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A Tilt Lens! TTArtisan 50mm f/1.4 TILT Full Frame Lens

Photo Moment - March 31, 2023

Have you ever played with a Tilt lens? At just $200, now’s your opportunity! It’s fun, it’s creative, and surprisingly useful.

TTArtisan 50mm f/1.4 Tilt Lens ⬇️

get it in…

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Have you ever used a Tilt lens? At just $200, will you get one?
I just got this lens a few weeks ago and have struggled a bit to get results. Thank you for explaining. I also got the 7.5 f2 which I really like. How about a video on that one?
I actually just bought one today. I’m excited to experiment with it. I plan to use it for my job, add something to our videos.
Also, your lighting is fantastic!
@rnoirs that’s awesome! And thank you 😊
@Stefan Zubal now that you’ve had it for longer, are you getting better results? It’s definitely a learning curve. And I haven’t see the 7.5 but I did a video on this 6mm MFT lens a while ago which is the same effective focal length (MFT 6mm x 2 = 12mm vs APS-C 7.5mm x 1.6 = 12mm)
@PhotoJoseph Still playing with it and yes getting better results. Interesting when you use it as a focus stack lens :)
Very good video👍
Thank you 👍
man I thought I was watching an episode of arrested development. i made a huge mistake
I don’t understand the comment, and I won’t respond to it.
@PhotoJoseph it was in reference to your voice.. Which is really good and if you've ever seen an episode of Arrested development, you sound exactly like the guy who does their voice overs, who incidentally is the famous director Ron Howard. So it was a compliment but all good. You don't need to respond
@PhotoJoseph and the line "I made a huge mistake" is the most famous line from that show
@ZodiacProd my response was a quote as well 😂
Best explain i watch on till now. Thanks!
Thank YOU!
Have they made a version for the Micro 4/3s mount? It seems that Lumix has pretty much abandoned that format, by not offering new versions of cameras in that format ...
Did you miss the GH6? And I don’t believe this lens is available in MFT but you can check the link in description to see if it’s there.
Does it work on APSC cameras? I dont know if the smaller sensor effects the image
It would work but yes you’d be cropping out of the center — which would be fine for most things!
Can you show me how to use this lens? very interesting clip, thank you
Did… you watch the full video? Maybe someone clipped it and you saw that but click through to the full video.
This is a really all-encompassing and comprehensive review, awesome!
Glad you liked it!
I have Samyang 3.5/24mm tilt-shift lens. It's dirt cheap (used) and fun to play with. I barely use it of course, but if somebody wants a chep intro into this stuff, it's okay.
Buying used is always a great way to get into it!
@PhotoJoseph yeah, in modern days a tilt-shift lens is more of artistic thing and not a problem-solving magical device. There are tons of good wide lenses, so shift is very questionable. As for architecture, we have drones now, duh. As for the artistic part super fun but not too much reasons to pay too much.
f/1.4 on a tilt lens is freaking cool though, a part of me is intrigued.
@Dmitry G definitely not as needed as before. But drones aren’t always an option and it’s hard to dispute the benefits in my tabletop photo example!
Great video! Since there is more control over the focus I always wondered if there was a way to use tilt-shift lens to go the other way around, that is shoot miniatures but make it look life size...
What a wonderful question. Unfortunately I believe the answer is no. Once you tilt in either direction, you are narrowing the intersection, making focus more narrow, not broader. Sorry!!
TTArtisan told me the other day that they've sold so many of this lens that they've paused the 100mm release in order to meet production demand.
Oh wow. And they’re working on a 100mm tilt?? That’s odd. I’d much rather see a super wide one.
@PhotoJoseph 100macro .It's on their published roadmap so I'm not leaking :) I have it
@Damian Brown ah ok!
I haven't played with tilt shift, but I do own a Lensbaby lens, which is fun for more artistic stuff. at $200 this is definitely tempting. Can you adapt L to m4/3?
There is no adapter for L to M43. There isn’t enough difference in the flange distances to insert an adapter.
Damn! What a good lesson, with fantastic examples of a tilt lens! Thanks so much.

