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V60 vs V90 SD Cards ► Is V90 worth it?

Photo Moment - July 19, 2019

This video compares the ProGrade V60 to the V90 cards. V90 costs over 2x V60, so is it worth it? We compared both read and write performance between the two cards, additionally testing the new dual SD card reader from ProGrade. 

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The Unedited Live Show

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Results summary

Write time to V60 vs V90V90 card cleared the camera's buffer 26% faster

Copying from SD card to 2015 MacBook Pro with USB 3.0, the ProGrade USB 3 reader was almost 40% faster than the built-in SD card reader. Using the dual card SD reader and copying multiple cards at once was just as fast as copying a single card.

Copying from SD card to 2018 Mac mini with USB 3.1, comparing V60 to V90, the V90 copied 33% to 39% faster than the V60. Copying dual cards simultaneously saw no performance hit; in fact copying two cards takes the same time as copying one card!

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