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Unboxing Free-For-All ▶︎ Lighting, Stabilization, and Monitors! Oh My!

Photo Moment - September 19, 2018

This is just one mass unboxing free-for-all… and there's a little bit for everyone. Looking for some LED lights? Take a look at the Aputure Amaran Tri-8s. Need a simple stabilizing tripod alternative for your camera? The Platypod Max just might be for you. Would an external monitor make your workflow easier? The “new kid on the block” PortKeys LH5T has a touch screen! Want to use your phone as a second (or third) camera? The Viewflex Video Kit VF-H6 Video Grip will get the job done!

Products Mentioned In Today's Photo Moment

PortKeys LH5T 5” 4K HDMI On-Camera Field Monitor — Get Yours Here

Aputure Amaran Tri-8s — Get Yours Here

Platypod Max w/ Accessory Kit — Get Yours Here

Viewflex Video Kit VF-H6 Video Grip — Get Yours Here


Videos Mentioned In Today's Photo Moment





Other Links Mentioned In Today's Photo Moment

Photography workshops
PortKeys Website

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Comments from YouTube

You deserve way more subscribers. I'll try to recommend your channel to most of my friends who do photography or are interested in this sort of stuff!
Thank you!!
Lots of nice gear. I’ll watch your take on wireless mic with the iPhones. Please send the bag whenever it’s convenient. Thanks.
You should have way more subscribers man. The fact you do all this stuff live is a task and a half. Well done and thanks for the informative videos.
I agree 😁 Thank you and tell a friend!
I'll share your channel on my feed coming up maybe it'll help give you a bump in traffic. 😄
Hmmm. And we'd need TWO of those Tri-8 lights? They really look great! Very 'pro'.
One is never enough.
@PhotoJoseph True, true. And the A in the leds is very A-pparent!
Gunnar Hosch ahahaha
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