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UPGRADE! DxO PureRAW 2 — New workflows, FUJI support, and more!

Photo Moment - March 16, 2022

DxO PureRAW is a standalone raw processor that combines DxO's legendary demosaicing, denoising, and lens defect correction technologies with an AI driven noise reduction called DeepPRIME. This new version adds new workflows from the Finder/Explorer, a Lightroom Classic round-trip plugin that can be used at any stage of your workflow, increased performance, expanded camera support, and long-awaited Fuji file support.

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It was really interesting to see how effective the application was, but can I add as an aside what a great teacher you are. You explained and demonstrated this in a very thoughtful and measured way.
Habe Papierbilder als TIF ge-scanned und nun habe ich vom iPhone einige JPGs … und beide ziemlich verrauschte Bildformate bekomme ich nich in PureRAW 2 geladen. Funktionieren da denn nuuuur Raw-Kameradateien? 😢
@@photojoseph << Danke, hatte ich vermutet! Namentlich gäbe es auch „ON1 PhotoRAW“ - Vergleichbarkeit mit Lightroom bzw. Photoshop, wo dennoch andere Formate unterstützt werden.
Nein... das funktioniert nur mit RAW-Dateien. Es ist im Namen; PureRAW 😊
Thank you for this video!
For me, when I do the process with DxO Pure Raw 2, the image recovered in Lightroom Classic is much darker than the original image and I can't figure out why...
(the modifications are well in the xml in the catalog settings).
If you have a way to solve this problem, I'm interested!
No idea but I’ve heard this once before. Reach out to DxO support please
Very good. Thank'you for sharing. 🙂
I seem to be having trouble with the DXO file when I take it into photoshop.. should I do the photoshop work before putting the image through Rae 2 ?.. thanks
No, RAW processing has to happen first
This program has crashed my computer more times than I can count. It strips out all the LR adjustments when it imports back to LR. For the times it works, it's great. But it needs a lot of work to be reliable. A lot of what this guy said in the video is not true.
@@CockpitScenes How am I censoring you? Seriously? I said you accused me of lying because you literally said "A lot of what this guy said in the video is not true". As you've pointed out, I'm using a Mac and you're on a PC, so could there be some differences that I'm not aware of? Obviously. That doesn't mean what I'm saying "isn't true". If you're having issues with the software not working as expected, then that's what technical support is for. By all means, share the things that don't work for you, but jus because you're getting different results than I am, on a totally different system, don't come on my channel saying that what I'm saying "isn't true" -- aka, lying.
@@photojoseph I did not accuse you of lying. Some things you show do not work the same with my software. Maybe it is because I am using Windows - I don't know. For example, if I make LR adjustments before I send it to DxO, when the photo comes back, all the adjustments are gone. That's just a fact. I have a high end computer, but it has hard-crashed at least five times the first day I used the software. I don't hold you responsible for that, but people who watch this video should be aware of that. I am getting vibes of censorship here...
if you have issues on your system, please reach out to DxO. Don't tell me that what I said isn't true — there's no trickery in my videos man, you're watching a screen recording. But do NOT accuse me of lying.
I do wedding photography and lightroom is the best solution for the sheer amouont of photos I need to edit, obviously enough the more inteligent automations I can use the better but I have a couple of problems with this PureRaw2. To start when I do swend the phtos to DXO PR2 it takes a long time, the files return really lard and other then that the edits done are not syncking back on to them. To make things worse the over all exposure is lower obviously noise reducion is great but in most images the sharpining is way too much. Any solutions for these problems? Am I the only one facing them? I am using a canon 5Dmk4 and LR12.0.1 with my catalog settings for my metadata being set to automatically right changes into XMP
The metadata thing may be a corrupt preference in Lr or even PureRAW. I don't know about the exposure shift; I haven't seen that. I am pretty sure there's an option to disable sharpening, but not adjust it, in PureRAW? I don't recall, it's been a while since I used it. You can always reach out to DxO support as well.
Hello the editing changes i did in lightroom do not transfare to a saved image after processed with Pure raw when Pure raw set to JPG. Only when i set it to DNG.

After editing in lightroom i want to proccess with Pure raw and directly saved a jpeg into the required folder. Lightroom also generate xmp file into he destination folder.

