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V-Log Filmmaker Upgrade SFU2 for LUMIX S1 Installation Procedure

Photo Moment - August 01, 2019

The Panasonic LUMIX S1 V-Log Filmmakers Upgrade (SFU2) is now shipping. Here's how to install it and unlock the full potential of your LUMIX S1! The upgrade is simply a code that is delivered physically (no, not digitally) which you use to unlock features on your camera that were installed in the v1.2 firmware update. 

How to get SFU2

If you're reading this before August 2019…

If you purchased your LUMIX S1 in the month of August 2019, then the code should have come with the camera for free. If it did not, go back to your dealer and ask for it.

If you bought the camera before the SFU2 update was released, it is available for free to all existing LUMIX S1 owners until August 31, 2019! Your dealer has the codes and will distribute them to you.

  • B&H has sent emails to all customers and will send you the codes directly. If you bought from B&H but haven't heard from them yet… reach out.
  • Adorama is sending the codes directly. If you don't receive your code soon… reach out.
  • Amazon is sending emails at the end of July to all customers to redeem the code on for free. If you don't hear from them soon… reach out.
  • For all other dealers, if they haven't called you, then you should… you got it… reach out. 

If you're reading this after August 2019…

Then I'm afraid you don't get it for free, but you can still purchase it for $200. Get it here.

How to install SFU2

First off, you have to have already installed the firmware update v1.2 on your LUMIX S1. This SFU2 is simply an unlock procedure to access the features already installed by that update. If you haven't don that yet, I have instructions right here. Go do that first, them come back.

Ready to go? Grab yourself an SD card, and let's get started.

  1. Format the SD card in the S1. This is good advice for ANY update you run.
  2. Press the Menu button and navigate to Setup > Settings (Gear) > Activate > Export Serial Code
  3. Remove the SD card and insert it into your computer, and power off S1
  4. Open this page: This redirects to the Panasonic upgrade page. If you want to read more information about the update, visit
  5. Click DMW-SFU2 on the web page
  6. Click the “Choose File” button
  7. Navigate to your SD card, PRIVATE > PANA_GRP > PAVC > LUMIX > ACTV > SERIAL.LST, and click Open
  8. Click “Upload”
  9. Enter the Key Code from your SFU2 Upgrade card
  10. Click “Register”
  11. Click “Save to Memory Card” (this just downloads the file)
  12. Locate the downloaded file, and copy it to the SD card in the the same location as serial number file was, at PRIVATE > PANA_GRP > PAVC > LUMIX > ACTV
  13. Move the SD card to LUMIX S1 and power on the camera
  14. Press the Menu button, and navigate to Setup > Settings (Gear) > Activate > Import Activation Code
  15. Select the SD card, and then process the update
  16. Power the LUMIX S1 off and back on
  17. Verify update by pressing the Q button on the camera to open the Q menu, tap Photo Styles and locate V-Log

Download this Panasonic LUT!

Panasonic is providing a LUT that you can use when grading your V-Log files. Open this web page, and scroll to the bottom to download.

What's included in the V-Log Filmmaker Upgrade SFU2?

Here are the features unlocked by the SFU2:

  • The video recording modes [MOV* PAL area only
  • HDMI 4K60p/50p* 4:2:2 10bit output * PAL area only.
  • V-Log is added in Photo Style.
  • The [V-Log View Assist] function is added, which enables viewing the V-Log file with LUT (Look Up Table) when recording video in V-Log.
  • The [Read LUT File] function is added, which allows users to install and apply their favorite LUT.
  • A WFM (Waveform Monitor) display function.
  • A [Luminance Level] adjustment function that complies with 10-bit.
  • An [XLR Mic Adaptor Setting] function that enables high-res sound recording using the XLR Microphone Adapter DMW-XLR1 (sold separately). * MOV only

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