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V-Log Filmmaker Upgrade SFU2 for LUMIX S1 Installation Procedure

Photo Moment - August 01, 2019

The Panasonic LUMIX S1 V-Log Filmmakers Upgrade (SFU2) is now shipping. Here's how to install it and unlock the full potential of your LUMIX S1! The upgrade is simply a code that is delivered physically (no, not digitally) which you use to unlock features on your camera that were installed in the v1.2 firmware update. 

How to get SFU2

If you're reading this before August 2019…

If you purchased your LUMIX S1 in the month of August 2019, then the code should have come with the camera for free. If it did not, go back to your dealer and ask for it.

If you bought the camera before the SFU2 update was released, it is available for free to all existing LUMIX S1 owners until August 31, 2019! Your dealer has the codes and will distribute them to you.

  • B&H has sent emails to all customers and will send you the codes directly. If you bought from B&H but haven't heard from them yet… reach out.
  • Adorama is sending the codes directly. If you don't receive your code soon… reach out.
  • Amazon is sending emails at the end of July to all customers to redeem the code on for free. If you don't hear from them soon… reach out.
  • For all other dealers, if they haven't called you, then you should… you got it… reach out. 

If you're reading this after August 2019…

Then I'm afraid you don't get it for free, but you can still purchase it for $200. Get it here.

How to install SFU2

First off, you have to have already installed the firmware update v1.2 on your LUMIX S1. This SFU2 is simply an unlock procedure to access the features already installed by that update. If you haven't done that yet, I have instructions right here. Go do that first, them come back.

Ready to go? Grab yourself an SD card, and let's get started.

  1. Format the SD card in the S1. This is good advice for ANY update you run.
  2. Press the Menu button and navigate to Setup > Settings (Gear) > Activate > Export Serial Code
  3. Remove the SD card and insert it into your computer, and power off S1
  4. Open this page: This redirects to the Panasonic upgrade page. If you want to read more information about the update, visit
  5. Click DMW-SFU2 on the web page
  6. Click the “Choose File” button
  7. Navigate to your SD card, PRIVATE > PANA_GRP > PAVC > LUMIX > ACTV > SERIAL.LST, and click Open
  8. Click “Upload”
  9. Enter the Key Code from your SFU2 Upgrade card
  10. Click “Register”
  11. Click “Save to Memory Card” (this just downloads the file)
  12. Locate the downloaded file, and copy it to the SD card in the the same location as serial number file was, at PRIVATE > PANA_GRP > PAVC > LUMIX > ACTV
  13. Move the SD card to LUMIX S1 and power on the camera
  14. Press the Menu button, and navigate to Setup > Settings (Gear) > Activate > Import Activation Code
  15. Select the SD card, and then process the update
  16. Power the LUMIX S1 off and back on
  17. Verify update by pressing the Q button on the camera to open the Q menu, tap Photo Styles and locate V-Log

Download this Panasonic LUT!

Panasonic is providing a LUT that you can use when grading your V-Log files. Open this web page, and scroll to the bottom to download.

What's included in the V-Log Filmmaker Upgrade SFU2?

Here are the features unlocked by the SFU2:

  • The video recording modes [MOV* PAL area only
  • HDMI 4K60p/50p* 4:2:2 10bit output * PAL area only.
  • V-Log is added in Photo Style.
  • The [V-Log View Assist] function is added, which enables viewing the V-Log file with LUT (Look Up Table) when recording video in V-Log.
  • The [Read LUT File] function is added, which allows users to install and apply their favorite LUT.
  • A WFM (Waveform Monitor) display function.
  • A [Luminance Level] adjustment function that complies with 10-bit.
  • An [XLR Mic Adaptor Setting] function that enables high-res sound recording using the XLR Microphone Adapter DMW-XLR1 (sold separately). * MOV only

