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RØDE VideoMic Pro+ ▶︎ Features, Specs & Quality

Photo Moment - November 14, 2018

I got my hands on the (not so new) RØDE VideoMic Pro+ and put it up against my trusty SHURE VP83. Let's compare features, specs, and most importantly — audio quality!

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I got my hands on the (not so new) RØDE VideoMic Pro+ and put it up against my trusty SHURE VP83. Let's compare features, specs, and most importantly — audio quality! Get your RØDE VideoMic Pro+ here:

Watch the Q&A video here:
nice comparison!
Thanks, Joseph 😀
I thought the VMP+ sounded better also! Just got mine in today and I’ve started to play with the settings.
Which do you prefer between Shure VP83 and Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro Rycote for my use: my sons, birthday, excursions.
I prefer a natural and surrounding sound. THANK YOU
Rode sounds a little more warmer
Hi PhotoJoseph really cool video and comparison! I've been using a Rode VideoMicro and it's been nice - would be cool to get a "better one" maybe both of those you tested would isolate better than the VideoMicro? I do have another question that maybe you can answer - I've noticed on my shiny new GH5 (firmware 2.4) that when I record the audio doesn't record until the 4th frame. I hosed myself on a couple of clips because the talking started within those 3 frames. I NEVER noticed anything like that on my G85 (or G7). The only real difference is that I'm shooting the GH5 in 4k 8bit 24p and 4k 8bit 60p. On the G85 I always shot in FHD. I suppose if I can train myself just don't say speed until a second into recording I was just surprised. Thanks for all you do - I really love your channel - VERY informative! -Duane
Thanks! The few frame of silence is normal; was on the GH4 as well. I never did get a good answer as to why. But in general you would want some header before your action or you have nothing to edit around. You're talking about 4/24 (1/6th) of a second. If your action is happening there it's safe to say you're cutting it too close! As to the microphone the micro is certainly a respectable small mic but the VideoMic Pro+ is significant better. Watch my most recent video on the Wiral. That's all the + and I think the audio is quite impressive.
found your secret at 15:36 youre using gh5 autofocus. careful not to get stoned for that on gh5 forums :)
Purchased, great review...thank you. Like you I don’t like how it sits on the camera but I keep my GH5 in the smallrig cage so I’ve options of where to place it if I want to use the eye piece. Thanks again 👍
Is it possible to connect the micro on the bottom thread to have a bit more room?
I don't understand what you mean… the bottom thread?
Hi Joseph, did you comment this video with a German title or is this a new translation service from YT? I am from GER and at least I wonder. Ps: I like your videos, helpful and up to date.
I’m taking advantage of a little known YouTube feature where I can post titles and descriptions in in multiple languages. I use TubeBuddy to analyze which languages to add, and to do the translations for me. I translate into my top ten most viewed. Number ONE is English of course, then German is two, and then Hindi (!!). Pretty great feature.
@PhotoJoseph cool...but when I search, then in English but good to know. Thx and best regards!
Jog S But you searched in German, right? That’s interesting. I would have thought you would see the German titles if you searched in German.
Shure also has the VP83F which has integrated recording. Wicked for setups like with certain Sony compacts that don't have mic-input (or say a LX100/GX85).

Lately everyone's been raving about Aputure's split off brand that's Deity. Seems they're taking the competition to RØDE (that itself took on the likes of Shure, Sennheiser, etc).
In-mic recording is definitely a cool feature, and as you say, especially for cameras without a mic input. I'd rather get the audio with the video and not have to do it in post if possible though. As to the Deity; yes I keep hearing about them, but their top mic does not do either of the key features the RODE does. It came up in the Q&A — it in fact will turn OFF automatically, but not back ON. Yikes.
You should check out the Deity V-mic D3 Pro ... better position then the Røde and other features, and cheaper. I dont have it myself, but I think it would be my choice for next mic.
That mic has the auto off but not the auto on, which is a dangerous thing to have, and it doesn't have the safety track. I can't compare the sound of course without actually testing it, but those features are things that I want (especially auto off/on), so the RODE it is for me!
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