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What am I taking to Sweden? And, an epiphan X2 vs Wirecast Streaming Test

Photo Moment - August 11, 2017

I'm leaving for a family holiday next week, trying to balance out what I take between just being dad and still being a photographer/filmmaker/YouTuber. Packing for work and vacation at the same time… Also, today's show is dual-streamed from Wirecast (as I normally would) and the epiphan X2. Let's see which is better quality and/or lower latency!


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Looking forward to the iPad Pro workflow video. With raw support can you cover Affinity eventually as well? I just picked it up and would be interested in seeing that.
I did a complete Live Training on Affinity Photo. Head here to see all my Affinity Photo related videos:
Will the GH5 allow you to charge via USB as the GX85 would?
In comparing both feeds multiple times I am seeing some (Jitter) frame loss from the X2 Vs the Wirecast feed.  I also have watched other early feeds from others using the Webcaster X2 and also seeing the same issue.  Why Epiphan is having this minor frame loss is a concern.  Hoping they can correct this with a firmware update.
+Gary Mahan Oh cool, thanks for looking at other feeds. Good idea. Yeah the jitter and the banding are significant concerns.
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