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Thingyfy Pinhole Pro S Lens ► UNBOXING a Super Cool Kickstarter Lens

Photo Moment - March 02, 2018

This super cool (I hope) lens I bought on Kickstarter a while ago just arrived… it's a M43 pinhole lens for my LUMIX cameras from a company called Thingyfy! Let's open it up and check it out, and if you want one, go to


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Thingyfy Pinhole Pro S — Get Yours Here

What would you like to see done with this really cool Kickstarter Pinhole Lens?

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Thingyfy Pinhole Pro S
Interesting lens but I see at least two issues... the effect quickly wears out and if your sensor isn't perfectly clean you'll be stuck with some difficult-to-remove black spots on your footage. On the other hand, it is a creative lens, but I would only use it for still photography.
C'mon now...get on with It !
The skylight filter isn't necessary. The lens has something of the sort built in. Dust can't get in when you have just the Thingyfy mounted. The disadvantage of this is that if you go out on a cold damp morning to take photos moisture can condense on the inside of the lens. It's happened to me. Otherwise it works fine.
Good to know!
Looks awesome to spot sensor dust.
Bought it for a Sony a6000. Came in about 2 months from Canada.
With 2 filters! Except they didn’t send the filters that I ordered. After sale - product support seemed to have vanished.
Exposure has been hard to set up right. Not giving up on it...
that’s a shame. Fun little lens.
You would be hard pressed to get working stabilisation with exposures in the seconds...if on tripod it’s not needed anyway
Nice & Thanks :)
here it is a website about pinholes / / you calculate the data
Thingyfy is hard to reach for customer service. Got the Pro S18 for my Sony a6000. Nice packaging. They shipped me 2 ND- 2 filters not a UV filter.
That’s a shame to hear
I just got this from Kickstarter a couple weeks back and couldn't figure out how the heck to use it. (I mostly bought it to learn what a pin-hold lens is good for). This tape cleared it all up... thx!
You have to stop up the aperture. The reason the pictures are too dark.
@@photojoseph Technically there is an aperture - aperture just means opening - it's just a fixed size and very small (like f100 or more). It's why the dust and lint on the sensor is so pronounced (a tip to find dust is to stop down your lens)
It’s a pinhole lens. There is no aperture. Or lens :-) It’s literally a hole.
On the Thingyfy indiegogo it says the focal length is 26mm for mirrorless cameras.
Thanks for the update.
that is for the original pinhole pro, the S is either 11 or 18mm depending on how much vignetting you want on a sony camera, for m43 its 11mm only
Right on, thanks!
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