 but that's a different ball game. Could you please advise me?
I think you should get your hands on the G9. It’s a really wonderful camera; I love mine. I think low light performance is very good but one thing I’ve learned is that everyone has different standards and expectations :-) Can you go to a store and play with one? Bring your own SD card so you can shoot in the store then look at them closely at home.
@PhotoJoseph Thank you for your quick response and a very helpful one. I will pick on up to feel and see with my own eyes how it performs and if it feels like a good match between me and the camera. Nice to hear that you're still positive about it. If I get it, I will let you know ;-)
Great. It’s a lovely camera.
Does no-one use the ON1 editor. It is as good as, if not better than, Lightroom. Check it out, I'm so glad I did. I has some amazing features.
nice one ! just subscribed
cant wait to get my g9 next week
do you think 150mbps on 4k 60 will be good enough?
Depends on what you're doing of course, but yes. It's really quite amazing even at 150Mbit.
thanks for your reply Joseph yea i think ill be ok with that I'm coming from a 1080p nikon d5200 ,, ha, I will be doing better youtube videos for my music studio and drumming. which you can see on here. also wedding photography and general events .
What can you say about the pincushion effect on the G9 EVF?It's a software problem?
Would an update solve this problem?
Interesting; I hadn’t noticed until you mentioned it. Really only at the smaller magnifications. I will ask.
Have you tested any Canon or Sigma lenses with the metabones adapter on the G9?
I want to see you do a side-by-side spec sheet comparison between the Panasonic G9 and Olympus OM-D EM-1 Mark II.
Yeah a full on shootout would rock. I just got the EM1 Mkii. Ooooh, what a lovely piece of work it is. Can't go wrong with either one.
Thanks for another great video. Some GH5s questions...that you might be able to answer... Do you know if the HDMI delay out is the same as the GH5s? Do you know if the GH5s can be powered over USB C? What about doing live stream over USB C for GH5s?
Important question I asked about the slow joy stick.  " AF joystick can not move points diagonally and is not responsive enough".
Darn, didn't realise this was happening, had a couple of questions i wanted to ask. Interesting as always.
PhotoJoseph background had a g5 for years that I miss layed, but still have my 45-175 pz lense i primarily use it for as a camera in my rucksack when i go in to the hills to catch the stunning things i have seen, be it land scape or ice formations. As a secondary i also take it climbing or mountain biking to catch action shots.

As a replacement i am looking at the g85 or g9, although the g9 has some really nice features i am not sure if i can justify the increase in bulk and tripple the price over the 85 as i am far from professional, what are your thoughts on this?

Also lense wise i am looking at the 12-35 f2.8 or lecia 12-60, again what are your thoughts?

Sorry for the long winded questions, and thanks in advance.
Don't rule out the Olympus 12-40 f2.8 lens. Same wide aperture as the Panasonic 12-35 and a slightly wider range. Works perfectly on my G80.
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