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Comments from YouTube

Thank you so much this is so helpful
You're welcome! I'm working on another V-Log video now, you'll definitely want to see that so if you're not already… sub and hit that 🔔!
PERFECT INSTRUCTIONS! Thank you SO much for doing this video. I was able to complete this in about 10 minutes with your help. These kind of things always make me nervous hoping the camera doesn't crash or that the camera rejects the code. Just subscribed.
Helll sir...where to find key code....i have recently bought S1 ...and very excited to upgrade firmware for filming but canfuse what to write on Key code...plz help me...
Did you watch this video? You have to buy it.
Hi @photojoseph I've been scouring the web for hours trying to find out how to find the shutter count on the S1... The regular shutter count websites don't support the jpegs or raw files. "Exiftools" doesn't show the shutter count, it shows everything else but not the shutter count. Do you know of a way to figure this out? Is there some procedure like the Gh5 had? Would help immensely. Thanks in advance.
PhotoJoseph hi, yeah the lifetime shutter actuations. For some reason I can’t see it and other softwares that read exifdata won’t display it.
PhotoJoseph gets a link that describes it better than I can.
PhotoJoseph Just a heads up, the same process works on the S1. Thanks for getting me to answer my own question. Again, love the content, keep em’ coming ✌🏼
For some reason my camera keeps saying "no activation code"! I'm following all the steps correctly. Any suggestions?
Zack Paris Scroll down in the comments and look for one from “Hollywood’s best drone crew”. They had a similar problem and found a solution. Let me know if that helps.
great video, I followed step by step and I'm receiving a "No activation code" when trying to complete final step. Any suggestions? The card was formatted beforehand and battery full.
@PhotoJoseph yes when trying to import code
Hollywood's best drone crews hm, and you copied the file to the root level of the SD card? I’d try generating the file again. Haven’t heard of this problem.
@PhotoJoseph yes, I copied the file on same folder as exported id. Hopefully I can figure it out. Thanks for your quick replies
@PhotoJoseph Hey so I figured it out. My Mac was running on High Sierra operating systems. I tried from my other Mac which was running Mojave and bam it worked.
Hollywood's best drone crews really! That’s very interesting. Ok thanks for letting me know.
Sir do you have any idea when vlog L code start to sell. I couldnt take it from my dealer and i need .move 10bit full hd 🤞🏻
Thank you so much. I tryed to buy from amazon, b&h but there is no stock yet. Thank you i will wait with my all heart 🙂 so exciting
Omg thanks for your interest 🙏 i know you are busy and you are giving your time to me thank you. I live in Turkey/istanbul. I bought my camera from dubai i call them and send mail but nobody have idea about vlog code. I give up i can pay for it but i cant find a wat to buy or order.
Sorry about my english. Dealer company; Bidarian general ( panasonic dealer i checked from panasonic website)

I miss my gh5-gh5s rich codecs and 10bit options. I will wait.

