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Unboxing the Behringer X AIR XR16 Digital Mixer - iOS/Mac Controlled Digital Audio Mixer

Photo Moment - August 07, 2017

One of my most devoted viewers has given a most beautiful gift to me… this incredibly capable Behringer X AIR XR16, a digital audio mixer to take my audio production to the next level!


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I was looking forward to some action named video so that you can talk your heart out....disappointed
Too much rambling and not enough focus on the XR16.  Wish there was more detail on the unit and how to initially set it up.
Seeing as how it was an unboxing, and it was totally new to me, any setup would be a bit disingenuous, no?
True but based on the subject, the comments on the remote camera weren't necessary, or your response to the comments, and the wireless lab were off-topic. Hope you do another on this product and your initial impressions or on setting it up for the first time. You have a great speaking voice.
I can do another video on this now that I’ve been using it for a while if there is interest.
I'm sure there is definitely interest. I've seen a lot but I've yet to find the video that covers using this with a PC.
Ok, I’ll put it on the list
I was just looking at getting the XR12! Very timely
Off topic: You said, that you use 60p on video for slow motion possibility. Do you somehow convert the non slow motion parts of video to make it look more "cinematic"? Thanks
+extender01 if its shot 60p and put on a 30p timeline, then by default it's throwing away every other frame. Slow it to ½ speed and now it's playing every frame. Make sense? I actually cover this pretty well in my course at
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