I enable the XPM in the Catalog setting. Can you help?
Excellent video, with very good info.
I'm revisiting lots of my old Raws taken from my older Canon EOS 350,40 AND 80D's bodies - and PureRaw2 is making them so much better.Photos are starting to "snap" now.
Yesterday I downloaded a trial version of PureRAW to see if it matches my workflow. I processed an image taken at ISO 6400 to see what it does with the noise. But no matter if I imported the processed image in LR or C1 - the noise was different than in the original image but not necessarily better…
sounds like you haven't processed it… I've yet to see an image that doesn't look better being processed by PureRAW. I'm not really sure what to tell you without seeing you do it. I'd say please try again, and with another image, and be sure you're actually completing the processing and comparing the right things.
Hi, very useful and interesting presentation. I have topaz but am thinking of getting this too. So I am used to right click on images
(Lr) and then edit in …. Is DXO not a plug-in?
please support the om1 great vid cheers
been long wait should be this month hopefully
OM SYSTEM OM-1 Digital Camera
The OM1 is a film camera, so I don't know which camera you're referring to. However you can visit to see a list of current and planned cameras, and also file a request if your camera isn't listed.
when is the om1 update coming please
OM SYSTEM OM-1 Digital Camera
Excellent tutorial - much appreciated!
Leider kann man nicht die neue Namensänderung verändern.
Excellent, as usual, thanks. If I import to LRC before using Pure Raw I convert my RAF to DNG. This being the case, do I need to turn on "Automatically ... to XMP"? It won't do anytnhinanyway surely? Stay safe.
Saying that a lens that shot a picture could’ve given a sharper image is meaningless and a con game.
I have no idea what you mean… you can sharpen an image in post.
Showing us that PureRaw didn’t RETURN the file with NR and sharpening adjusted does not show us that it didn’t use the set values when it received the file and processed it.. Tell us what it did. Be clear.
I honestly have no idea what you’re saying here however since clearly based on this and your other comment you think I’m either hiding something or trying to mislead you, then please, by all means, download the demo and try for yourself. This was a demo, not a master class.
Great video - super jacked that I ran into it. A few questions:

1. Can you enable right click to utilize PureRaw2 extensions in windows (as you do with Apple)?

2. I enabled automatically write changes into XMP but when it comes back to lightroom I noticed that a few things I could not explain:
a. An initial photo converted to black and white changed back to color upon return to lightroom
b. I lost cropping adjustments upon return back to lightroom

Maybe simple setting adjustments BUT can't seem to figure them out -

Thx again for your assistance and I'll definitely keep watching ya!

