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SAMSON Go Mic LM8 Lav Mobile — Is it any good?? Mobile Lavalier Microphone for Smartphone or Camera

Photo Moment - September 05, 2017

We did the unboxing… now let's see if it's any good! Today's show will be broadcast from the YouTube app on an iPhone 7 Plus connected to the SAMSON Go Mic Mobile.

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Samson Go Mic Mobile Receiver with LM8 Lavalier and Belt Pack Transmitter — Get Yours Here

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For those watching not-live, the dropouts from the streaming are gone in this recording. It would appear that any dropouts you hear now are due to the SAMSON hardware.
PhotoJoseph great video we both have 10k subs nice!!!
I have a question
It it good for making pranks?
So all the dropouts were YouTube’s fault?
No… please read up.
**UPDATE** Just bought one yesterday and it came with the plate with 1/4 - 20 screw hole as the default and the depth seems to be sufficient.
Hi . Is it better than rode wireless go ?
I noticed the first drop out not the others.
Thanks for this video on the Samson Go mic. I will pass on it.
This video is pretty old, so it's worth watching someone else's newer videos (assuming there are any) to see if it's gotten any better, but yeah, at the state this was in when I did this video, I'd not recommend it.
I have this mic and it is so inconsistent. Could you recomend a lavalier or head mic that is reliable and affordable. Also that can sustain body movement as I am a fitness instructor.
Watch this video and part way in I talk to a company called “Quantum 5X” or “Q5X”. They make mic packs that are flexible and water resistant, exactly for your use case.
Every video I've seen on this mic has lots of good things to say so I bought it. I just can not get my iPhone XR running iOS 13.1.2 to accept the microphone. I've tried a variation of every setting on the receiver. Maybe they sent a bad cord. Any help appreciated.
I haven’t used it in years. I’d recommend reaching out to the manufacturer.
I have a screeching sound occurring sporadically even if the sound levels on the mic is normally setup in mid position, any tips on how to prevent that?
Sounds like interference, not levels
We produce a radio broadcast, that occasionally takes us on the road. Our OTR broadcasts, are done through Skype, on "Smartphones"
We researched the samson Go Mic extensively. Watching videos, reading recommendations, & even contacting Samson for inquiries. 
All the info available indicated the unit would work on ANY smartphone- Plug n Play without having to set anything. 
We purchased TWO full Lav mic sets, as well as two separate handheld units to pair with the lav's for our guests to use. 
We could not get the systems to work on Either Smartphone

My producer has the newest Iphone- it seemed to work with some recording programs, but not all. 
We tested it using Skype, but it did not work, the phone reverts back to internal mic. No setting appear on skype, or in settings on the phone that provides a choice to alter the feed.  

I have the newest Huawei - I could not get it to work on any recording app, or on skype 

I contacted the support desk. I finally got a response after 1 week, letting me know the unit will NOT work with the Huawei, & they dont know anything about using it with skype! No suggestions other than to check my phone settings! 

1) I find the customer service for such a reputable company outrageous! "Service" should be removed, I did not receive any. 
2) why isn't it listed anywhere, that this system will NOT work with some phones? 

