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Testing USB 3 vs USB 2 Cables for Tethering ► It There a Difference?

Photo Moment - March 05, 2018

Last week's show on tethered shooting with the GH5 was done on a USB 2.0 cable, which an eagle-eyed viewer pointed out. So let's do some comparisons of a USB 2.0 vs USB 3.0 cable and see what kind of difference it makes!

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oops, I watched rest of video and cable length was cleared up.

Also, if you spraypaint your cable orange you get the same effect as buying an orange cable.
I can't tell if you're being sarcastic… spray-paint costs money, takes time, and can rub off. I'd rather just buy an orange cable.
I want to mention that normal USB3.0 cables can only be 3 meters (9 feet) at most and USB2.0 cables can be up to 5 meters (15 feet). So if you're looking at getting a long cable and speed doesn't matter then the USB2.0 cable will get you more distance. That is unless you don't mind spending more money on that 3.0 cable you showed.
Seconds, O PLEASE, I think I can wipe my ass faster..
Your windows accuse is not right man.
Please clarify?
@PhotoJoseph usb 2 and 3 are physically two separate channels within a cable. If your computer recognize a USB3 cable as USB2 cable, it only means you got a bad USB3 cable. By design, USB3 cable is much harder to manufacture, but people are getting used to the cheap USB2 cable so they don't want to pay more for USB3. That's why the bad USB3 cable are flooded on the market.
Interesting, thank you. Great info; I didn't know that. What did you mean by "windows accuse" though?
@PhotoJoseph You said windows has to be rebooted to pick up USB3 signal while MAC doesn't. Rebooting and USB enumeration are irrelevant. If you experience a unstable USB3 connection, it only means you either have a bad host port or bad cable (normally device are more USB standard compliant). It's just apple has more control over their hardware, so you don't see much problem may come from the host port. But if you use a bad cable on MAC, you will still see the USB3 connection go on and off.
Great, thanks for the clarification! I'm not a Windows user and I don't recall where that info came from at the time, so thanks again.
thanks for sharing.
TL:DR yes.
Good show
I really enjoy your stuff and the way you approach educating people, so I was wondering? Is it worth doing your GH5 course if you have a G9. I have used a G7 before and a FZ330 in the Panasonic line-up, but the G9 has a lot more features I am probably missing, so I am looking for resources that will shine a light on those. I only discovered the whole 'tethering' idea thanks to you, so if I can give something back by purchasing I'd be happy to get involved (but obviously if it isn't relevant I can support in another way). Looking forward to more G9 tips 😁
PhotoJoseph Thanks I will take up that offer then...expect a new client when I get a spare moment to join :-)
it's not the matter of file transfer speed, but the protocol number.
JFYI: your mac type-C is USB 3.0, so find USB 2.0 mac/PC and then use it for LUMIX tether. you'll not get the window to open.
same, place USB "3.0" HUB between your mac/PC (of course, they must be USB 3.0!) and LUMIX. you also might get no window to open.
Lumix tether system requirement specifies USB 3.0 without HUB.
USB protocol theoretically acts as 3.0 only when all the things speaks USB 3.0 or above.
Users have no clue to know a 2.0 cable always works with LUMIX tether system luckily when buying.
if your taking pictures are only one chance (valuable), I think it's not worth to challenge using 2.0 cable. (further LUMIX tether or macOS update may affect this luckiness.)
Let's talk about finding a cheaper and/or good USB 3.0 cable, not how to manage the system with 2.0 cables.
In that sense, I'm very happy to know Tether Tool's Tether Pro cables.
I hope this does not frustrate you...... It looked like you had SD plus Tether switched on. I wonder if it would have been different without any SD card writing? You did mention the SD card might have made a difference.
I’m quite sure it was the SD card. Have you gotten to the end of the video?
What I meant was. If the tether software was set to "Storage Location = PC (only)" that would have removed the effect of the SD card speed.
And yes, understood. It’d be interesting to test that again and maybe I will! I do like the idea of having the card backup though.
Not all cables are the same! Most cables aren't even up to spec. This guy named Benson started buying and testing cables from Amazon. He works at Google and got tired of people damaging their Pixel Laptops. Check out his reviews. Just google "benson amazon usb" . I wish Google would just officially open up a Quality Hardware Lab. Some of these cables only have 2 of the 4 wires they need! How crazy is that!
No way! I’ll look him up, thanks.
the reason some have only 2 instead of 4 wires, is because 2 wires is all that is needed for charging and all that is EVER used for charging. HOWEVER, those cables will NOT transfer data. Having said that, make sure to use OEM or high quality USB Cables for Fast charging. Cheap amazon basic cables are so thin and crappy that you can burn the UBS cable and/or damage what you are charging. I do have amazon basic cables for charging things like my wireless head set because it is a tiny little battery that pulls very little mA's that it is safe. but like if i used that cable and a fast charger, which i will admit that i have, you can fry the cable or device.
FINALLY!!!! Just ordered my GH5 and it's on it's way. Soooo excited. Time to pull out your GH5 lessons again and go through it. Sorry I couldn't use your link as I had to deal with Adorama directly because I traded in a Nikon D750 for it that I hardly used. I usually go through B&H but Adorama gave me a really good trade-in price. Awesome timing with it going on sell. Thanks for telling me in your live feed today. I jumped right on it when your feed was done.
Watched your previous episode and had this question also - so this was good!

(Have had problems tethering with GH5 before, unrelated to this though. Kept crashing the camera or corrupting files!)
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