Thank you sir thank you for help
Bad news - The S1 has an absolutely severe blue color clipping issue in VLog in low light situations. Blue LED lights in shadows will literally notch out the green and red channels wherever blue light is reflecting on. This absence of green and/or red will literally leave a HOT blue "blob" isolated and left on it's own. Sony sensors have shown this in the past but this problem in the S1's VLog is horrendous! Important - This artifact only happens in VLog but HLG and rec709 are PERFECTLY fine. I have already contacted Panasonic about it and they are investigating. See this problem demo here.
Thanks for reporting it!
FYI, Purchased the S1 from (shipped and sold by Amazon) on July 30. Reached out to Amazon for upgrade key and they no nothing about it! Reached out to Panasonic - no help, it has to come from merchant.
Hmm, that’s not supposed to be how it works. You’re the first to tell me about the amazon experience. First question; amazon USA or are you elsewhere?
i got mine!
they sent my a promo code to purchase it
Utopis Design — you mean from amazon right? That’s how it is supposed to work. Can you share perhaps the subject of that email so Charlie can search his inbox for it? Maybe it went to his spam. Thanks!
@PhotoJoseph Yes, it was Amazon USA. And yes, please share the email info so I can reach out to them again - all help appreciated!!
@PhotoJoseph UPDATE: Reached out again to Amazon and quoted the responses here, they sent it to the "promotions" department and ALL IS GOOD - THANK YOU! Here is their response: I understand Panasonic confirms you should have gotten a $199 promotion on order #xxxxxxxxxxxxx for your purchase of Panasonic LUMIX S1 Full Frame Mirrorless Camera with 24.2MP MOS High Resolution Sensor, 24-105mm F4 L-Mount S Series Lens, 4K HDR Video and 3.2" LCD - What I have done to get you this promotion is to refund you this amount. You will see the $199 back on your original payment method in three to five business days.
Jo,who makes an adaptor for Nikon lens to Lumix S1?
Check here; I did a whole video on this, and have links to a ton of adapters:
I start with gh5 1 year later upgrade to gh5s and i miss my stabilzation first day. Its also effecr my carrier because i love handheald. But also i learned with gh5 :). Anyway now i bought s1 i feel like there is everythink what i need. Am i panasonic fun boy 😂 definitly yesss
Nice video. Got VLOg installed without a hitch. How do you install LUTS however, I can’t get the camera to read any LUTS from the memory cards
I bought mine from amazon (shipped and sold by amazon). How would I go about getting this for free? Don’t mind paying the $200, but free sounds nice! Thank you and great video!
Yeah, just got my upgrade and really impressed with full V-Log on the S1 as well.
It's a real shame some quite standard features like "Shutter Angle" are not available in the so called filmmaker update. As an ambassador, are there channels for you to pass on thoughts regarding missing features ? (especially small tweaks like this).
So I've noticed something interesting with the S1 for video. The 4k/6k photo mode looks like it has better video autofocus tracking then the normal 4k video mode.
Try putting the camera in 60p for video and see how it compares
PhotoJoseph 60p is pretty much the same if not the exact same.
The autofocus system refreshers at 60 frames per second, or maybe it’s an interval of that. But 60P is usually the fastest focus.
The S1 isn’t compatible with DJI Ronin-s as the pip zooms in on the rear screen of the Panasonic S1. I think the price of the camera is high enough without the upgrade. $200 not for me thanks.
David Patheyjohns the upgrade is free if you already paid for the camera or if you get the camera by the end of August....
You can disabled PiP zooming
Top man
Any idea why I can't use zebras with V-log in the S1?
Hmm… I will have to look. So the zebra menu dims when V-Log is enabled?
PhotoJoseph it doesn't dim it's just not displaying at all when V-log is on. Focus peaking still works but zebras are MIA
I’ll check mine later
What you have to pay for it. £200 not worth it. I paid enough for the camera and lens..It's never ending. I'm not too bothered as it's just a hobby for me. Don't bother putting this extremely heavy camera and massive lens on a gimbal as you will be worn out in 5mins. I'm going back to a Sony.
@PhotoJoseph do you think? i am not planing to shoot v log but i want to have that option when needed as you shown in first clip. Joseph dont you feel a bit arogant with your answers here in coments?
PhotoJoseph no cameras increase in value. They all depreciate...every one except for the the very rare, which this camera isn't. I paid enough for it and feel that I've paid more than enough already. Panasonic users of the gh5 of which are many. Panasonic have made more that enough profit selling their products in general. Another thing is that the S2 is impossibly heavy to use for more than a few minutes on any gimbal. The focusing is slow as compared to Sony, much slower, the cameras not fit for purpose, battery's run out very quickly too, more expense to buy another...
@exeterweathermodification watch So basically you came to push a Sony agenda....well the S1/R has many things the Sony can't do as well so decide for yourself.
exeterweathermodification watch Panasonic was very clear that there would be paid updates before the camera came to market.If you weren't okay with that then this isn't the camera for you! They then surprised us by giving this update for free to current owners and those who get it before the end of August .
I had my code sent free as I purchased it at a certain date.
I have uploaded VLog on my Lumix S1 but it has now changed my Lowest ISO to 320. I cannot go below it. Is it what happens or I am missing something? Thanks
What about us G9 users, we don't get v-log?!
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