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Snowflake Photos by Dom Komarechka ► Nature’s Fragile Fleeting Moments

Photo Moment - February 02, 2018

If you've never seen Don Komarechka's Extreme Macro snowflake photography or UV photography, you're in for a treat. It's winter (in this hemisphere!). A good chunk of the land is covered in snow… what is there to do? Don will explain his process and show us a handful of his favorite photos!

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These shots are amazing! Have we inspired you to experiment with a whole new subject matter?

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Love this
His stuff is amazing, isn't it
Hi Joseph & Don,

Great interview, and thanks Don for sharing your work. Really great stuff! I've always loved close-up photography, but let it wane in recent years. I think this discussion is motivation to revisit that passion. Thank you !
Glad we could inspire you, Malcolm! There are so many subjects to explore and you don't really have to leave home for it - maybe a trip to a flower store in the dead of winter. :)
Wow... these are incredible! Never felt such an urge and capturing a snow flake!
I wonder if Pixel Shift works for Macro photography. Panasonic disabled their email customer support, but I was wondering if they can provide a firmware update that allows the Pixel Shift technology that the G9 has in to the GH5.
If you have a static subject and you're locked on a tripod, this can be a way to overcome one of the limits traditionally seen in macro photography at the extremes: diffraction. Actually, diffraction is the reason why "Pixel Shift" technology exists in the first place, because the laws of physics have a hard time allowing more than 20MP on a M4/3-sized sensor. :)

So yes, it can help in controlled studio conditions, but I'm rarely so lucky to have ideas to explore that take the "easy" road.
Watch my video on the G9’s pixel shifting. Most of my test photos are macro.
Absolutely fascinating video, and to think I almost skipped over it!
Don said best macro lens is 100mm, although I think he's probably shooting full frame (Canon?), but with MFT I assume that would that be 50mm macro (2x)? I see Panasonic has only one macro lens (45mm) listed on their web site. How sharp is it?
Glad you watched! I’m actually not sure if he’s shooting full frame or APSC, but either way yes to get 100mm full frame equivalent on MFT you need a 50mm lens. Panasonic has two macro lenses; a 30mm and 45mm. The 45 is a Leica and is VERY sharp. It’d be the one to get if you’re starting down this path!
I was referring to larger-sensor cameras (APS-C or Full frame) John. I'm currently testing out the Panasonic/Leica 45mm macro for a project I can't talk about yet, but I can tell you that the lens is a beauty. Very sharp as Joseph says and it handles extension tubes very nicely as well - if you need to get even closer, and for snowflakes you definitely would want to! Thanks very much for watching!
@PhotoJoseph - (edited due to FAT FINGERS😊) I’m curious, aside from the art of it all, which obviously is most important, I wonder for what kind of client would he be photographing these? I’m just trying to think who would be a candidate for these unique type photos?
Can you edit your question please… I think your phone's keyboard got the best of you and I have NO idea what you're asking 😝
Ahh… I think it’s a fine art approach. Selling prints or licensing for print or ad use. Probably not likely a client would request it, but let’s see what Don says!
Clients include the Royal Canadian Mint (I have two limited edition pure silver coins that feature my snowflakes), The Canadian Science and Technology Museum, BBC Science, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, CBC (was filmed for an episode of the series The Nature of Things titled "Chasing Snowflakes"), Outdoor Photography Canada Magazine, and many others.

There is definitely an audience, and I love to make fine art prints of these images as well. :)
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