I had high hopes for this equipment, now, all I want to do is tell everyone about my experience with Samson, which was horrendous! 
All equipment is being returned to point of purchase
disappointed is an understatement!
We purchased TWO complete packs...
This system is not pairing with the skype app, which is the format we use to broadcast on the IPhone...
The system will NOT work at all on the Huawei phones! I emailed & asked specifically if it would work with my new phone prior to purchase, I was advised IT WOULD!
Over $600 on 2 systems with extra mics, NONE Work for our broadcasting!
That’s sucks. Here’s what I recommend:
@PhotoJoseph will have a look, Thanx so much
I use this in the field and never had a drop out.
The last thing you want is the talent adjusting levels of your audio equipment that you have already preset and tested. That is why the gain control requires a small screwdriver. Good wireless audio equipment is carefully adjusted in manufacturing. It might need a little refinement when it first goes into service, but that is all. A big gain slider is just going to create unnecessary problems.
That’s a great point.
This product is workin to for music??
Kinda like irig?!?!🤔
No… it’s a wireless microphone for talking not singing.
-the screw driver is there to discourage users from changing levels. these things get set up by someone, and constantly there are problems with users/lecturers/presenters changing things they shouldn't. probably half of all lectures that are recorded have clipped audio which is unintelligible - complete loss of value and totally unacceptable.
कीमत किया है
Based on what I have seen on your program, I will buy one of these for personal recording of music performances for fun.
Oh dear, this is so crappy, you did had many dropouts in a very near situations
Did you ever figure out how to attach the cold shoe mount?
Honestly I don’t remember. It’s been a long time since I used this.
PhotoJoseph All good sir. Got one this weekend and it’s quite useful. The mounting options are just a little unexplained. Thank you for the video!
You dropped at 25 feet
I tested this mic today it dropped out at 10-15 feet away
Alec Silvestri same
Your voice is not loud enough to be properly heard.
The audio is fine. Maybe turn up your speakers?
My phone volume is at full. Still very low.
Do you know if you can attach the phone (with the receiver clipped on already) to a SMOVE stabilizer for example? Or would it be too bulky?
I don’t know, sorry
In order to evaluate for drop outs you need to have a constant audio source, like a popular easily recognized piece of music, or for more critical test of dropout, a single 1kHz tone generator outputing to a small speaker and the lav at a fixed position relative to the source. Then move around and even the smallest dropout will be obvious. Test this yourself, don't introduce the possible dropouts from another source like YouTube streaming.
Thanks. As I recall this video wasn’t a dropout test but ended up becoming one. I did a much more thorough test here (although I didn’t use a constant source), but still… it’s obvious when it drops!!
@PhotoJoseph is there anyway to fix micro dropouts in post with premiere or audition?
Ouch… you could fill the gaps with room tone, but that won’t replace the missing part of the word if someone is talking (but if they’re between words/sentences, that could work). I don’t know if there’s a “heal” command in there. Actually that’d be pretty insane. Heal the spectral analysis like a blemish is healed in Photoshop… damnit now I wanna know why that’s not a thing!!
Right?! Why canT they average the audio respectively to make an electronic patch. The dips are literally milliseconds. You'd think there would be a magic adobe fix for that. They can do it with pixels and color, why not with audio..
can I use the microphone in samsung j5 Android phone??
Check with Samson
am sure you can just chek the compatibility on samson product 😉
Hello,Thank you very much for your reviews and yout knowledge :) I just bought a Mevo plus, is the samson go mic compatible with MEVO ? Thank you for your answer.
No mic connects to the Memo directly without the Boost (and then it's via a USB adapter), but you should be able to put the Samson on the iPhone, and use the iPhone for audio. I haven't tested it but this should work fine.
it works on facebook live?
The microphone connects to the camera; it doesn’t matter what platform you stream to.
Just got this mic system.  Much appreciation for the video.  I get more from people than manuals. :)
The ch1 led light go off at 7:55. From my experiences of using Samson's other product this means the mic is being interfered by wifi so the sound drop out. Hopes this information help:)
Oh how interesting. Mic interfered by wifi… that makes sense… and also would help to explain why it seemed to have issues when I was really close to it. Thanks!!
It didn't drop out for me when you thought it did just FYI.
+Geeks Life we found that we were dealing with two different types of dropouts. There was the microphone drops, and the streaming drops. The streaming drops were only visible live.
Hey Joseph! Is it possible to use your phone to stream to a scheduled live show? I know you've done a video about streaming to a scheduled show from the DJI Spark, but I couldn't find if you've done one about using a phone.
+Bart Johnson Productions Apparently not and that's what bit me today. But you also aren't steaming to the "live now". When you title your show, an event is created, which you can then tweak on a computer. I will do a video around this.
Ahh I see.  Interesting.  A video about it would be great!  I am doing a weekly live show now on Saturdays and I know there will be Saturdays coming up where I will be out in the field and still want to do the show.
Sounds a little tinny.
looking forward to hearing more about your new audio interface!
+GodAtum me too!!
It could probably be just me but i felt it has a dependancy on line of sight. IN the begining when you put it in your shirt pocket the first drop out got sorted. Same again when you went out and once held it in your hand the signals were fine but not when you put it back in pocket. So i guess its lineofsight only if has to be anywhere near acceptable quality. But probably one more test can prove that.
+Shivakumar L Narayan It seems not line of site at close proximity is ok. But yes more testing needed for sure.
Never test more than one thing at a time
+FlyingRowan But that would be logical… you must be new here? 😂😝
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