1. Yes. You will have to look on the installation guide how to do it if it’s not automatically there.
2a. That’s the second time I’ve heard this. How had you converted to B&W?
2b. That’s odd, and not one I’ve seen before. If other settings were coming but not crop, that’s very curious. Try again but this time, manually save the metadata before you send it over to PureRAW. I wonder if it’s a case of that piece of metadata failing to write. Does this happen consistently or was it just a one-time experience?
In my experience, Pureraw2 it's not significant faster at all, just stick to version one and save yourself some money.
Depending on the computer you have, the differences may be negligible, or may be dramatic. Alway good to test with the free trial. Also the workflow enhancements will be the main feature advantage for some people. Just depends on your workflow and hardware.
Great demo, many thanks. Subscribed.
I rely on DxO PhotoLab 5 (more versatile than PureRaw 2) when high iso, actually any photo above my minimum iso, especially evening/night street photography without tripod. Then Capture One 22, for the best workflow for any serious Photography, ie editing, printing, archiving. Soon with M1 iPad version, perfect on the go as first step.
To speed up the AI Deep Prime processing time, i rely on the M1 Max GPU with 32 cores (DxO settings), instead of its Neural engine by default.
I only miss a direct link between PL5 and C1… soon?
Ask dxo for it. They need to hear it again and again and again.
Hello Josef, I work in Lightroom Classic, One of the key things for me that was appealing was that based on an online Video, I could take a RAW file ( In this case CR2 & Raw Fujifilm X-Trans) that had been completely edited in Lightroom Classic and import to DXO Pure Raw 2, Process it through DeepPrime and then it would appear back in LR as a DNG with all the previous edits intact, In my case my Black & White Images. 
Based on a recommendation I have switched on my Automatically Write Changes into XMP and restarted the system. 
However, The export worked on one set of Images / RAF but it won’t work on others and recently it won't work on any. Neither CR2 nor RAF Raw Files, For example I have a completed RAW Black & White processed Image, I sent it to DXO, The DNG returned and reimported into LR Classic looks like a deep primed image crisp with settings adjusted but the Black & White presets are no where to be seen. 
Any Ideas why this may be happening and why the Black & White preset is not being retained. Many Thanks Lyall
Thanks Joseph, I am checking with the creator of the presets. Will checkin once I get an update.
(N.B.?) what kind of preset is it? Maybe that preset storage isn’t written to the xmp
Hi Josef, Thanks Appreciated, Yes all items checked / XMP in Catalogue On / Manually written to file and date stamp checked done. N.B. CR2 and RAF Colour Files converted Correctly in DXOPure Raw 2 into DNG Colour, It is only the B&W Colour converted files that are not retaining their Black & White presets upon DNG Import post DXO Pure Raw 2. Interesting I am using presets for both colour and Black & White from the same creator. I reached out awaiting some feedback.
You’ve verified that the auto-write to XMP is still enabled? What happens if you manually save the metadata just before sending it to deep prime? If that doesn’t work, look at the XMP file itself and see if the file updated time stamp matches when you saved it; that’ll tell you where the problem is happening and you can go from there.
the tip explaining about "XMP thing" on catalog preferences was AMAZING. thanks so much sir!
My pleasure!
seems that the finder extension only works on Monterey
please reach out to DxO tech support
@@photojoseph i have to look into it but i can not seem to get the extension to work on my MacMini m1 on Big Sur, it works on my macbook pro m1 on Monterey
hm, unless that's in the specs, then that's not right. I know that sometimes you have to manually enable it. macOS permissions are a bit weird sometimes. Check the install notes either on the website or in the installer.
Great demonstration. I like that with V2 you can go back and run it through DeepPrime. On new images, is it better to run through DxO first or edit in LRC then DxO?
It doesn't matter when you run it, since the Lightroom adjustments get reapplied on the way back (although any localized adjustments could end up in the wrong place due to lens correction distortions, so best to do those after).
Echidna! Not a hedgehog!
LOL I think you’re the second to say that. Damnit Jim, I’m a filmmaker, not a biologist!! 😂
As a Nikon Z9 shooter I was pleased to hear that PureRaw 2 ("PR2") provided support for my new beast. However, DxO is taking its time to release the DxO Optics modules for this camera and Z-mount S-line lenses. Currently - I am still waiting for PR2 to "be able" to process images taken on the Z9 with the highly popular Z 24-70 f/2.8 S-line and the less popular Z 14-24 f/2.8 S-line. BUT, I was very happy when images taken with the Z 70-200 f/2.8 S-line could be processed.
Overall as someone who uses LRC to import and manage all my files, I find the process of dragging one or many RAW files from LRC into PR2, processing them with DeepPrime (why chose anything less); and then exporting them as DNG files back into LRC amazingly simple. Then apply the same adjustments/cropping made in LRC to the DNG by symply syncing settings.
BUT -- comparing images processed in PR2 to those processed in LRC (with ACR 14.2) and then finished using Topaz De Noise AI and Topaz Sharpen AI I found the results to be mixed -- sometimes PR2 images were better sharper and less noisy, with fewer artifacts. Other times the PR2 image was far too smoothed.
I hope that DxO Photo Lab 5's ("PL5") support for the Z9 is released soon so that I can "take more control" of the processing than I receive in PR2. My observation is that I "need" to understand what adjustment settings I need to make in PL5 to replicate the processing PR2 provides AND then make adjustments/refinements etc... It is of course so easy to make things worse when one has so many choices.
The latest update for Photolab 5.0 has support for the Nikon Z9. I don't know if this will flow onto PureRaw but be a little patient; it'll come! :)
Thanks for this demo! I am playing with the trial version and a problem I have is that I work with Lightroom collections and I find that PureRAW puts the finished file in a separate collection and I would love to have it automatically put it back into the original collection. Since it renames the image, it wouldn't cause any confusion. Is there any way to get this to work?
@@photojoseph Thank you. I just tried using the interface to put the processed image into the same folder as the original and still the same, as I guess it defaults to making a DXO folder. I noticed the same using thing when using the NIK HDR plugin. I know it's possible though, because Aurora HDR will put the processed image in the same collection right next to the original. I will try contacting DXO and requesting this feature.
You can customize where the DNG goes at the bottom of the processing window so you should be able to put it in the same folder as the original — although I’ve never tried. However Lightroom has control over the collection and I don’t think will put it in the same collection.
I'm a Capture One Pro user shooting Nikon and Olympus cameras. Any chance PureRAW2 will be updated to work seamlessly with Capture One? I love the output so far but it is still cumbersome trying to integrate it into my editing workflow. I don't use LR.
@@photojoseph No, they didn't say other than they had not plans to do so in the future.
Interesting. Did they say why; not enough demand, or technically not possible?
@@photojoseph I sent an email and got disheartening news. They have no plans to integrate PureRAW2 into a C1 plug-in. I think they are missing out with all the Fuji shooters that use C1 and people like me that don't use LR.
@@photojoseph Thank you!
I believe they are working on a solution. I don’t use C1; does it support plugins at all? If so then hopefully it’s possible. You should definitely let DxO know that you want it. They need to hear it from users!
I like the results, but it's extremely slow on my DELL workstation, like several minutes per photo, which is impractical. In comparison Adobe Lightroom is pretty quick. I have a rather good 3.2GHz Xeon 8-core processor with large caches, 32GB registered memory, 1TB SSD, but an old NVidia 750 card. So I guess, nothing of that matters only a video card, a fast video card must be an absolute requirement. I can't upgrade the card, I looked at the new NVidia cards they are too tall, don't fit the computer enclosure, and they draw too much power for 425W PSU in the computer. Anybody considering PureRaw should first look if they have a powerful video card or can upgrade it.
It’s worth the wait. At least on the most important photos.
Great, PhotoJoseph, you answered my questions about the Lightroom Classic (LrC) integration of PureRAW (PR).
The product looks very well. I tested DxO PhotoLab (PL) 4 that introduced their DeepPRIME AI-based noise processing and thought it was great. But it lacked integration with LrC and I would still need Photoshop (Ps). Then they had their Ts & Cs sort of suggesting PL4 alone might become more expensive over time than LrC&Ps, buying into upgrades. They essentially carved DeepPRIME out as standalone and released it as PureRAW. With LrC integration. Brilliant. And now it is even better.

