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UNBOXING ► LUMIX 10-25mm f/1.7!

Photo Moment - August 14, 2019

itshereitshereitshere!! (And the ONLY reason I'm not unboxing it before the show is because I HAVE to finish something else first… and if I open this box…

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ooooh my precious…
Good review. I rented the lens a couple of months ago and too found it lighter than I thought it was going to be. Spectacular lens. Definitely on my wish list.
Nice to hear. And awesome that you rented it. Too many people don’t rent as a way to try it out!
Olympus has had the focus clutch for years. Panasonic is playing catch up. Same goes for IBIS.
I have learned through the many comments here that some Olympus lenses have had that for a while. But IS has been in LUMIX lenses and cameras for ages. Panasonic invented MFT and designed it with room for IBIS. I don’t know what camera had it first but Panasonic is hardly playing catch-up… they’re the ones who created the spec for it.
A beautiful review. ❣ Thanks man. I bought one. Brasil:)
I shoot a lot of conferences. Often in these rooms where someone is presenting, it is quite dark because they are using a computer projector. I currently use primes. A 17 mm f1.8 and a 42.5 mm f1.7 which work pretty well, but a zoom like this would be very nice. I use two GH5 bodies so I don't have to fumble around changing lenses. Is there a longer zoom which would go well with this? I can't think of one.
No, the fastest Panasonic long zoom would be the 35-100/2.8. Great lens but maybe not fast enough. You could look at adapting a sigma lens through a metabones (or similar) adapter. You gain 0.7x on the focal length and aperture when you do that, for example a 100mm f/2.8 becomes a 70mm f/2
PhotoJoseph I have the 35-100 mm f2.8. I guess I'll have to stick to a prime on the long end.
I love the focus clutch. I have an Olympus 12-40 mm F2.8 and a 17 mm f1.8 both with focus clutches.
If you have IBIS in the camera do you still want a lens with image stabilization for shooting video hand held? Thoughts?
it should have been a F1.4 lens to be a 20-50mm F2.8 equiv on FF. I want one but 1700 is way too much for F3.4 equiv. I wish Nikon made a DX body with good 4K so I could use the Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 but for Video and images, Panasonic is still my first choice.
A clutch for the "first time in M4/3"... Are you kidding me?!? >__>
Ok relax, I’ve heard since then that was wrong. I’m not all knowing.
Another poisonings box!
Does the focus clutch have hard stops?
No, they are “soft stops”. The focus stops moving, and you feel a physical hit, but the collar continues to rotate.
Looks drool worthy especially for videographers. Look forward to your review in due time Joe.

That 77mm filter thread says "l'm a fatty and my owner better buy me a bigger filter because l'm worth it."
Anyone get thier pre-ordered 10-25mm f1.7 yet?
What country? I know some folks in Europe had theirs before I did!
Utah, USA
Dan from B&H said this: Panasonic has shipped a few lenses so far but based on the number of back orders, I would estimated that if you placed an order today, it would take about 4-6 weeks.
That thumbnail looks creepy man
My precious!!
Loooooool Gollum Gollum!
You should buy Zuiko lenses, far superior optics than lumix. Way more reliable stuff too.
I don’t know where you’re getting your info, but that’s not even remotely accurate. Look at DxOMark and compare Panasonic to Olympus. Top two scores… one from each company. Top four… two from each. Top six; three of each. I’d call that evenly split. Olympus and Panasonic both make excellent lenses, and the best part is that there’s minimal overlap. But to call Olympus lenses “far superior” is simply incorrect.
I wonder how the Panasonic focus works. Here's what I found about Olympus, minimum focus distance is better when using AF-MF focus by wire than the manual focus clutch and the lens will bounce out of focus when switching to and from the manual focus clutch. I would be curious what you find and I recommend testing out the Olympus 12-40mm Pro lens because I know a couple Panasonic shooters that love that lens.
Love this lense so much.
Yeah… me too!!
A Panasonic lens of that price with no OIS? It's a video lens right? So why not use OIS and give the gh5 dual OIS for video and no need for gimbal, better still, if it had OIS then the gh5s would have some stabilization. I was really wanting to buy this but sorry Panasonic, no value here so shove it up your arse!
Easy Rachel… watch the Q&A where someone asks about that. Adding OIS would make this significantly larger than it already is (and cost more), and at that wide of a focal length OIS isn’t as important. Combined with a GH5 you already have IS there.
@PhotoJoseph yes but it's already big and expensive, no OIS is not excused.
No OIS isn't really a deal breaker. Before the creation of gimpal (or any camera stabilisation for video/film for that matter) all you needed was either a good dolly, monopod and tripod (and most importantly: creativity). So, the fact that there is no OIS in this lens isn't really a breaking point. What's the breaking point here is the fact that you still can't have a decent true parfocal lens. I mean, this lens was mostly made in order to try to compete with the combo Sigma 18-35mm+speedbooster which becomes very closer to parfocal after ajustments, And yet the Leica fail to deliver. Even the Olympus 12-40mm do a better job as a m4/3 lens (despite the fact it's f2.8 vs the f1.7 Leica). So like many here, I think the Leica/Lumix lens isn't worth the cost it's at now.
On a GH5 the lack of OIS is no big issue. The buttery soft IBIS of the GH5 is giving me fine results. Even walking backwards without any stabilizer other than camera and lens gives me smooth footage.
Ask yourself If it's really worth the added cost and weight for one half of a stop better stabilization... The only way the lack of lens stabilization is a problem, is if you have an older Panasonic camera with no in body stabilization. In that case your out of luck with this particular lens until you upgrade or use a gimbal.
This is the last agony of the MTF system.
In a good way?
@PhotoJoseph No. :(
well it's a good thing you're wrong then ;-)
Olympus had the clutch mechanism for years, glad to see that Panasonic is going the same direction.
Did their clutch make it linear focus, or was it just a shortcut to get to manual (but still focus by wire)?
Olympus is alway a step ahead. Panasonic bring zero innovation ( pro capture, focus clutch,live comp,5axis,handled hires, pixel shift,live nd etc)
I really liked the lens and i am sure if i use it with my GH5s i can get some really good low light footage + buttery blurry background but yet it is expensive lens ;)
It’s not cheap, no.
I actually would rather watch this over Samsung’s keynote.
Haha best comment today!
DOOOOOODDDDEEE!! I want this so bad! Do you think the size and weight could be an issue with the Edelkrone sliders and motion modules when attached to my GH5?
Hey man! I doubt it but check their specs. They always list max weights.
When it hits the £1000 mark I might be tempted but at the current price no way!
Maybe a used one in a couple of years.
This is emphatically not the first focus clutch for MFT, plenty of the Olympus m.zuiko lenses offer it.
I didn’t know that. Do they go linear focus when clutched?
@PhotoJoseph they do. With hard stops!
Hi Joseph, I just got my gh5 for video but wanting low light fast lens.

