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How to Setup your Mevo Cameras like a PRO!

Photo Moment - January 14, 2022

Mevo Start is the easiest way to go live, and Mevo Multicam makes it easy to host a multicam show! This complete guide takes you through the entire app!

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Multicam made easy! Learn more at and get yours at
@Erik Steinmeyer would you care to back up your claim? What exactly is “fake” about this? Yes it’s a paid video, that 100% clear.
@PhotoJoseph Do you have to buy all 3 or can you add them separately as you purchase them? We have one but are looking to possibly add 1 or 2 more
@Andrea Lopez-Rivas you can buy separately. The three-pack is just a bundle of the same cameras sold individually.
@PhotoJoseph Mevo's promises are false. the app that you claim to be multicam is not really a ready-to-use app, so much so that it doesn't use the resources that the mevo app has for a simple camera. so yes, your claim to publish a biased video is false. you have the full right to publish a sponsored video, but you fail to be honest in stating that multicam is indeed efficient. Mevo always says that it will make new features in the future, but never has an agenda or public roadmap. sell a weak camera that is not ready for what it promises.
@Erik Steinmeyer Wow. The multicam app doesn’t have all the features of the original app; no one said that it did. No one promised that multicam did everything the other app did; that ridiculous. It delivers everything that I showed here — nothing is “fake”. If you don’t like the feature set, then don’t buy it. Features have been added since the initial release, and more will come, so you’re just making 💩 up. I get that it’s not the camera for you — that’s fine. No one said it was YOUR perfect camera. But to come on my channel and slag me off for doing my job and educating viewers on what the cameras and app do — I’m not telling you anything here that’s not 100% accurate — makes you a troll (at best). Take your hatred somewhere else. If you drop any more BS here, I’ll just ban you. I haven’t stated a single thing that’s not 100% true, and if you have issues with the company Mevo/Logitech, take it up with them directly, but keep your rubbish off my channel. I don’t know who hurt you, but it wasn’t me and I hope you get the help that you need.
Thank you for the video. Can we use MEVO on Windows 10? My goal is to record the Multicam Mix to a computer. In case internet is unstable, I have the mix in a computer.
The Program is recorded in the mobile device, or you could run the cameras in NDI mode and use an app that reads NDI feeds in the computer. The Mevo software however does not run on Windows.
I have 2 cameras How do I display both cameras on stream at the same time with one cropped on a bottom corner please I want to start steaming asap like this
They don’t have that feature at this time. You’re looking for “picture in picture”. Stay tuned though and BE SURE YOU'RE SUBSCRIBED 😉
Do you know if it will soon be available in future firmware updates cause if not I made a mistake by buying them I thought that’s what the mevo could do :/
yes, it's listed on their website as "coming soon"
Thank you so much just subscribed hopefully you will show me how to do it when the update releases
I will 😉
Can I connect them wirelessly to the Yololbox?
No. The Mevo cameras need the Mevo app.
@PhotoJoseph On a mac, using ecamm, I can install the app and set up the MEVO (wireless), then ecamm will sees it as just another webcam input. I was wondering if the YOLOBOX PRO + MEVO could do the same. Thanks for your replying.
That’s in NDI mode or webcam mode. The Yolo doesn’t do NDI, and actually yes you probably could make ONE work in webcam mode but that’s not ideal. I forgot about that TBH.
Can go live on youtube with out 1000 subscribers and how please
This was incredibly detailed and helpful. Thanks!
You’re welcome! Make sure you’re subscribed. The next video is another Mevo one!
Wonderful video. Does the mevo switcher is free ???
I can't seem to get the image in my app to rotate - do you know how to do that?
Loved the video. Is there anyway you can have 6 cams on 1 device or you need 2 separate devices?
Stay tuned… I’ll be answering that question in a few weeks!
Awesome!! Just got the 3pack. Bout scrammble my brains this week.
can mevo live stream to a FB business page?
@PhotoJoseph, thank you for your Setup guide YouTube video. I have reviewed multiple YouTube videos using OBS and no one has address directly "Can you do my camera source shots in one scene using OBS." I am dj, and I want to know does the Mevo do multiple camera shots (not switch camera to camera) in on scene in OBS. If yes, are the Mevo cameras named the same in your computer, or how are they allocated by name or sources?