One deep question remains in my trying to digest this PureRAW and LrC. As LrC does "raw processing" what kind of "raw" file does PR generate? If it really puts a modified raw file in the .DNG that it returns to LrC, then the raw data must have been adapted in a way that makes LrC shine. So if this is the case, would I get bad results when LrC gets improved? (Raw processing does two things: (1) wild-assed guessing of missing colors, converting 14 monochrome bits into 9+9+9 RGB bit pixels for the best conversions and cameras, potentially generating color noise, luminance noise and Moiré, and (2) taking care of the depiction of edges and lines that are not parallel to the sensor grid (think anti-aliasing or AA here) as well as fluent gradation. If there are loads of "noise" then this may be a case of a bad camera or bad exposure, but most likely it is a case of lacking raw processing.)

Two tangential things.
As a subscriber for years to the LrC&Ps package, this great PR performance leaves me extremely dissatisfied about the innovation brought by the Mudbricks [*]. They have been developing new code steams for new platforms, spending my money on that, but improvements to my bundle have been marginal.

The importing of camera or lens profiles into PR raises the illusion that LrC (=CameraRaw) would not do that but when you install LrC, it saves a load of profiles to your storage device.
In a Windows (10-64) setup, you can find available profiles as follows, and I use a Nikon (Z 9) as example.

