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Time for an AMA

Photo Moment - June 07, 2019

We talked about camera settings, my new podcast, upcoming Adorama Inspire, finding content on this site, new 7Artisans macro MFT lens, my use of the LUMIX S1, recording settings on the GH5, Leica 10-25 f/1.7 lens, viewer Shark (Mark Forbes') feature film, using OBS for camera switching, 6K Photo Mode pre-burst usage, camera kit reviews and why I try not to do too many of them, a recommended b-cam for car interior shots, iPadOS standout feature, E-stabilization (use it or lose it?), how we're recording my new podcast with minimal effort, and probably lots of other things.

Things Mentioned

  • Join me at Adorama Inspire from June 18-20 in NYC
  • Subscribe to my new podcast, with Sean Marc Nipper! It's called “Shot Talk” (still spreading throughout the platforms; should be everywhere within a few days)
  • Support Mark Forbes' feature film Mother & Wild on Indiegogo!

Other Videos Mentioned

Check out this sample footage from the upcoming Leica 10-25mm f/1.7 lens!

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Comments from YouTube

Could you do a little talk abut lens breathing on GH5. Have had a major problem with Pan lenses and it is not the camera.
It's never the camera; focus breathing is always the lens. What lenses are you using? Cheap lenses will always breathe; better lenses breathe less
@PhotoJoseph Lumex 100-400 in manual for video only until I can find out why I have switched to Nikon Glass any assistance will be appreciated. Thanks in Advance
I don’t have a copy of that lens but with that much zoom range I’m not surprised. It’s not something you can “fix”. Lenses that don’t breathe tend to be more expensive, and at that zoom range it’s not surprising. Plus it’s a variable aperture lens so even more likely to breathe. Ive run tests with my more cinema-like lenses like the 12-35/2.8 and 35-100/2.8 and they barely breathe at all.
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