Great video Photo Joseph. I have a question, can I pair 2 separate mevo cameras or I must purchase the 3 pack?
Either way. The three pack is just three single cameras.
Has anyone used these to live stream a wedding yet? Would love to know how that went. Thinking of going with my Gopros but then I need to get wireless HDMI transmitters and media mods, which would be a lot more than just going with this. But I'm worried about the footage quality.
I read in some user opinions that a lot of the features in the app are only available as (paid) subscription service. Are all functions you demonstrated included in the free app?
the only subscription features are in the Vimeo streaming service
Thank you PhotoJoseph. My employer recently purchased the three pack for my classroom. This will be enormous help to me, a luddite.
This looks amazing. This would be amazing for those with disabilities wanting to be content creators needing something simple to use and not having to trample over wires. The one thing I didn't see is the ability for example to be able to record a computer screen and switch back to the camera. I'm assuming you would use NDI for that? And something like OBS would work for that
Yes if the mevo NDI is working in sync with other cams wired cams in a more professionel they are usefull.
I would like to se a test done with wired cams and a few mevo NDI cams.
there's no way to bring a computer screen into the Mevo live system however yes via NDI you could bring the cameras into another system like OBS and add the computer there.
You are a great teacher! I really enjoy how thorough this video was helped solve some major issues I was having.
What's totally okay but misses important features is the motion priority and motion sense for auto director with facial recognition.
Agreed adding facial recognition there would be awesome
How is the audio/sound recording for the Mevo Start? We are recording funeral services and camera is 25'+ away from speakers.
It’s very good but that’s too far. You should run a microphone up to the speakers.
What about using Mevo in remote streaming over LTE / 4G? Pity that encoder do not possible stream in SRT and using H265 HEVC codec - that will be superb mobile solution.
The Mevo can use your phone or tablet's mobile connection, absolutely. No SRT though, yeah that'd be neat and perhaps even possible via software update since the encoding happens on the mobile device! You should file a feature request with Mevo.
@PhotoJoseph encoding is not in MEVO? What about possibility to use without phone only with MiFi LTE 4G router and saved RTMP connection?
Question is if MEVO camera quality is better than in smartphone…
Since you can change the resolution and bitrate from the app, I'm assuming that that's where the encoding happens. Although I suppose that could be wrong… hmm… worth asking Mevo!
@PhotoJoseph could you ask Mevo? In go pro you could connect to MiFi router with LTE and everything is encoding and streaming direct from device having just internet connection- as set up no phone needed
I've passed the info along to Mevo. Since neither of these are currently possible, let's file this away as a "feature request".
Thanks for this! I'll be operating them for a friend's TedX talk shortly. :D
A great improvement for the autodirector would be that it could switch scenes cameras randomly or with the activation of a certain microphone... great video, thank you very much
Microphone, yes. Totally agree; it could go with the one that has the most volume. I’ve already asked about this. Random; I think it’s random now, isn’t it? I never stared at them to see if there’s a pattern but I thought it was random.
How do you get the pictures quality so clear? I have the older model of the Mevo plus and I cannot get the picture quality clearer even in 1080 P.
Dude… we already had this conversation.
I have the older Mevo Plus model 12GGL and I cannot seem to get a perfect crisp 1080P picture. Can you help me at all?
no… the camera can do up to 1080p depending on the settings, as I outlined in this video (although you're using a different camera so the settings may be different; I don't recall as I haven't looked at that camera in years). You asked how to get a "perfect crisp 1080p picture" and I responded that you need lots of light. Light doesn't dictation resolution but it certainly dictates quality. That goes for any and every single camera on the planet. These cameras have small sensors, and your older Mevo Plus has an even smaller one. They need a lot of light to look good. This is a universal truth.