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Lightroom Classic\Resources\Adobe Standard\Nikon Z 9 Adobe Standard.dcp

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Lightroom Classic\Resources\Camera\Nikon Z 9\Nikon Z 9 Camera Flat.dcp
.\Nikon Z 9 Camera Landscape.dcp
.\Nikon Z 9 Camera Monochrome (Green Filter).dcp
.\Nikon Z 9 Camera Monochrome (Orange Filter).dcp
.\Nikon Z 9 Camera Monochrome (Red Filter).dcp
.\Nikon Z 9 Camera Monochrome (Yellow Filter).dcp
.\Nikon Z 9 Camera Monochrome.dcp
.\Nikon Z 9 Camera Neutral.dcp
.\Nikon Z 9 Camera Portrait.dcp
.\Nikon Z 9 Camera Standard.dcp
.\Nikon Z 9 Camera Vivid.dcp

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Lightroom Classic\Resources\LensProfiles\1.0\Nikon\ [155 Files]
In this folder:
* Profiles for a specific lens on a specific camera: 1 AW1, 1 J1, 1 J2, 1 J3, 1 V1, COOLPIX A, COOLPIX B700, COOLPIX P330, COOLPIX P330 v2, COOLPIX P340, COOLPIX P340 v2, COOLPIX P6000, COOLPIX P7000, COOLPIX P7100, D200, D3, D300, D300S, D3300, D3X, D4, D5, D700, D90.
* Nikon lenses with camera-independent profiles: AF-S NIKKOR 180-400mm f4E TC1.4 FL ED VR + 1.4x, AF-S NIKKOR 180-400mm f4E TC1.4 FL ED VR, NIKKOR 28mm f2.8 AIS, NIKKOR-S.C Auto 50mm f1.4, AF NIKKOR 28-105mm f3.5-4.5D, AF NIKKOR 28-200mm f3.5-5.6G ED, AF-P DX NIKKOR 10-20mm f4.5-5.6G VR, AF-P NIKKOR 70-300mm f4.5-5.6E ED VR, AF-S Fisheye NIKKOR 8-15mm f3.5-4.5E ED, AF-S NIKKOR 105mm f1.4E ED, AF-S NIKKOR 28mm f1.4E ED, AF-S NIKKOR 500mm f5.6 PF ED VR +1.4x, AF-S NIKKOR 500mm f5.6 PF ED VR +1.7x, AF-S NIKKOR 500mm f5.6 PF ED VR +2.0x, AF-S NIKKOR 500mm f5.6 PF ED VR, AF-S NIKKOR 800mm f5.6E FL ED VR.

A Nikonian might say, Q, where in LrC are the profiles for my Z lenses? A: they come with each photo in its metadata or have been applied to your in-camera JPEG, in as far as you did not disable them.
Browsing the resource folders leads to the conclusion that the "Adobe Standard" profile is actually camera specific, but according to Adobe's preferences. Alternatively, the brand/camera profiles give you what Adobe thinks happens in your camera when it generates JPEGs. Potentially "Adobe Standard" could make look different cameras all the same if a level of "Auto" adjustment is applied.

