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How to Shoot and Edit Video for IGTV! ► 1080p Rotated, or 4K Cropped?

Photo Moment - June 26, 2018

By now you've seen IGTV, Instagram's new VERTICAL video app. Want to know how to shoot and edit for it? Check out this handy tutorial!

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I watched this a year after you posted and it was just what I was looking for. Everyone else on YouTube just shows you how to crop. Thanks!
Haha right on, glad to hear it!
Am I crazy or did you say that you were going to also explain the workflow of shooting in 4k horizontal and then cropping to 1k vertical?
🤪hehe I don't recall now but that sounds like something I showed or at least explained how to do, no?
Maybe it got lost in the editing process ;) It seems to me that if I use the BMPCC 4k in Ultra HD mode and turn on the grid, I can just use the middle grid to represent IGTV and it should be a pretty simple process to crop the video in FCP X.
Yeah that'd be about right. UHD is 3840w x 2160h, and vertical HD is 1080w x 1920h. Assuming your grid is in thirds, then 3840/3=1280. So that's a 1280w x 2160h shot. The ratio for IGTV would make it 1213 wide, so a little less than your 1/3 markers. Make sense? (And yes, cropping in FCPX would be easy)
That's what I came up with as well. Thanks for confirming. Fortunately, the camera grid is indeed in thirds. I'm going to use the middle grid for IGTV.
What annoys me is that even after rotation timeline still shows original oriantation. Hopefully this will be fixed in the newer final cut versions...
I doubt it, because they don’t want people uploading horizontal video to be rotated. They want vertical video. 🤷🏼‍♂️
I like your 'VCR Paused' effect @7:44 ,How did you get that effect?? -ty
So what I gathered from this is essentially you legit need to tilt your fucking camera while shooting or plan while shooting 4K to punch in later? Agh. Really wish there was a better method. Hate instagrams cropped squared format. Are there differences shooting regular instagram videos VS instagram TV?
It’s not any different than shooting an alternative super wide aspect ratio; you just have to plan for your delivery. Shooting vertical is easiest. Try it though; it’s not as bad as it sounds and it’s actually kinda fun. And IG stories and IGTV are both 9:16
This was very helpful!! Thank-you, here is the type of material I was planning to upload
You could also just do 720p rotated, since the app doesn't actually appear to play anything above 720p.
How can you tell? Also; legacy.
Already you can upload with Instagram App and with your Instagram account directly from the computer's web-browser. Thank you, for very detailed and time-saving tutorial.
You're a master. Would be nice when YT makes Memberships available from 10K subscribers and not just 100K as for now. I imagine you might easily be able to get hundreds maybe even thousands of sponsors like that. I hate IG, and really I hope IGTV fails, I think portrait video shooting is a sin, I hope somehow all the kids stop using IG. But I wish YT doesn't keep sleeping on their laurels and hurries up to 10x improve monetization on here which would 10x improve the time and energy and quality spent by YouTubers on making content on here.
Thanks for the complements mate. You’re kind.
Agree. Between snap and IG my kids are always recording portrait. I tell them they will have to mount their TV's vertical in the future! It kills me!
What kills me is seeing my kid watch wide video while holding her phone vertically. I’ll reach over and rotate her phone, which just elicits a massive eye roll and a prompt rotation back.
Thank you!!
Love you videos. Thanks for sharing:)
So, what are your thoughts on Instagram promoting vertical video?

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