Was tossed between this one and Sigma 18-35/1.8 (needs metabones sb ultra).

Instead I got the Pana 12/1.4 + Canon 24-70/2.8 (w metabones ultra) abt same price as Pana 10-25/1.7.

Pana was was new, Canon was used once, and metabones was used a few times.

Will try these lenses out and see if how they perform and maybe add this one down the road.

I also added the Olympus 12-40/2.8 (redundant) to try out the clutch and fast af.
A currency converter would tell one 1799 USD is less in EUR. Now the Lumix S V-LOG Upgrade is both 199 USD and 199 EUR. Ok, fair enough. This lens? 1999 EUR! Ouch! Then I found a deal that they were offering all photographic equipment over 1500+ bucks 200 bucks off! So it would've been 1799! But they've pulled the deal now. So angry! 1999 EUR is just too much for me to consider, but 1799 was really the point at which I would start to consider it. But they've taken the decision for me I guess. Too bad though, the lens really is exciting. A constant f/1.7 with a lot of people's favourite focal lengths covered. Great performance, that MF de-clutch (unfortunately not hards stops for repeatable focus pulls). Oh well.
People were initially expecting this lens to be $2500 US Dollars or more. So I think they priced it just right. This is a lens that is designed to be a workhorse always in your bag type of lens that will last you decades. Everybody wants something cheap.
I expected the same. I didn't say it IS too expensive. I just said it's too expensive anyways for ME to consider nontheless.
@⳽ᖾiz No doubt It is expensive. Still was torn between using several cheap primes but I've come to the conclusion that I don't like having to change lenses all the time for photos. Plus you can shoot good video with zoom. Probably just end up keeping a portrait prime lens and the 35-100 f2.8 for almost all video/photo needs.
@PhotoJoseph Well - tax is always there. Let's do the math: When I "cross-exchange" 1799 USD plus tax ~160 USD equals 1959 USD. Convert to EUR, it's 1749 EUR. Price in Europe is 1999 EUR, which then equals 2235 USD. So that's 276 dollars to spend on something else. Like a 77mm filter kit and Pro Automatic Macro Extension Tube Kit from Fotodiox. Since we don't need to eat. (Or to put it in entrepreneur terms: you only need to sell, less than, 200 images at 10 euros each to get the money back!)👍😀
To quote myself, lol '1799 was really the point at which I would start to consider it' :P
Had -10% off and a €5 coupon, so now I was able to purchase it for 1794,10 EUR.
Got in yesterday! Yummy!
The only thing the Leica/Lumix lens bring is an apperture ring (without adapters or resorting to the camera). Everything else is old hat and Olympus pro lenses had them for years. I just hope that Olympus can start picking up now on that one with ring apperture on lens and faster than f2.8 f stops (without losing sharpness).
Drooling all over the place...
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