[*] an adobe is also called a mudbrick
this is a massively long comment/question… I'm thinking it's more intended for DxO tech support. Sorry.
I just upgraded to DxO Pure Raw 2. In LRC, when I right click on a raw file, then choose Export, there are no options for DxO Pure Raw 2, only for DxO with one option to choose HDR Efex Pro 2. Any ideas what the problem is? Thanks, David
Hm, sounds like a bad install. Have you restarted? What OS? Check the installation guide: there are tips.
Do you, potentially, run into problems if you make local adjustments (brush/gradients) before sending over to PureRaw? I mean, PureRaw's lens correction may very well move pixels around, so could you end up with local adjustments being out of synch with your intention?
@@kbqvist you could turn off lens corrections from PureRAW. That’ll result in the image not changing shape.
@@photojoseph A bit unfortunate though, since you may very well discover that you need to go into PureRaw AFTER seeing the result of lifting shadows using a local adjustment. Of course, I can imagine workarounds, but nevertheless...
That’s a good point. Local adjustments would be best done after the round trip.
Hi, thanks for the excellent review, I have some issues with PureRaw, 
- the photo is Underexpose by about ½ stop (Exposure  +0.45 )in Lightroom!, 
- it Doesn’t retain the color profile: it always reset to adobe color, 
- and the Lens correction doesn’t removed from the PureRaw DNG, do you or anyone encounter this or one of these issues? any help?
@@husamejle sounds like a bad installation. Please reach out to dxo tech support.
​@@photojoseph thanks for the reply and sorry for my bad English :(, about the exposure I have to add +0.45 when it round trip to make the exposure match the original exposure,
about the lens correction I mean "enable profile correction"&"remove chromatic aberration" you mentioned @14:47 that these settings will be removed, but in my case, they remain after the file come back from the plugin.
I don’t understand the underexposed comment. Are you saying it’s adding +0.45 when it round trips? Or that you have to add that after round tripping to get your exposure back? If so there’s something very odd happening as I’ve not seen exposure shifts. In my video on the portrait it turned out that that was a profile mismatch. Like you are seeing sometimes a different profile is applied when it comes back. I don’t know why but dxo is aware. And I don’t know what you mean about lens correction. Please elaborate.
Great vid, with terrific info, thanks heaps. I really don't want to be picky, but just one thing, and someone else may have already commented on this, but that spikey animal is an Australian echidna, not a Hedgehog.
LOL really? I had no idea. Haha thanks!
Hello, I'm trying out the demo, so far the results are incredible. One issue, do you know if right click and export with PureRaw Mac only, I don't see that option on PC?
It’s definitely on both. Check the install notes; on both platforms it can require a little nudge to start working.
Are you recommending us to buy Version 2 if we have already owned Version 1?
@@photojoseph That means the noise reduction performance in version2 is just the same as version 1 then. Thanks
If the new features are useful to you (round trip from Lr Classic, Fuji support, better M1 performance), then yes. If not, then no.
Thank you! I love your reviews! I have a question: have you noticed any improvement in noise reduction and sharpness compared to PureRAW 1? Thanks
@@photojoseph Thanks a lot!
There is no difference in the engine for noise or sharpness. However there is an option to disable extra sharpening.
Thanks for this presentation. I am assuming that they changed the noise reduction engine with PR2. Do you know if PR2 will be integrated into DXO PL Elite 5?
It’s the same engine — I definitely would have pointed that out if it were different!
Love it! BUT, why is there an ongoing issue with Leica files?
@@photojoseph OK will ask them
I don’t know what you mean but that sounds like a question for DxO
Very interesting…I realize the product is called PureRaw but as a sports action photographer shooting jpg, does this work as well on jog as source or do I need to shoot raw for significant results? Thx
It doesn’t support jpeg at all. You can’t un-bake a cake. PureRAW is baking a cake. A jpeg is already baked cake.
V1 was insanely aggressive with sharpening. For some photos it was unusable. How does the default sharpening on V2 compare?
Default is the same but they added an option to turn off the additional sharpening. It’s interesting; some cameras are definitely too sharp while others are just fine 🤷 Also that option was added in 1.5, I believe. You should have it already.
Thanks for the overview. Any point in upgrading from the original version if I use ACR (not LR), have an Intel Mac and don't use Fuji X-trans cameras?
Nope… you’ve hit the three things that aren’t affected!
Are the 3 raw formats generated by the Z9 supported in this "update"?
You’ll have to check the dxo website. I have not memorized the supported cameras.
Where is the updated compatibility list for PureRaw2? The list that's still on the website appears to be associated with the original version.
That’s odd. Definitely a question for DxO, not me 😊
Some welcome upgrades, particularly deeper integration with Lightroom, but as an existing DxO PhotoLab 5 user (mainly for optical corrections and noise reduction) I still can’t see the need to buy PureRAW. Also, the $129 asking price seems extraordinarily high considering you get a fraction of the feature set that PhotoLab gives you.
Yeah this is for the non-PhotoLab users, for sure.
Impressive, but what if you just want noise reduction and not the sharpening for a particular photo?
@@photojoseph But as the small print says fine detail sharpening is still applied. Does this mean the program Ai distinguishes between actual fine detail and a blurry background and treats them differently?
Also I can imagine say a portraiture photo where even fine detail enhancement would not be wanted.
As shown in the video, you can disable sharpening.
I noticed the DNG file that is being generated by DxO is 3 to 4 times the size of the raw file that is out of the camera, does that mean DxO is artificially increasing the resolution and that is why the images looks better ?
Not at all. DNG files are larger by nature. They include the original RAW file, for one, but the way the data is stored they are simply larger. This isn't a DxO thing, it's an Adobe DNG Converter thing.
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