Just curious, practicality wise, what do we miss out on with this lens NOT having the 'Shift' aspect of a Tilt Shift Lens?
Thanks! I originally planned to talk “shift” but it made the video too long. But basically, the lens is larger and projects a larger image than needed on the sensor, so you can shift the lens up/down and get a PORTION of that wider field of view. Practically this means that you can hold a lens parallel to a subject (e.g. a building), but what you see through the camera is only part of the subject, so then you shift the lens to see a different part of the subject. Combine that with tilt and you can photograph a skyscraper from the ground as if you were half way up the building. They are amazing lenses.
@PhotoJoseph that's awesome!

So baaically create a panorama after the fact, and it'll already be perspective correct.
@Dean Hood that is precisely one very good use. Of course today panorama correction is so good it’s not really necessary to shoot that way anymore. But it used to be The Way. Tilt/focus correction however can’t (currently) be handled by software so Tilt is still very valuable. In fact part of my original script was to discuss precisely that, and to show that even without shift I could capture a building in focus while pointing up at it, then correct the perspective in Lightroom. But then I realized the 50mm was far too tight for that. Oops. So you can kinda get an idea of how the script evolved 😄
I had a full set of TS-E lenses, 17, 24 Mark II, 45, 90. I think the design of the last two date to around 1990. Then Canon introduce 50mm Macro, 90mm Macro, 135 Macro. So now it has five.

TS-R lenses are rumoured, and at least one rumour mentions AF.

Nikon has four PC lenses, I never remember what they are. When the PC-19 was introduced, reviewers asserted it wasn't as good as the TS-E 17. And the price! A TS-E 17 plus EOS 6D could be had for less.

A problem I had with TS-E lenses on Canon DSLRs is that the cameras drop out of live view. Now, I use them on a Lumix S1R with a Sigma adaptor and they behave perfectly. And my usual technique of setting exposure works too, and then there's focus peaking.

My TS-E 24 II is my preferred FF lens for landscape photography. I don't use filters often, but occasionally I do.

I must try tilt, it will be easier with the S1R, it was too clumsy for my taste with DSLRs.
Wow that’s amazing. Thanks for sharing!! Now I want to find a used Canon TS EF to play with 😅
@PhotoJoseph I also have a EF to MFT adaprot. I shuld try one on one of my smaller cameras. 17 is not very wide, but 11 or 12 mm of shift is HUGE.
This could be a fun not very expensive lens to experiment with thanks for letting me know it exists.
It really is! My pleasure!
03:10. I disagree. both tilt-only lens and shift-only lens, need to cover an image circle much larger than actual sensor.
Shift needs a lot more. And as you can see… this isn’t that big and it does indeed tilt!
Also, AstrHori has issued a 50mm f1.4 tilt lens, too, which seems to have "borrowed" the Lensbaby tech for the mount, meaning you should be able to tilt it into all directions, with a little less accuracy, perhaps. But it's more expensive than the TT Artisan one, trading at 299 Euros on Amazon Germany. Also available with an L-Mount.
As a long time Lensbaby fan, I've recently got an Edge 35mm optic, which is working exactly like the TTArtisans one - except with the composer pro mount, it's more flexible. But it's only f3.5 wide open, not f1.4. At the moment, the lens sells for 269 Euros on Amazon Germany, which is OK. I'll keep an eye on this, hoping they come out with a 28mm tilt lens, which I would take immediately.
I've owned the Nikkor tilt-shit lens for decades now, and in photography, it is truly something that will give you UNIQUE and SPECIAL effects, that said, this effect is even more amazing for videos and the Tilt-shift effect in Resolve gets you 90% of the way there for free, if you have Resolve. ;)
ha I didn't even know Resolve had the effect! Still, optical is always better. Thanks for watching!
@PhotoJoseph Always a pleasure watching your channel!
Gaaaahhh! another lens in my bag! 😆 I kind of put the Lens Baby series in this category too.
Yeah some of the Lens Baby lenses can definitely get this look! Thanks for watching!
damn, that seems really a really fun lens. Thanks for the lesson
You’re welcome, and thanks for watching!
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