If you want a good image, add light to your scene.
Actually I have a Canon Vixia HFG10 video camera and it can be almost dark in a room and it looks like it is shooting is full bright light.
That’s a $1700 camera designed for low light. Dude. C’mon.
Ahhhh no not $1700 it goes for $500 on Amazon. Cheap camcorder.
Ok cool. Look you asked me how to get a good picture. I told you. The Mevo is not a low light camera. End of story. Add light and your picture quality will go up.
So here’s the real question. Did you film yourself using a Mevo start or did you use another camera?
This video is NOT shot on Mevo Start, except for the BBQ scene.
I was hoping I could see the bottom tripod connector/adapter. Thanks for the setup though
Ah, sorry I didnt show that. You can see it on their website though.
Please do a review on Osmo action. Thanks
Is it possible to setup multiple cameras with different angles while on a zoom call?
That was amazing...great work
This video is great. You explained everything so well. Thank you.
nice tuto.
but you know the sensor size ? for example using on low light ambient ?
and the latence in wifi or ethernet 10/100 ? in milliseconde.

have you this informations ?

it is possible use 3 cameras with ethernet usb-c ->rj45 adaptor, and plus adaptor rj45->hdmi to ATEM MINI PRO hdmi.

Why the PoE Adapter doesn’t fit in the case together with the cam🙄😫
I must say that this is one of the best reviews I ever seen! well done.
but to manage the audio on multicam, do i have to act on the single cameras with the mevo app and not with multicam?
I don’t know what you mean. I showed the audio controls in the multicam app here.
Hi, if i want to enable the 3 cameras for NDI, i have to do it in the old app one camera at the time?, if i disconnect the first one to activate the 2nd one, the setting will remain in the 1st? Thank you!
That is correct.
Hi @PhotoJoseph, great tutorial, but I need something on wired network with Ethernet POE adaptor, which I have looked for on the Mevo site as well as on Youtube, and I have even put in a call to Mevo to see what they could advise, but I can find nothing regards that setup. Any tips you can offer?
You mean that you can’t find the Ethernet adapter? That can’t be what you mean; that’s easy to find…
I have 2 Mevo Starts and am using the multicam app. I want to connect one camera to my sound board/mixer in church. So firstly, can I use a TRS cable to two male ends to connect to my board's audio out (red and white)? Secondly, how do I set it up so that the sound from the sound board is the only sound source, even when I switch cameras? If I switch cameras on my app, will the sound cony come from the camera showing video? Thanks
Have you tried this out, Reverend? I think you’ll dubs these answers are pretty prominent. You can choose which audio you want as I showed in the video, and the cabling you need will depend on your sound board but there are cables for basically anything to 3.5mm.
Nicely done, thank you. Now, do you recommend these cameras not - you really didn't give an opinion?
Because this wasn’t an opinion piece, but an educational one :-) I think these cameras are great for a particular user. They are the easiest to set up and stream from anywhere at any time, for sure. ESPECIALLY for multicam. Are they the best quality? Certainly not. But for $1,000 doing a three camera live stream where the only other thing you need is your phone; that’s awesome. Other systems, that thousand bucks will just get you the switcher, no cameras. So to answer your question — I 100% recommend them if your needs fall into what it provides. There’s nothing else like it out there!
can u do multicam without going live just recording
Can this multi-cam Mevo set up be used to stream on Instagram?
No. There’s no (as far as I know) legal way to stream to IG other than from the app. People have workarounds though. Look up YellowDuck to see if they’re still around.
Bonjour monsieur Joseph nous avec l'anglais ce compliqué un peut tu peut nous fait en français.
I don’t speak French but the subtitles have been translated. Please enable those.

Je ne parle pas français mais les sous-titres ont été traduits. Veuillez les activer.
Ah oui merci
how do you connect the cameras to an ATEM (mini pro extreme)
You can’t, at least not effectively. These aren’t that type of camera. No ATEM needed — just the cameras and the app.
A question I haven't found out is if you can have 8 mevo cameras and have them automatically livestream to their own RTMP to YouTube if you have 8 different channels and your bandwidth would support it? I would have POE setup to each device and trying to have 8 static cameras pointed on 8 wrestling mats and like to do this without having to have 8 laptops connected as well.
@PhotoJoseph Thank you! I thought you could only manage up to three mevo cameras from the app. Or is that something I am misunderstanding? I only need to configure them to stream, do not need to use the app as a switcher, so I am guessing I can have as many Mevo devices tied to an iOS device, but can only use the mevo switcher of up to 3 cameras at once? Just want to make sure I understand as this solution will be fantastic for many of our large events that have mini events that run simultaneously.
@Shaun Jeffers you can only do three on multicam at once. Hmm let me find out if there’s a limit to how many you can switch between (and you’d be using the regular app, not the multicam app)
@PhotoJoseph thank you! I don’t need to do anything but set them up with the manual RTMP stream key and location on YouTube and they will have their own stream keys. I was hoping the limitation is just if you want to use 3 Mevo cameras within the switcher app to change sources for one stream, but that wasn’t clear to me everywhere I have researched.
@Shaun Jeffers Confirmed — you can have unlimited cameras on the main Mevo app! If you do decide to buy, the cameras in the 3-pack are identical to the singles. I'd get three three-packs and have one extra/back-up camera. Enjoy!
@PhotoJoseph Game changer of a solution where I need multiple static feeds to stream for Wrestling, Indoor Track & Field, Tennis, and Bowling!
This was what I needed, so well done thanks! Is there way to get delay away?
Thanks! And no, the delay is an inherent part of this type of camera.
YouTube livestream is requiring a RTMP. you did not cover this...
It connects directly to youtube. You don’t need to do a custom RTMP. But as you can see in the live stream setup 4:23 there is an option for RTMP.
@PhotoJoseph if you have under 1.000 subscriptions you can’t use YouTube Streaming as a nativ service. You have to use RTMP
@Sharkx2k ah, ok
Is it possible to plug a mic into one camera and have that mic always be the audio source, even when switched to a different camera for video...just like you can on an ATEM?
This was both comprehensive and engaging. Thank you for the wonderful tutorial. I’m looking to invest in a streaming setup and this tutorial helped me make my decision. Cheers.
Is it possible to use these with Yolobox Pro?
The cameras don’t have an HDMI out, but it might work as a webcam on the USB input. I haven’t tried though
Thank you for that info. Do you think it is possible to connect the cameras to something like an iPad or Android tablet and then run that device via the HDMI port? You could then use that device as a bridge/switcher for the Mevos. Couldn't you? Or would that be doing to much?
@ProSafety Trainings all that would do is mirror the iPad’s screen
@PhotoJoseph Thank you. I really appreciate your content channel!

do you have any info on the table stand you are using at the end of the video, loved the detailed info for this cameras, keep it up

Apologies for the late reply — my gmail filters that highlight these messages disappeared and I just found out!

The table Stand is listed in the description; here's the link to it!

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