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SD Card Hard Cases ▶︎ Best Case, Best Practices?

Photo Moment - August 24, 2018

You gotta put your SD cards somewhere, and it seems like any case will do. But I'll show you what happens when you choose a BAD case, plus how keep your cards from getting damaged taking them in and out.

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Came here to see if the case can hold cards without a strap over them so they don't fall out, Which i did find out but the upside down trick is certainly very smart and helpful so i'll be using that one.
Great Advice
I'm looking for a case and bump to your video. I might not be buying that pelican (Tax Import policy in my country making it almost 3x original price), but your information about how to store the card, preventing/minimize the risk for your card.. that's gold.
Great review PhotoJoseph! Have you ever heard of the Kiorafoto Case? It's an affordable version of the pelican case and honestly for $7.99 it fits my needs. I have a short overview of the case on my channel. I also use a mirrorless Panasonic for my videos...I appreciate your channel and your content... Keep up the good work!
Thanks! I hadn't but it looks good. Thanks for sharing!
I was very happy with my first Pelican case. However, my 2nd one was a counterfeit, and I even bought it from a reputable online sore.. Flimsy plastic without the printed Pelican brand.
I prefer the Pelican cases myself, I have used the Gepe, Pelican and some of the generic card holders, and the Pelican is just better built in my opinion
Pelican 915 is where it's at. I wish both sides held microSDs, though; does anyone actually have any devices anymore that use miniSD?
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